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VW 2010 & Lion compatibility?

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There is another thread about Vw2011 & Mac OS Lion that includes the following statement from NNA dated 07/10/11:

Just FYI, the following statement was released in regards to Lion compatibility:

"Our development team has tested the compatibility of Vectorworks 2011 on every Mac OS X Lion (v. 10.7) seed version available to us. Overall Vectorworks runs well, but we have discovered some minor issues, and we are working with Apple to address them. We will conduct another evaluation after we receive the final release of Lion in July and, if necessary, we will release a Lion service pack for Vectorworks 2011 as soon as possible."


Tools and Release Engineering

Nemetschek North America


So I'm guessing that if Vw2011 is not fully compatible with OSX Lion, there's a very good chance that Vw2010 is not either.

And from what I've read, Quicktime 7 should still work on Lion as it does not require Rosetta to run. So even if Lion does not include QT7, you should be able to copy it over from Snow Leopard - assuming you made a bootable backup of your HD before installing Lion.

Apple Discussions: Is QuickTime PRO 7 still in Lion...?



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I've heard Quicktime 7 won't be working on Lion so QT VR export will be over. Is this correct?

I have created a backup drive, using Super Duper and updated it to Lion.

I have exported from 2010 to Artlantis Studio & a created a QTVR

By default it opened in QT7, when I tried to open in QT10 it said to use QT7!!

The file runs fine.

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I have been using v2010 with Mac OS 10.6. I recently upgraded to 10.7 and now vectorworks won't launch - it doesn't recognise the dongle. In fact the dongle doesn't even light up. I understand that Mac OS 10.7 doesn't include Rosetta that is required for some older software. I find it hard to believe that would include something as recent as vw 2010 and, wonder if it is just the dongle driver or something that needs updating?

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I scanned all my apps at home the other day to see which ones were powerpc native. Although VW was fine, the VW updater wasn't. I assume any powerpc native apps will no longer work on Lion, due to Rosetta not being supported.

Being that as it may, I wonder if the app running the dongle is powerpc native... Just a thought.

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Guest jkelly

The VW Updater in 2010 had powerpc support so we could start up and say that VW didn't support powerpc anymore. I can't remember for sure, but I believe we may have removed even that on 2011. Perhaps the installer can beat Vectorworks itself to 64-bit support though. :)

At any rate, it runs fine on Lion. Thanks for the heads up though!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I installed Lion on my iMac 2.8 GHz Core2Duo at home last week. I spent the weekend working on a set of drawings in Vectorworks 2010 and I didn't encounter a single problem. It was all 2D work, no 3D or rendering. Vectorworks did hangup ocasionally for a few seconds at a time, but it never crashed or quit. I don't know if that was attributable to Vectorworks/Lion or just the age of the machine.

If you are doing mainly 2D work I think you will be safe with Vectorworks 2010 running in OS X 10.7.1. I'll try and test some fairly complex 3D models (4 story 25,000 s.f. buildings, with extensive Workgroup references) that were created in 2010 and get back with a report.

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Will 2009 run on Lion? I need Piranesi ePix export and was hoping that I could fallback to 2009 which I also have PanzaCAD Photomatch for.

I decided not to install 2009 to get ePix export (lost in 2011) and went for 2010 due to known Lion compatibility.

I have not had a chance to test much but every time that I start 2010, I get asked to personalise my copy of 2010. But that is my only nagging issue that I have encountered so far whilst undertaking basic tests including loading up a few 2009 3D files and exporting to ePix.

Its a fresh install of 2010 and my MBP came with Lion out of the box. I have installed 2010 SP4. Prior to loading SP4, it did complain about a corrupted file at startup.

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People using it for real world projects and it providing working functionality as they expect.

2010 is not my main version (I only need it for ePix export), so as long as the 20% that I use works, I don't care about the other 80%. But from other peoples experience, it certainly looks more functional than broken.

But would I put it in a production environment? No.

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The following may assist. Taken from kbase

Q: Is Vectorworks 2011 compatible with OSX Lion?

A: Currently Vectorworks 2011 installs and has run on OSX Lion in testing with a few specific issues that users may encounter. We will issue a Lion-compatible service pack for Vectorworks 2011 later this fall to address these issues.


Q: What specific problems will I encounter in Vectorworks 2011 on OSX Lion?

A: The Lion-specific problems that have been fixed for 2011 are:

1. The Create Animation command may crash Vectorworks.

2. Snapping Palette will not maintain its size and shape.

3. The Printer Setup dialogue box may not function correctly or appear at all.


Q: Will Vectorworks 2010 or Vectorworks 2009 be patched to be compatible with OSX Lion?

A: We have also tested Vectorworks 2009 and Vectorworks 2010 on OSX Lion. They seem to run however they do encounter the problems mentioned above in testing. Unfortunately it is not possible to issue service packs for Vectorworks 2009 and Vectorworks 2010 to address these or any other issues.

So it would seem from this that 2011, 2010 and 2009 have the same issues, but these will only be fixed in 2011. 2012 will be Lion compatible out of the box.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here in the office we're a bit worried about the Lion / VW 2009 situation, as we have a number of older G5 machines we are looking to replace. We would like to upgrade to 2011/2012, but these older machines need to be replaced first.

We have tried out upgrading a MacBook Pro to Lion (which already had VW 2009 installed under Snow Leopard) and VW 2009 seemed to work fine with Lion, without encountering any of the problems noted on kbase.

Has anyone encountered the VW issues on a new Mac with Lion preinstalled?

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We're in the same position, a load of G5s. We just finalised an order today for a new lot of iMacs and the timing has worked out pretty well to coincide with an upgrade to v2012.

We had someone in on work experience the other day using v2009/Lion and it wasn't too bad, although I don't know that I'd rely on it in a production environment. The main niggle was a problem with wall joins. It seems to want to cap all the wall joins, requiring a component join even for simple walls with no components. And even then they sometimes still didn't join properly.

My worst fear would then be editing that file on a machine running v2012. From past experience a recipe for disaster.

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Has anyone encountered the VW issues on a new Mac with Lion preinstalled?

Mine is a new Mac with Lion preinstalled.

2010 seems to be working fine but there are a number of glitches that I have encountered but I do not know if these are Lion related or 2010 related - I jumped straight from 2009 PC to 2011 PC/Mac so my experience of 2010 is only on Lion.

I also have some issues with 2011 on Lion that are not documented. Again, I don't know if this is me as a new OS X owner or something more fundamental.

Issues that I have found are:

When 2011 starts, I get asked if I want to allow connections through firewall - VW is already allowed in OS X firewall but this seems to make no difference.

When 2010 starts, I get asked if I want to personalise my copy of VW. Filling in box makes no difference so I now just ignore the dialogue and hit OK.

I think it was in 2010 (but may have been in 2011 as I am working in both at present), but I had garbage in the Latitude when setting sun position and was not able to clear it. I just tested this again with 2010 and a new file and no problem, but did this in 2011 with blank file and had problem, so its a 2011 issue.

When starting up 2010, I get occasional message to say that file is unrecognised or corrupt (can't remember exact wording).

My 2010 is a fresh install with no customisation.

My 2011 is a fresh install, but settings and some default documents/templates imported from 2011 PC environment.

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