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  1. Hi all, I've been waiting to upgrade my mac os to Mojave until i was sure i could use 2018 and/or 2019. Is there any updates on this? TIA. John
  2. Hi Armari, I also have VW and Interiorcad. The only folder I have with all the files required is in Applications. I assume you directed icad to be put in Vectorworks Folder in Applications when you downloaded it? I think it's automatic though. So just copy folder Vectorworks 2017 and drag it into new applications folder on new computer. Voila!
  3. Hi there, anybody updated to OS Mojave and can review if there is any issues? Thanks. John
  4. I'm using a Dell 38" curved monitor, It's really big but not to big, love it. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Screen-LED-Lit-Monitor-U3818DW/dp/B073FHWTPL?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-osx-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B073FHWTPL Check B+H also. I got mine there
  5. Hi, to those here who use icad and were disappointed, as I was with the lack of some basic features, please read the attached email I received from them as a result of a request to them about the future of icad esp. for us here. Sounds like we will be getting alot of features, both old and new very soon. Re_ Interiorcad update.rtf
  6. Hi Andrew, I did go with higher graphics Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB ram and 32GB ram. Will be downloading VW 2018 soon and will see how it interacts, hopefully no issues. Thanks, John
  7. Hi all, I'm updating my system to a 2018 2.6 MBP and also going from VW2014 to 2018 with 2018 Interiorcad also. Are there any hardware other issues that are known? Hopefully nor, but checking in anyway. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm upgrading to a new 2018 2.6 latest 560X graphics. I will also be upgrading from 2015 to 2018 VW and iCad. Is there any issues that are known about problems etc. Thanks in advance. John
  9. Hi all, great updates and thanks you for that. I'm about to update to 2018 VW and iCad. Still, as I said originally, using 2014. I'm not using any cnc parts of software, just need to draw a nice kitchen/cabinets/furniture etc. and get an accurate cut list. Shame i don't use more of the software, but it works. I'll still keep a 2014 backup to fall back on if needed. I do feel that if we all stopped buying the software until it was perfect, Extragroup might go out of business lol. Let's try to keep in touch and support this awesome software, cause I ain't learning a new one at my age! Sincerely, John
  10. Hi all, I'm still using VW2014 due to iCad 2014 not being useable for me at least, since that release. I do however want to upgrade my 15" mbp to latest 2017 version with latest graphics etc. My concern is that it MAY not work with VW2014. Anybody using it with any issues? Also, for all the iCad users here, I would like to put together a request/plea with iCad to implement the features that were in 2014 but not yet in 2018, esp. frame and panel doors. if you could sent me your email with any request on it and I will froward to them. I don't want to have to learn a new cabinet software program. Thanks, John
  11. Hi all, well I went ahead and installed OS High Sierra. I use VW 2014 because I use it with InteriorCad 2014 which by all accounts was the last useful version until they finish reworking the code etc. on newer version etc. So I was able to draw with it but i am getting the perimeter of the page flashing when i move the mouse and when I drag something it is not smooth. Is anybody else having this issue and is there any chance that VW1024 would be updated to work with OS HS? Thanks for any feedback. John
  12. Hi, does anybody know if there are any problems with VW2014 and High Sierra? Thanks in advance. John
  13. Good morning, Thank you for your help and yes, I did have grid snap active, duh. I don't normally design in front view so I had a bit of a learning curve (custom doors) Take care, John
  14. Good morning all, I'm having an issue with dimension tool. I'm drawing a door and need to measure parts. When I click and drag cursor the dimension is fine until it touches the other line, then is becomes a larger dimension, but once I drag back from line it goes back to normal. It's very frustrating and I hope there is an easy fix. It was working perfectly earlier and I'm not sure what i did to make this happen. I'm using VW 2014 updated. Thank you for any help. John
  15. Yikes, Lack of replies doesn't look good. I love iCad, as I said, using 2104, couldn't work without it now. I'll update anyway and figure it out. John
  16. Hi all, I'm a long time user of interiorCad. I'm still using v. 2014 and although I have VW 2105 I did not upgrade due to alot of issues with later v. of iCad. That being said, I'm looking to upgrade and I would like to see how any users are finding the latest versions sep. 2017. I did look at some videos on youtube and it looks promising. Any thoughts or feedback you be appreciated. Thank you. John
  17. Hi rDesign, Thanks for the heads up. I did manage to use the roof framing section but I'm having trouble with the wall framer. I'm attaching 2 things that might help with answer. One is the wall is angled down to zero on one side so the top plate is not straight and/or level, is this a problem? I'm unchecking all the layers that I don't want framed, just keeping the loft layer. When I do select loft only, I get the other message, see attachment. I'm doing something wrong, just can't figure it out. Thanks again, John
  18. Hi all, I need to show the studs in a wall for a framer to quote etc. I've edited the components to have just the 2x4 studs but when I look at design, wall is solid. I have tried to find the answer, no luck so far. Thanks. John
  19. Thank you Alan and others here. I was able to finish the design with all your help and it has received approval for a permit, which was all I was asked to do. Now, if anybody needs help with a pole barn, I'm your man! Btw, I prefer designing and building interiors; www.russellwoodworks.com Take care, John
  20. Thank you again. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss to figure out why Fit walls to objects is not working for me. Really frustrating but it's obviously something I'm not doing right etc. Take care, John
  21. Thank you so much, that was the answer! I'm now stumped on trying to Fit walls to Objects. I was able to do it on one side earlier, but now for some reason, I'm not able to do it. I'm selecting wall and then selecting the 2 roof faces, clicking on Fit walls to objects, but nothing happens. Any suggestions? thank you again for your help. I've attached 2 screen grabs fyi. John
  22. Good morning, I'm trying to make a gable roof with one side having a higher roof edge (see attached drawing). I figured out that it cannot be done with create roof option. I was told to use Roof Face. I'm not able to do so for some reason. I am drawing a rectangle sized to 1/2 of building below. I'm selecting that rectangle and hitting Roof face button. I'm filling in what info I need and clicking ok. All I get is the rectangle, nothing showing any roof detail. My question is, am I not using proper settings etc.? I'm a very light user of VW, mainly do interiors and I'm very competent at that, but this roof issue is killing me! Thanks in advance. John 16-10-17. Beth's Barn-1.pdf
  23. I figured out what was doing wrong. I was not highlighting the bigger printer so those sizes shown were only for my laser printer. Now I'm all set. Thank you. John
  24. Good morning, I'm trying to set my page size to 11 x 17 in page setup. When I get to window, see attached, it crashes for some reason. I can't edit or hit any button to move on. I have to force quit to restart the program. It keeps happening. Can anybody here with VW 2015 see if they can set up 11 x 17 page size ok? Not sure why it's not in list of sizes. Thank you in advance. John


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