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  1. We've jumped right in. Even with the flaws it is better than anything else we've found for the Mac that isn't too heavy for our needs (like Cinema 4D). We've experimented with Replace Material versus Apply Material to Object. The software itself seems pretty stable to us.
  2. What settings are folks using when exporting C4D and importing C4D into TM? We're finding that an update to the C4D file causes our texture settings to revert back to VW in TM. We export by Texture in VW and include them, then replace them (some not all) in TM with their textures. If we change and update the C4D file it seems to reset back to the original VW textures after the update. Does this make sense? On a side note we've been very pleased with the rendering speed (!) and results.
  3. First one, we don't have C4D - it is way to heavy for what we need. The more we refresh the C4D file, the slower it seems to get. We're trying to confirm that, and a live link is still preferred in our minds to avoid the middle ground software. TM still seems to be a bit limited in texture mapping, but again we're still learning it. We don't really rely on the VW texture and apply our own, or make our own, in TM. It would be nice to see the VW Mac users get some attention for a change with this link.
  4. So I'm due to renew my workstation VSS subscription today. It is only worth it to me if it includes the Twinmotion live link, so it better be available for VW 2021! Above is a rendering we made in TM with no real post production. We used Cinema 4D as the transfer software. It worked okay, but got slower every time we did a .c4d refresh.
  5. This is the problem, I'm due to renew my subscription today and yet we have a current release of software with a broken progress bar and viewport settings that seem to change themselves randomly based on your graphic card setting - and yet we're to re-up for 2021.
  6. Ok, good? What is your work flow from VW to TM? We're using cinema 4d export by texture.
  7. OK, that's encouraging but it also mixes in with some other thoughts that I have about these subscription updates. I'll save those for another thread, but so far TM seems smoother and faster and better. We're early adopters so no $$ yet.
  8. No Vectorworks live link. Pretty disappointing and I'd gladly pay $250 per station to get it.
  9. Excellent! Finally some good news. Regarding the fans, we have mid 2015 iMac 27" machines loaded with RAM and TW make the fan go but we don't mind pushing these machines hard. We've batch rendered in Artlantis (all 5 machines) for years and the fans crank away like a render farm!, no issues. The fan is doing its job. RB
  10. I wonder if there's going to be a VW plugin for Twinmotion 2020.
  11. Glad we're not the only ones. Rather than new features, I'd prefer stable software. It is stuff like this that makes me re-consider the subscription service. We still have project sharing bugs from 2018 that aren't resolved.
  12. I wish they'd fix this. It really does take away from the user experience and updating (renders, shared files, viewports etc.) is way more annoying. You have no idea what is going on and then you can easily refresh, or re-update because you didn't think you clicked it the fist time. This basic stuff drives me nuts.
  13. Anyone else having this problem? All our iMac's are like this - the status bar doesn't show updates when saving, saving and committing or updating viewports. It is amazing how much more frustration it adds when you don't know how far along it is. My video shows the difference between 2020 and 2019. The link should show a high quality video.
  14. Here's a link showing the disappearance of the status / update bar on the lower right.....


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