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  1. Awesome sauce Rick I'll have a go at that, when I get a break from manually typing stupid wall numbers!
  2. Thanks Jim; just to follow up, the Canadian distributor managed to wangle me a 2015 licence until everyone else caught up, which thankfully they have now!
  3. Our clients want us to add numbers for walls individually... ...we currently do it manually, which I find incredibly dull (obviously) and if you miss a wall or modify the plan then your whole numbering system goes out the window. Does anyone know of a tool, like a stamp tool, where you could add a prefix (for example GFW - for Ground Floor Wall), then it just incrementally increases the number with each placement? Attached is a screengrab example
  4. Thanks Jim Can I use 2011 with my licence then?
  5. Hi All I now have 2016 on my machines and the people I mainly deal with are still on 2010 (they only use VW in 2D so are slow to upgrade) Is there a way to save as 2010 from 2016; for instance I don't know if you can run an older version with a licence from the newer?
  6. Did anyone figure out how to do this? We have a client that likes us to sequentially number every wall surface in the finishes plan, which becomes a nightmare when the design changes as you have to number every wall again.
  7. Hi There V-people I have a particular problem where I have imported sketchup files (2D) for VW and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of lines that are on top of each other. Does anyone have a script/method to eradicate these pesky critters?
  8. I am following this thread with interest. I am currently running VW2010 on a R-MBP running 10.8.5 and it is the most stable system I have ever run VW on. I also had to run VW in a virtual machine a few years ago, because we were running VW12 and I had a Mac that was not downgradeable to an OS that I could run VW on. It was a very frustrating process that makes one despondent about the software upgrade freight train that we are all on.
  9. I'm now trying out VW2013 but, with respect to the display, it is exactly the same as 2010. No point in me upgrading until this is addressed.
  10. I'm now using a Retina 15" with VW2010 using a utility called 'Pupil' http://pupil.io This allows you to run the display at anything up to the native 3840x2400 resolution and switch on the fly, At the moment I run it at 2880x1800 (whilst wearing glasses!) because anything higher just makes it incredibly difficult to see. It's great!
  11. VW2010 Will only work on 10.6 or lower, attempting to run it on any more recent OS makes very very bad things happen, hence, if we need to buy _any_ new machines we will have to pay to upgrade all 7 seats in the studio. It really makes me feel like this upgrade business is just a way of creating cashflow.
  12. Sounds like the way of the future Ian. The only reason we need to upgrade VW is because VW2010 won't even work on any new Mac.
  13. Okay... so we've been using the hammer and slate method of annotation for years and I am getting into this database business... ... I can create keynotes and noticed that when you create the first keynote the Legend appears. If you delete the Legend HOW THE HELL DO YOU INSERT A NEW ONE?? I have tried copy/pasting one from another sheet, but that just crashes VW. Please help.
  14. I am testing 2012 and the rest of my office is on 2010 so wanted to move the menu item for "Export to 2010..." to a slightly more handy place in the menu structure. When I did that it said: The following Plug-ins are not in the Plug-ins folder: Export as Vectorworks 2010 File... Cut to ClipPad Copy to Clippad... etc What's going on? It works from the current menu item.
  15. I am stuck using VW on my 2011 Mac with Lion and we use VW Architect 2010 which crashes if you even show it to the machine. As I use my own machine (not the companies) I can't really insist they buy it for me. Until now I have been running 2010 in a Parallels/Snow Leopard Server virtual machine, which is a bit like drawing using 20ft long pencils. It is pretty irritating that there is no service pack for a year-old software package that costs thousands of pounds. I have been testing 2012 but the features that come with the upgrade are not worth paying to upgrade purely so I can use the software on my machine. We only draw in 2D on VW, so all the new 3D stuff is pointless for us. So does anyone have a licence they aren't using that they want to sell?


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