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Popped a beer and watched almost all the movies. I have to say this is a massive upgrade! Congrats Vectorworks! Can't wait till the localized version is out here in Europe. I really like the improvements to the push pull tool. Can anybody tells me what happens if you offset a line without push-pull? Will the face then be splitted? (so you can texture only part of a face?) And the shaded render mode improvements look also really nice. Hope that my issues with line thickness of the edges and shadow quality when using ambient occlusion with shadows have been resolved. And the new Graphic Legend seems amazing. O boy look at all the options!🤩 Same can be said about the elevation benchmark. 


We design a lot of 'nature-inclusive' buildings. Where nature and context is very important. Being able to now use some of the landscape tools really helps with the design progress. 

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36 minutes ago, designedAF said:

Keeps hanging for me.  Especially when I go into a redshift render.  Love the new shading options in 3D though.  

@designedAFI'm guessing you've restarted your machine at least once? Seems to be the universal panacea…

On my first render pass on a recent 2022 file, the same modified Redshift Style was employed as in 2022. Render took slightly longer, used about the same overall amt of memory as before, tho this time instead of the task being split between Cineware and Vectorworks, it appears, as mentioned by @Dave Donley (I seem to recall) that it all takes place under the Vectorworks 2023 app. fifty Clay PAky Mini-Bs, eight VL 2600s and four Solaspot 2000 out of sight behind the prosc.

I will say the redshift render in it's preview modality is faster & with better results than the Spotlight Styles in 2022 or 2023.

I =basiclly haven't needed to turn on denoising in redshift in either 20922  or yet in 2023.

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 11.59.49 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 11.59.24 AM.png

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I’ve uncovered a visual difference between Redshift and Renderworks renderings in Vw2023 — in that flat window glazing in Redshift has an unrealistic amount of refraction. I posted about it over in THIS other Troubleshooting thread.


Maybe I’m doing something wrong — but even though the Redshift renderings look better — I am finding that Redshift is unusable for my architectural work until this gets fixed.


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