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  1. I have also used Archicad and I think VW is more flexible. Maybe it's good idea to understand design layers and viewports Design Layers In general each building story has it own layer. You can also split a story in multiple layers, for example a layer for the floor and one for the walls. Or you can duplicate layers for making design studies. In the Design Layer Tab of the navigation palette you can turn layers on or off. It is also possible to display a layer in halftone/grayscale (third option from the visibility tab). That will make all the lines grey and hide the fill. You can move the layer order to show it on top. With the Saved View Tab it is possible to save the layer state. For example I made a saved view with all the layers of each story (3). This way I can easily switch. The saved view tab can also be used to save visibility of classes (2) and zoom with rotation (1). In dutch but you will get the point It is a little more work to setup the first time. I know that in Archicad you can 'page up' 'page down'. To easily move between story's. VW don't have that, but as you can see the Saved View Tab can help you with that. Viewports on Design Layer Another nice feature of Archicad is the possibility to move the underlayer position. That can also be done in VW! When creating viewports it is possible to place them on a sheet or place them on de design layer. This gives a lot of flexibility! For example I made a 2d section of a already demolished house plot. By using viewports I made multiple copies on a new layer so I can make multiple sketches without having to make a lot of layers. Changes to the original section automatically translates in the viewports. External drawings External drawings like DWG can also be linked or imported inside VW. Importing gives you editable lines. Most of the time I only want to trace a external drawing. Thats why I always use linking to keep the file size small. The DWG is placed as a viewport on the design layer. You can edit the classes of that view to control the visibility of your 'dwg layers'. The lines are snappable so you can easily trace it.
  2. @Jesse Cogswell I Have tried the script. It works perfectly for 2D symbols. But when I make a hybrid symbol containing walls unique I get this message see step 2. It's Dutch, but translates into 'Are you sure you want to degroup a object from a higher level?' The view is in 3D and showed the symbol 3x instead of 2x. When clicking YES: Results in a unique hybrid symbol but the walls are copied as polygone lines When clicking NO: Results in correct unique hybrid symbol, without the extra polygone lines. But it has copied the walls outside the symbol 1- Start, 2x orignal symbol 2- Pop-up 3 - Result of selecting YES 4 - Result of selecting NO
  3. I'm away of my PC right now, so can't check it for you. But for pointcloud editing (cropping, filtering, export to different file format etc.) I always use the free https://www.meshlab.net/ Great companion app, give it a try.
  4. Perhaps there will be another round of Teaser Tuesday like previous years? That used to start in August see: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/71-news-you-need/
  5. As already discused here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/61717-make-symbols-unique/ it would be really usefull if there was a button/script that would duplicate a 2D/3D symbol and replace the selected symbol with the new duplicated 'unique' symbol. - Can be a button in PIO, next to the 'replace' button - And/or could be a item in the right-click menu, under the 'replace' option Nice to have: - pop-up that asks the name for the new symbol, by default add -1, -2 etc to the original name - pop-up asking if you want all sub symbols to be unique Starting point: See https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/12522-duplicate-symbol-definition/&tab=comments#comment-396710 And https://gist.github.com/justinmilo/bbc1d64f28509737b601#file-makeunique-py Unfortuantly this script can not duplicate 2D/3D hybrid symbols. But now it's 7 years later. Any possibility that VW script capability has grown so a true "make unique" script is possible? I hope someone can help with this request. This would be super usefull during design studies where we often try out different options.
  6. Hi Zoomer, I think I know why you couldn't install it. Blender 2.92+ upgraded the python version. That's why BlenderBIM now has two versions of the addon, see here for the (unstable alpha) daily build: https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell/releases Select the latest, under 'assets' you will find the py39 version. For support you will find the main developer (moult) here: https://community.osarch.org/ Or you can add an issue on GitHub. Note that the development is still in an early stage. New functions are added on a daily basis.
  7. This is a great wish, check out the roadmap: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap Under Research there is 'Elevation Markers' It seems that they are working on it.
  8. Personally I don't need this. We already have so much style resources.. I think that a text auto complete function when typing the component name would do the same. Would that be a solution for your problem?
  9. I only had this when I used the student version of VW back in the days. Even import it inside InDesign wasn't allowed, very frustrating. There are online tools that remove the protection.
  10. WFS would be awesome! I'm looking forward to September. Speed improvements are also much needed. It takes forever to only open the list of (custom) sources and then the download of the map.. Zzzz I like the fact that you can move the crop and the image gets updated. So I can insert multiple GIS sources in the template and only have to update the location of the project and everything gets updated. WFS (editable) support would make QGIS obsolete, nice!
  11. Haha leuk! 🙂 What study is this? Always nice to see students actual making stuff!
  12. Lately I discussed the difference per country of the window tool with the local reseller. He couldn't tell me much. But in the future an improved window tool will be more of a framework where each region/country can add there region specific code/items. I guess that will make sharing code easier so everyone benefit.
  13. Being able to change the units in meters instead of mm, with custom prefix would be awesome! So as label: '70m+nap' instead of '70000'
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