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  1. Right now when you select a lot of different objects there is no way to filter the selected objects. The info object palette only shows the total number of selected objects. Revit has a built in selection filter option, but lacks some functionality. One of the best selection filter plugin for Revit is OneFilter. FilterMore is a bit more basic but also nice. Note the requested tool is not similar to the magic wand tool. I'm asking for a tool that can filter the selection after you selected a bunch of objects. It would be awesome if Vectorworks could get a similar selection filter as mentioned examples: Must have functionalities: - Shows list of all selected objects. First grouped by main category (wall/roof/door etc.) than by objecttype/style and last by item (Like FilterMore) - Selection mark button to add or de-select item from the list - Button to reverse checked items / select all / select none Nice to have functionalities: - Filter selection by class/layer - Filter selection by parameters - Save filter rules for later use Maybe this can already be realized with a plugin/vectorscript? I'm more than happy to donate some money to the person that comes up with this tool. Thanks in advance.
  2. I agree, a dedicated custom profile tool would be nice. For now you could use Moulding Plugin: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/84415-mouldings-plugins-important-update/
  3. If you use windows you could use Taskbar Eliminator to free up some screen space. Can be quickly turned on/off by a shortcut. See: https://taskbar-eliminator.en.uptodown.com/windows But I agree, a true full screen mode would be great.
  4. I have reported this over 3 months ago at our local reseller. To bad this is not yet fixed.. this is a typical bug that shows that VW don't really test there software enough..
  5. @Paolo Perhaps this helps to integrated texture movement control for your Mouldings Plugin?
  6. As discussed yesterday at the virtual open house I wasn't able to get Redshift using the RTX3070 GPU of our new notebooks. I managed to fix it by: 1. Installing the 'STUDIO DRIVER' instead of the 'GAME READY DRIVER' 2. Enabling GPU acceleration with windows 10: 3. Add vectorworks.exe and cineware.exe in nvidia configurationpanel to use the nvidia GPU Succes Hope it helps others
  7. Noticed a big roadmap update after SP3 got released: Scheduled In Development Active research
  8. Seems doors and windows getting some love soon, see updates on the roadmap
  9. https://youtu.be/CUwg_JoNHpo around 36min
  10. Hi Jesse, I noticed that by making a 2D symbol unique it get placed from Layer Plane to '3D'. Which is not always wanted I think?
  11. I know this is an old topic. But now, 15 years later, is there still no option to clearly show the context while editing a group? As you can see everything turns transparent.. Is there a way to turn off the transparency of the objects outside the group so I can see them more clearly? @Christiaan You seems to be regular active on the forum ,did you managed to make this work? EDIT: Oeps, Found this setting: Still it would be nice if there was option to show the context grey without transparency . So you see the context clearly but also can see whats inside group and what is outside.
  12. I have got the same issue. Objects within a group within a 3D symbol won't snap to objects outside the group. Everything like classes and layers are set to snap to others. What can this be? Anyone else have had this issue? What's the fix?
  13. @Dave Donley Do you know why the quality of the shadow gets less by enabling ambient occlusion? We like the extra depth this options gives, but the saw teeth shadows are unacceptable.
  14. The issue seems to be caused by ambient occlusion. WITHOUT ambient occlusion: WITH ambient occlusion:
  15. Yes, I have checked that first. How does your shadows look like? Do you notice any saw teeth edges?
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