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  1. Got a 14” with the m1max and 32 core gpu. Redshift renders are indeed pretty fast. I’m occasionally getting a lot of zoom/pan hiccups and slow downs that require a restart in large 3d spaces, particularly in sheet layers when editing crops. working in 2022.
  2. Sort of on topic, but I have a side question on schematic views. For some reason, I have a file that all my schematic view's are displaying in a wireframe with no fill, as opposed to the standard white fill I've always had before. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? And further, are there any ways to edit the graphical look of schematic views in general? Answered it for myself: the original truss object must have a fill, and then you also seemingly have to have a fill selected while creating the schematic view (as opposed to having no fill selected at the time of creation).
  3. Didn't want to start a new thread when it looks like y'all have a handle on what I want to do. New too scripting, but my goal is to take all the symbols in my resource manager, and change the "remarks" field. Any input on how I might handle this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I can change the color by cell thankfully, took me a second to realize it was in the second tab. But not being able to change the purpose discreetly is sad to say the least. This seems like a glaring oversight? I have clients who want purpose on the plot, so I’ve already had to put text fields in and not use the label legend, which is of course a bit time consuming.
  5. Service pack 2 brought new questions and solutions to the old problems. The label legend now places the channel containers in their correct position based off their respective insertion points so that is solved and working properly. However I find I am no longer able to edit the purpose discreetly (even when clicking into the menu in the OIP). So for example I can not give a different purpose to the different channels in a cyc light.
  6. About 30 seconds to power on. Takes Vectorworks 2021 about 25 seconds to launch and files open almost instantly although that can depend on file size of course. All together it's very very fast. If you got an iMac 2017 with no solid state hard drive, then I would expect you would see a marked increase in response time with ANY computer that has a solid state hard drive. The old hard drives are a speed bottle neck for machines so maybe thats what you're running into with your machine. I'm sure others may have feed back on this as well but I'm very happy with my set up.
  7. I wrestled with this same choice, although I do a bit of rendering as well. I went with a 2020 iMac and maxed out the spec's in terms of processing and graphics. Intel support isn't going away for atleast 5 years (likely many more because Apple will still be selling intel machines in two years). While I anticipate apple silicon machines will be wonderful in the future, there are current limitations to the platform (memory, displays) and generally apple is starting from the bottom of their lineup and working their way towards the top. I've had the 2020 iMac, i9 10 core, 64 GB Ram, with 5700XT, for 3 months and it's been a joy to use with Vectorworks!
  8. I got a 2020 iMac with the 5700XT 16GB video ram and it's a beast with Vectorworks. My laptop will be due for replacement next Summer, that will probably be my first apple silicon machine.
  9. Right which is how it has typically always functioned, but for some reason in 2021 it is referencing the insertion point of the composite symbol as opposed to the individual insertion points of the respective component fixtures.
  10. Thanks that's what I thought about composite symbols, the wording in the tutorial made me think that had changed. After further inspection it looks like my fixtures still work and this is actually a label legend issue. All of my channel containers for these fixtures are on top of each other, so it appears I now need to assign each instrument in the 6-Bar symbol to a different label legend (hopefully not each time I place the light)? Spinning wheel bug reported 🙂
  11. @JBenghiat Thanks Josh. Looks like they've built in what I had already figured out how to do in the program. I'll have to rebuild my fixture from what I understand here. But I've run into the first glitch, as VW locks up whenever I try to create a lighting device from a symbol containing multiple lighting devices.
  12. Not sure if this is an error on my part, but all of my multi-channel symbols are no longer working correctly in 2021. Par-bars are no longer 6 channels when I place them, but now 1 channel. Strangely, cyc lights and strip lights are also not working correctly, but in a different manner. They place with 3 channel containers, but are only selectable as one light. I attached a file with two of the symbols in question and jpeg in the file of how the fixture functions in 2020 when it's working properly. test file.vwx
  13. Isn't SteveJ confirming in that post that they are indeed working on having VW running on Apple silicon by the end of the year? First they confirm it will run on Big Sur, and then go on to say AND, they are working on an apple silicon version as well. It seems pretty clear to me that is what is being indicated there? As other's have said though, I think I'm going intel with my next machine regardless.
  14. Glad to see i'm not the only one with this high on my wish list. I have a resource library of hundred's of lights. All of the lines within the symbol's are already classed respectively. What i want is the ability to over ride that classing by placing some of the symbol instances in a specific class. Example, I have 20 lights in the air, and 20 on the deck. I want the 20 on the deck to have a grey fill, while the 20 in the air retain the existing look. I do not want to duplicate the symbol, and I can't use any work around that requires counting work arounds. It has to just work for the designer using the file. Last piece of this, it has to work in the design space as well as sheet layers, so the color by sheet layer option doesn't work either.
  15. Wait, you think you're going to be supporting ARM mac's this Fall?! That's incredibly awesome news.
  16. I hope we get some sort of official response from Nemetscheck on a timeline. I don't have a lot of faith in Rosetta 2 or Virtualization. I'm sure there will be work around's and such, but I'm also old enough to remember the Power PC to Intel transition.
  17. I'm not too familiar with the Fixture Mode database, is there a way to add to it? Is there a request link for new ones? Can we personally create new ones to add to it? Is it actively pulling from a database online or is the info stored within the fixture? A lot of fixtures seem to not support it, can we add info ourselves ?
  18. Thanks the video was helpful on some things. As to my original issue, what I've discovered is that Lightwright 6 will count multiple lights as one unit if you assign it the same unit number (or standard multi unit numbering) and position. So a 6-Bar symbol will be counted as one 6 bar, and not 6, if it has traditional multi-circuit unit numbering (1-A, A-1, etc..) and if all the instruments have the same position.
  19. I'm making Multi-Circuit (cell) fixtures (cyc lights, strip lights, LED strip lights), and I'm running into a snag. I'll use a Par64 6 Par Bar as an example. I made a symbol of a Par64 with a connecting line, and then lined up 6 of those symbols (not devices) and made a symbol out of them. Then I edited that symbol and added an Info Record. That all works properly, and shows up in the resource manager, and populates as 6 individually addressable lights. But what I want to have happen next, is that in Lightwright, the 'counting' would only count it as one Par Bar, as opposed to 6. This might be better suited for the light wright forums, but does anyone have any advice on this/better methods for this? Thank you!
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