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  1. I'm not too familiar with the Fixture Mode database, is there a way to add to it? Is there a request link for new ones? Can we personally create new ones to add to it? Is it actively pulling from a database online or is the info stored within the fixture? A lot of fixtures seem to not support it, can we add info ourselves ?
  2. Thanks the video was helpful on some things. As to my original issue, what I've discovered is that Lightwright 6 will count multiple lights as one unit if you assign it the same unit number (or standard multi unit numbering) and position. So a 6-Bar symbol will be counted as one 6 bar, and not 6, if it has traditional multi-circuit unit numbering (1-A, A-1, etc..) and if all the instruments have the same position.
  3. I'm making Multi-Circuit (cell) fixtures (cyc lights, strip lights, LED strip lights), and I'm running into a snag. I'll use a Par64 6 Par Bar as an example. I made a symbol of a Par64 with a connecting line, and then lined up 6 of those symbols (not devices) and made a symbol out of them. Then I edited that symbol and added an Info Record. That all works properly, and shows up in the resource manager, and populates as 6 individually addressable lights. But what I want to have happen next, is that in Lightwright, the 'counting' would only count it as one Par Bar, as opposed to 6. This might be better suited for the light wright forums, but does anyone have any advice on this/better methods for this? Thank you!


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