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  1. @Pat StanfordThanks. That did it for me.
  2. @Hugues I will try the addition with a separate layer. that make absolute sense. Thanks a lot.
  3. @Hugues that's what seems to be the case. What do I need to do to modify the current function in order to prevent this from happening? As I said above. Currently I am using. =IMAGE(S='My Symbol Name')
  4. @Pat Stanford Im on VW2021SP1 I use OpenGL at the Low setting. I did copy the worksheet into a blank file and it calculates fine, until I imported the layer with the symbols. Then it gets stuck. Can I email you a link to the problem file directly? I can't have this public unfortunately.
  5. @Pat Stanford You are correct. However, if I want to enter information that is not in the drawing or in a record I hit the limitation. For example, I have an LED wall with multiple LED panels, Bumpers, cables etc. If I want to add a column for the weight or a column with the power consumption for each line item I can not do that.
  6. I am using the following image function in my worksheet. =IMAGE(S='My Symbol Name') It seems the calculation of this function depends on how many symbols are present in the drawing. If there is no iteration on the drawing the value shown is 0 (zero). If I have only a single iteration in the drawing the work sheet calculates quickly. As soon I have many iterations (I tested with 50+) the work sheet is calculating itself to death. Is there a better function I can use to show case an image of a symbol without using a dataset?
  7. I would like to see the ability to have independent columns that follow a data set. Not being able to do calculations of separate cells in the same row of a data set is inconvenient.
  8. @Pat Stanford Thanks Pat. I don't think kidding it is an option. Its a universal record for a lot of symbols as well as upcoming symbols. So trying to attach and link to a hidden record sounds complicated. I hope it finds consideration as a feature in future versions.
  9. Is there a way to lock a record so a user can't alter the record values in a symbol? In a perfect world I'd like to lock individual lines in a record, but locking the entire record would work as well.
  10. I have a universal record format that I have attached to my symbols. Some of the values, e.g. Weight, I want to lock so it only can be changed when unlocked (maybe even with a simple passcode). When values, like weight, gets used to calculate total weights, an accidental change of the weight value in the record can have dangerous consequences in the worksheet thereafter.
  11. @Pat Stanford I made sure all the weights in the record are set as numbers.
  12. @michaelk Creating a record with hundreds of symbol weights seems a lot of typing. I also don't know if that would help, as soon a symbol name changes. Regarding your IF/THEN suggestion, where in the report would I add this formula, since I can't even reference a cell like G2.3 for instance.
  13. @djobbins If you go to https://www.thecrosbygroup.com and create a login (just a username and password, they never send bothersome emails) you will get access to Crosbys CAD database. that's where I pulled all my shackle and rigging bits from.
  14. Hi, My symbols have a record data attached. Specifically the weight. How can I get the weight information into one column? And further more, how can the Weight data out of a record be multiplied by the count? After all that, how can I add the TOTAL WEIGHT to one final number? VWX Reports.vwx


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