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  1. That worked for me as well. couple seconds work-around. Thanks Ian
  2. I have difficulties using textures the way I used to do. the aspect ration of the image I made a texture is not correct anymore. I can match the height to the model but the width is off. What am I missing? texture test.vwx
  3. Hi All, I have some symbol drawings that need some streamlining. The symbol is made up from several dozens sub-symbols. Some of those sub-symbols appear to be the same. The only difference seems to be the name of the symbol. Is there an efficient way to compare symbols if they are geometrically identical. The select similar tool works to a certain degree. Any other ideas?
  4. Is there a solution in the near future for this bug? This scaling/import issue makes it difficult to collaborate internationally.
  5. I switched to a MacBook Pro (16in) and it doesn't go into sleep mode when I close it. After a bit digging on the web I cam across the activity monitor and it shows that CINEWARE is the only application that shows "YES" on preventing sleep mode. (See attached screenshot) I am wondering if that is the reason it drains my battery and gets super hot in my backpack. Also attached the general laptop info. How can I switch CINEWARE to "NO" on the sleep prevention?
  6. I had the same/similar issues. I'll try the same scale approach as well.
  7. Thanks Marissa. I am either blind or don't know how to work the web page, but I don't see the attached file.
  8. I have a selection of 7 angles. (-7.5°, -5.0°, -2.5°, 0.0°, 2.5°, 5.0° and 7.5°) I want the user to be able/required to pick one of the angles and that becomes the input value for the "Symbol nAngle" What I tried so far, "SLIDER" only takes integers as input values, same for "Popup" list. "Ordered List" gives me 7 iterations as a result of 7 input values in the list. Keep in mind I'm a Marionette rookie, so take it easy and keep it simple. Thanks, Stef
  9. Is there a way to see the description of a node in the resource manager? I have a hard time finding the correct node and would like to know what each node does before I drag it into my network. EDIT: Figured it out. Just need to hover over the node.
  10. What are the chances to integrate the McMaster parts library into the RM? Similar as Solidworks has access to it.
  11. @Pat StanfordThanks. That did it for me.
  12. @Hugues I will try the addition with a separate layer. that make absolute sense. Thanks a lot.
  13. @Hugues that's what seems to be the case. What do I need to do to modify the current function in order to prevent this from happening? As I said above. Currently I am using. =IMAGE(S='My Symbol Name')
  14. @Pat Stanford Im on VW2021SP1 I use OpenGL at the Low setting. I did copy the worksheet into a blank file and it calculates fine, until I imported the layer with the symbols. Then it gets stuck. Can I email you a link to the problem file directly? I can't have this public unfortunately.
  15. @Pat Stanford You are correct. However, if I want to enter information that is not in the drawing or in a record I hit the limitation. For example, I have an LED wall with multiple LED panels, Bumpers, cables etc. If I want to add a column for the weight or a column with the power consumption for each line item I can not do that.
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