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  1. Pat and Andy, Thanks for going further with this. By adding 'symbol' to the visualization criteria (and removing wall and solids as they are not necessary) and making sure that objects inside the symbol do not have the record format attached (it is attached at the symbol level), data visualization does indeed work! I think this may be enough for what I need at the moment. Have more granular control over objects inside the system at some point would be great. Pat, I am curious about the file you mentioned with your worksheet but I did not see it attached. Can you repost?
  2. This is what I am trying to do but it does not appear there is a way in VW to do that! I don't think there is a mechanism in VW to modify a particular aspect of a symbol instance (such as the colour of an internal object) and still keep the geometry the same. I think I will have to do one of two things - either not use symbols but use data visualization as presented in the file or, simply have symbols for each colour and perform a Replace Symbol as required. Thanks for considering this, Pat.
  3. wall panel test 2.vwx The key is that I'm not trying to have symbols in a wall. The wall is in the symbol. See attached. I've left some times as symbols and others as objects without a container for testing.
  4. I can get this to work directly on an object but not inside a symbol (from outside the symbol). I guess what I am looking to have is a "flexible symbol" where the geometry stays the same but individual instances can have different colour/material. I will likely have to simply create symbols with the same geometry but different colours and do a replace symbol. Unless there is something I am missing...
  5. We have a series of exterior wall panels that we would like to easily change the colour of, but they are in a symbol. Is there a way to set up a record format and attach it to a symbol object to get it change the colour of the wall? I'm thinking a viewport instead of a symbol may also work. This needs to be available on a design layer (on a per object basis) which is why I'm thinking a data visualization won't work.
  6. Unfortunately the class does not seem to make a difference. I simply cannot change the mode to "Set elev to site model". The stakes are definitely over the DTM.
  7. Does anyone know why when I try to set the Mode of a stake object to "Set elev to site model" it fails to do so, setting the Mode to "Include as site model data" instead?
  8. We have a multi-family project where we are using design layer viewports for unit plans. When we section the entire building and try to use the data tag to tag various assembles, it does not seem to work on objects (walls) that are in design layer viewports (units) showing in the sections. It works fine for floors and roofs and other elements that are not in the units plans. Is there a way around this?
  9. This is how we do things currently but it would be helpful if we could simply refer to the wall width - this allows the door manufacturer to have more direct information, which we think would lead to fewer issues in the field.
  10. Is there any way to report the wall thickness of wall that contains the door in a door schedule? I am of course using a database header in a worksheet row to get the list of applicable doors.
  11. Is there a way to "reset" grid bubbles in plan viewport annotations so they match the layout of the bubbles from the original layer?
  12. I added a file with the new door handle in that location and it seems to "read" it. Thanks.
  13. I've created a custom door handle in 3D as a symbol. Where would I place it so it is available in the Door Hardware symbol selection dropdown in the door settings?
  14. We have a v2021 file where elevation benchmark text is strangely offset (text below the line). Is there a quick fix for these or do they all have to be redrawn?
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