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  1. Actually, it has been working but the text was hidden under the image, which made me think initially it was not working. Now if I can figure out if there is a way to have the image top anchored, and have the text under it move down with a variable height image, I will be happy. I'm not sure if this is possible - cannot get the constraints to work this way it seems.
  2. I am working on graphic legends for walls, slabs and roofs. I am using the "Manufacturer" field as a kind of note field. I can reference this field from a text block in my graphic legend for walls, but when I try to do this for slabs or roofs it does not seem to return anything. This is the code used for slabs for example: #IfcSlab#.#Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation#.#Manufacturer# Is this a bug?
  3. Is there a way to distinguish a slab being used as a floor versus one being used as a roof in a graphics legend? I tried using "name" and "starts with", but this does not work. It would also be nice to be able to refer to the fields inside a slab, roof or wall object in a graphic legend - maybe this is possible but I cannot seem to get it to work. Another related item: is there a way to access the IsExternal (exterior) criteria? This would allow us to easily have different graphics legends for interior vs exterior assemblies.
  4. I have established an ODBC connection to a FileMaker database but all my fields are greyed, preventing me from selecting a key. Does anyone know why this would be the case?
  5. Good to hear changes are coming. If possible, it would be nice if wrappings could be set to face of window or door frame, so that if the offset of the window or door is changed the wrappings would adjust accordingly.
  6. I have a window sill on a window and it graphically covers the wrapping of the interior gypsum board return in plan. Is there a way to bring the wrapping to the front? Also, there is a gap between the stool and the sill that I cannot get rid of (in 3D). Any ideas to fix these issues? Also, if and when the sill on the window tool is fixed, the stool has to get extended to the inside face of the window, not stop at the inside face of the wall.
  7. Pat, This is the answer I was looking for - worked like a charm. Thanks as usual for your help! (Thanks Nikolay for you offer as welll) David.
  8. Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place but it might relate to data tags too so here goes: I'm trying to parse out words that are part of a symbol name for a graphic legend field (text). The symbol name is made up of a reference (ex.L12) and a description (ex. recessed lighting), for an overall name of 'L12 recessed lighting'. I thought it might be possible to use the worksheet SubString function to, for example, get the first word - #WS_SUBSTRING(#SYMBOL#, ' ', 1)#, but this does not work. Can anyone help with this task - or maybe it is not possible?
  9. It would be nice to have a checkbox that allows for the curb to be located outside the defining shape instead of inside. Currently, I have to size the shape and then add an mount for the width of the curb to push the curb out to where I want it to be.
  10. Thanks Nikolay - this, as convoluted as it is, works! Much appreciated.
  11. I've been trying to add the word "note:" to a field in a slab "data tag" (in a graphic legend) before the field content and have been unsuccessful What I want to do is check if field is blank, and if it is not, add the word "note: " before the field in the data tag. I've been using <Value if True>@<The Condition>:<Value if False> format (I wish a normal If statement worked in data tags). Here is my code: Note:#IfcSlab#.#Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation#.#Manufacturer#@(#IfcSlab#.#Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation#.#Manufacturer#<>''):'' I cannot get the "Note:" part to append to the field information only if it is not blank. I've tried using concat and a number of other methods but nothing seems to work. Is this possible? I wish data tags had proper quoted strings and operands instead floating text where it is unclear what it is doing or how it interacts with field data. I would also like to see some user defined fields in data tags in graphic legend to allow for a user defined field, like in regular data tags. I know a user can add an annotation but it isn't the same work flow.
  12. We are currently using the following code for data tags to list out the components of wall, roof or slab styles in a data tag: #WS_COMPONENTNAME(1)# ... [insert intermediate values here!] #WS_COMPONENTNAME(16)# The problem with this method is that it has a bunch of blank spaces at the end, depending on the actual number of components. We are trying to use the new graphic legends, and this makes all the cells in the new graphic legends for this purpose the same height because of the fixed number of possible components. What we would like is a function to list the component names of all actual components, which would create a variable height list (depending on how many components). This would alleviate the extra space and the graphic legend height issue. Maybe there is a way to do this now in 2023 that I am unaware of.
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