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  1. I have been testing the data manager, adding our own record format to doors. I have a few issues / comments to share: 1. In the data manager, there is no direct list editing, which seems odd since the data manager and direct list editing are both new to v2020. 2. In the OIP where we are using a field set to "pop-up", a "-" shows as a separator line which works well. But in a worksheet the pop-up at the top of the window and at the cell level only show the dash and not the separator line. See attached. 3. We applied the record in the data manager to the door object type with some doors already in the file. To be able to change the value of a cell in the worksheet you have to make a selection in the OIP first, or the worksheet selection does not seem to stick - this takes a lot of extra time and defeats the purpose. 4. If a door is selected and showing information in the OIP, changing a cell in the worksheet for that door does not update the same field in the OIP unless you deselect and reselect the door (change is not updated in real time). 5. As an aside, in the data manager, what is difference between Door and Door CW?
  2. It would be nice if there was an option when using the auto-boundary mode that the space would recognize other space objects, not just walls. This would allow the auto-boundary space objects to stop at existing space objects.
  3. I answered my own question - it is tied to the level of detail preference in Document Preferences.
  4. In VW2020, glazing in doors shows up in the preview for the door style but not for the actual door. All classes on. They do not even show in wireframe. Is this a level of detail (LOD) issue?
  5. I will be submitting it. I would not have spent so much time to solve the issue if I did not care about using VW as I do want to see it improve. I fear at this point, however, it is starting to collapse under its own weight. I honestly don't know-how a program with 1000+ tools and commands keeps functional at all. I think trying to be all things to all people may have finally had its day. Thanks for your help - it is appreciated.
  6. Well, I am not sure how to share privately. However, I have "solved" the problem. I deleted half my layers and recalculated the worksheet and the problem went away. So I took another version of the file and started to delete the layers one by one and found the offending layer. First I deleted the layer and the problem went away. Then I undid the layer deletion and instead deleted all the the objects on that later(none of which were space objects), and the problem persisted. Then I deleted the layer and recalculated and the problem went away. Some random layer was the problem why a worksheet was incorrectly finding space objects. 6 hours to solve this one. We are having a real hard time with VW2019. There are so many glitches. I've been using this software since 1993 - however my new employees think VW is garbage.
  7. The project is a one storey building and none of the space objects have a Z height. Some doors show the expected spaces and also "Room" or "Corridor". Some show duplicates of the Room name in a slightly different format (possibly from older versions) but I cannot find them, even with all layers and classes turned on. I've tried custom selection without success. Not sure what to do at this point.
  8. I have done this but it still seems to be finding other phantom spaces. We will keep looking to see if these really exist.
  9. I forgot to specify this is in a database header and not a spreadsheet. The object being found is a door so it would not need the T=door criteria. If I add the layer criteria VW hangs (beachball). I don't think the search criteria is meant for the database header as the header already has its own criteria. Unfortunately the GetSpaceNameForObj does not seem to adhere to this for the space names it finds.
  10. Is there a way to restrict the function GetSpaceNameForObj to only one layer? I'm trying to capture the room names on either side of a wall for a door schedule but it seems to be adding some space objects from layers where the door does not exist.
  11. In VW2019, we are finding that changing the length of a section line instance moves the image in a viewport but does not shift any annotations a corresponding amount. Shouldn't the annotations move with the model in the viewport? Ideally the content of the viewport would not move on the page, just the bounds of the section.
  12. We use PDF Squeezer to address this problem. https://witt-software.com/pdfsqueezer/ Mostly addresses bitmap issues regarding size. I wish NNA could use this code internally so this would not be so much of an issue!
  13. Sketchup has a plugin, I believe it is called DesignPH, that allows direct export of information in a sketchup model to PHPP excel spreadsheet format. It would be great if you could do the same with Energos.
  14. Would like to see another selection for the Line Length Mode in the Drawing Label: Auto-Fit +. This would auto fit the line to the text length as is currently the case but would add a user controlled amount, with say ½" as the default.
  15. I am trying to create database criteria that finds windows or doors only in a particular wall style so I can isolate exterior vs interior windows or doors. I know I can create classes for interior vs. exterior or special doors and windows styles for interior vs exterior doors or windows but was wondering if I can find windows and doors through walls styles or if there is possibly another method.


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