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  1. We are using the ceiling grid tool and are trying to tag the height of the ceiling grid. We are using the #IPZ# definition to get the height, which works well when the layer elevation (Z value) is zero. When the layer elevation (Z value) is say 10' (as it might be on the second level of the building), it adds 10' to the ceiling height value for the tag. Therefore, a ceiling grid object set to 8' on level 2 shows a tag value of 18' instead of the desired 8'. Is there any way to set up the tag with a different definition, or perhaps subtract the layer elevation to get the desired ceiling height value for each level of the building?
  2. Is there a way to attach a record format to a wall to other styled object so that the record format field entry is persistent (same) for all instances of the styled object?
  3. Strangely enough we have been using a data tag for space objects for reflected ceiling plans, as we need the space label location to change for these drawings. I had a thought that if I had multiline text, my room number which is above the text would need to move upwards automatically. I thought to use a coincident constraint between the two text objects, but this tool does not seem to work on the side, top or bottom centres of text objects, or the centre of the text objects. Do you have any suggestions on how to address this apparent shortcoming?
  4. It would be nice to have multiline text in space objects so longer names do not bleed off the edges of the object.
  5. Here his a quick test file with walls, a roof and floor cut and pasted into a blank file. I have indicated 4 separate tags. Unfortunately in section, VW is not recognizing the roof and walls with the tags. This is a common occurrence which we struggle with daily. Sometimes they work, sometime not. tag test.vwx
  6. I think you are saying that there would still more than one data tag but a script would figure out which one is required and place it accordingly? I would not know how to script that but it sounds interesting. We actually have three tags currently 1. one for "vertical" walls in plan and section 2. one for "horizontal" walls in plan 3. one for roofs and slabs in section.
  7. From a workflow point of view, we are trying to get the same information (reference/mark) from each object (roof face, slab or wall) - we are tagging building assemblies. At this point we need at least two data tags to access what we see as the same type of information from different object types. If the "Current Tag Field Definition" field allowed for some calculations/logic, then we could perhaps add multiple criteria in an if or case statement. Or perhaps a pset can be established that can take the same field across multiple object types - not sure how that works internally. Fire ratings, sound ratings and the like are all fields that we see should be accessible across roof faces, slabs or walls. Of course I would like to see things happen automatically, but would be curious as to how this could be scripted as a workaround.
  8. For some reason the roof face and slab objects use the slab pset and so I can use one data tag for both those object types. Walls have to be a separate data tag. On another note, I have a difficult time tagging assemblies in section - even when the viewport is set to not show objects beyond, it seems to want to find objects beyond the cut plane instead of objects at the cut plane for some assemblies. Anyone else have this problem? VW 2021 SP2.
  9. Is there a way to set up a single data tag to extract the Mark for walls, roofs and slabs, but not other objects? I though OSTYLE would work but it grabs pretty much everything.
  10. until

    Missed this one. Will there be a download or link to watch afterwards?
  11. I turned on all classes and checked all layers. The furthest object was 750' from the origin/center of page - I deleted it and it made no difference. Nothing way out in space.
  12. It does not appear to be overlapping geometry or a corrupt wall. Render is in a viewport on a sheet layer with Realistic Colours White background render.
  13. 0,0 (VW origin) is in the centre of the model (those objects and layers shown in the rendering).
  14. Does anyone know why I might be getting redeeming that looks like this? It seems to happen randomly. macOS 10.15.5 VW2020SP4
  15. @Cadplan Architecture I'm not sure if the type of construction makes a difference. When reversing sides of a wall we need an option that the core stays in its location.


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