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  1. Dear Jonathan.

    I spent a good time with you a few years back when I was having some issues on my Vectorworks Landscape and have always benefited for your advice.


    The last webinar session I watched you stipulated that you are now using a MacBook Pro 2021 with VW. I am using the same now but I have a bit of an issue that unless one have a separate Apple keyboard one does not have a keyboard shortcut to go to the Isometric views.

    All the designers I know are now using the MacBook Pro and I have asked VW to offer the shortcuts on this portable Mac.


    As you are one of the leading trainers in VW I wonder if you could use your influence to get the VW engineers to offer this facility? It cannot be much of a job knowing what this CAD can do; it's just a bit embarrassing when I have to sit close with a client in order to go through a project with them.


    I would be grateful if I could have your views when you have a few minutes.


    Many thanks


    Ken Haken

    First Garden Design


  2. Many thanks Stephan. I will try it and will come back to you as I'm sure it will help others.
  3. When using my MacBook for designing I am constantly going to the current view window to change the design to an isometric, front, left view etc. Short keys would save an immense amount of time.
  4. I have updated my iMac to the latest MacBook Pro and its very frustrating to have to go the long way round to show a client an isometric view. With the amount of designs now using high-end portable hubs can the engineers look and attach short cuts without a design having to take additional things like desktop keyboards and mice etc? An update will be very much appreciated. Thank Ken Haken
  5. When taking a View/Create View port/Final Renderworks one folding door does not render the door's glazing. Fast RenderWorks and all other doors are perfect. I would be grateful for some advice as to why. Many Thanks KenH
  6. Many thanks to all. Your information has been so helpful. I shall sit and go through BIM courses and get up to date on thjis. Once I source the MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip and after I have used it on some big designs I will put up my findings. It may be all down to the amount of plant renditions of real plants rather than a few that looks about OK. I usually have to use a real plant and then use Photoshop to cut out the background. This is mind boggling in time but I think its worth it. Sincere thanks again. KenH
  7. Hi Ed. I am running 2022 and I don't have worries over the version not doing anything, only the speed its rendering in. Tell me, which version of MacBook Pro are you using. Is it with the M1 Chip or the M1Pro chip?
  8. Hi Guys. My sincere thanks for all your feedback. To tell you from my side I am becoming slower each year based on memory decline (mine not VW or IT.) I find keeping up with new tools and having to sit and viewing new university courses to find a way to create one thing more than enough out of my day. It may be 'cos I don't use BIM much but working using the the tools I have used over the years. My files are usually over 1.2 GB and I render 10 - 12 camera views in Final Renderworks which are printed and sent to the client to mull over. This is why I am trying to find a solution to stop looking at a roundabout so long. This is why I am looking at the MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro chip. If I am getting this the wrong way round I look forward to any ideas.
  9. Thanks Jeff. It may well be me then. It looks like I need to obtain training in using VWs tools better.
  10. Sincere thanks for your comments Jeff. I don't create landscapes anywhere near to yours but I do have other programs working at the same time., plus email and live internet. I think it might be the lack of RAM but I can't install more. Is your MacBook Pro the latest one?
  11. Hi. I am as passionate with my Vectorworks Landscape as I am with my Apple. The trouble is that rendering my plans in a final Renderworks imagery with its full planting areas I some have to wait 20 minutes for it to render. I purge my files and to generate an image to show my client is now such a slog. I use a 2015 iMac with 4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 32 Ram and AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB. Apple tells me I ought to upgrade to the new MacBook Pro and then it will generate things so fast I won't even have time to think. Does anyone have experience of this? I would be grateful for any feedback. KenH
  12. Hi Tom. Your guidance is just what I wanted. My sincere thanks. Kindest regards KenH
  13. Hi Matt and Tom. Sorry Guys I am using 2022 and your image doesn't look anything like my Landscape in 2022. I have tried everything now without success. I can't find a demo in University so am a bit beaten so to speak. If you have any other ideas they will be appreciated. Many thanks KenH
  14. Hi Tom. Many thanks for your comments. I will follow your instructions. I am sure with yours and the diagram from To I will sort it out. Many thanks Ken
  15. Hi Mat. Sincere thanks for your comments. This is really helpful so I have copied and printed the info and will try to replicate it. Ill come back to you once I have all singing and dancing. Kindest regards Ken
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