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  1. Thanks, capping in this way does seem to help, cheers.
  2. Sure, I just made a file from scratch, that way we can be sure I didn't corrupt the file I've been working on, it's about 400mb or so anyway rather large to post. This file is from scratch, just the roof, dormer and a background rectangle. I created a roof with a dormer and put a rectangle underneath to see the results, same results. See attached vwx and pdf generated from the .vwx cheers, Anthony Roof dormer disappearing in viewport.vwx Roof dormer disappearing in viewort.pdf
  3. Thanks Jeff, I should be more specific, I'm running Dell Precision 7670 Laptop, 12th Gen i9-12950HX, 64GB RAM, nVidia RTX 4500. I should add that any combination of classes and layers that I turn on or off in that viewport, i.e. everything on, only items I want displayed on etc. still the same result. Try it and see if you get the same results. create a roof place a window in Vectorworks and explode it and make a symbol out of it (it's how you make dormers) activate that window and place it on the roof, the Dormer dialog box appears to allow you to configure your dormer create a viewport and place it on a Sheet layer publish, print or just export to pdf Make sure the viewport is set to Top/Plan View and Wireframe Background Render. let me know if you get the same result, it might be a graphics card issue, i do have 24gb graphics card, so who knows. cheers, Anthony
  4. Hi TomKen, thanks for the suggestion, I see that now, didn't realize there were two fence tools, I'll look into that for now. Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. My system is as such: Dell Precision 7670, Windows 11, 12th Gen i9-12950HX, 64GB RAM, nVidia RTX 450 GPU. My real concern is the end wall to be honest, I got around the missing components part. Thanks,. Anthony
  6. Hi, I created a railing and rotated the infill bars at 45% in one of the previous releases of Vectorworks. I just downloaded and installed the new version of Vectorworks yesterday, and now the Railing page for Guardrail-Infill Rotate bars to diagonal "degrees" field is missing. The button for the "Rotate bars" is still there, but the field where you input the "diagonal degrees" is missing and as a result, any "save" of any other feature of the railing will delete the bars if you have the "Rotate bars" button checked. Please fix, see my screen shot as I can't recreate the diagonal bars again.
  7. I'm having this really strange thing going on, I create a window and turn it into a Symbol, I place the window symbol onto a roof to make a dormer. I then create a viewport to a sheet layer and set the viewport as Shade view. When I print to my plotter, or make an Adobe PDF file from that sheet layer, the dormers don't show up, they disappear. Attached is a screenshot image of what is displayed on screen from the Sheet Layer, and the pdf file from Export pdf, showing what I mean. same thing happens when I print directly from Vectorworks to my HP T530 plotter. I'm running Dell Precision i9-12950HX, 64bg ram, Nvidia RTX 4500 GPU, Vectorworks Version 2024 Update 4 (Build 747709) thanks. Anthony Saved from Sheet Layer.pdf
  8. Hi, this is sort of strange and a bit weird, and I'm wondering if it's my graphics card, here's what's going on. open the attached file and note the wall which I've configured for 3 wythe brick and one finish side of gyp bd. The wall has two windows in it. Now, to see if you can reproduce what I'm seeing, delete one of the windows, just one, either one. Notice that the face of the gyp bd before you delete the window takes on the brick pattern, but once the second window is deleted, the face of the gyp bd takes on the attribute I've assigned it in the components. The outside facing you is supposed to be gyp bd finish. Also, notice the edge of the wall, we are restoring a historic building and some wall ends are exposed, so when I wrap the end bricks notice how they always seem to scale or at least shift vertically differently than the face of the wall, a bit of a problem when trying to zoom in and expose the wall ends. like I said, these are really weird but it's driving me crazy, thanks again for all your help in this. Wall Component Issues.vwx
  9. I received a response from Vectorworks yesterday about this, they said that this is being addressed in the next update, good to know they read and react to these posts.
  10. Hi, I dock the Basic on the left of the screen, and below that I dock the Tool Set, and below that I dock the Attributes menu. My display is 2560X1440. Plenty of white space below tools. I position the Tool Sets & Attributes so that there's plenty of white space below all the Basic icons and there's still plenty of space below the Tool Sets Icons. When I close down Vectorworks and restart it, the Tool Sets is smushed down, an the scroll bar appears, I have to reposition up again. see attached image I made, thanks and hope this helps.
  11. Same here, drop down menus don't retain last size state when you quit and restart Vectorworks, they always shrink to smallest curled up size, this has been happening since first release of 2024 and continues to this last update. Neither do tool set and attributes menus, they always resize to some default postion when you relaunch Vectorworks.
  12. I'm interested in creating a custom window where the custom configuration options have upper double hungs about .4 sash scale factor, which is fine, but then I want 1 horizontal mullion on the top panes, and 2 lower mullions on the lower panes. Any suggestions? I supposed I could create two rows but then the sash isn't right and it's really goofy, so really need a double hung window with differing mullion options from top to bottom, thanks.
  13. Hi, was wondering if there is a way to create sidelights on a door that have a solid panel below, say to 24" high and then glazing above, say divided into 3 or 4 mullions. I've looked, can't seem to find a way, if there is please let me know, thanks.
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