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  1. Pat, thank you for help, for your time and effort. I guess the Index for Active document color palette is the only option. After making a copy of 16x16 existing color palette, for example Classic colors, do you know how I can make it default to replace active document color palette.
  2. Index Numbers are internal to the color palette and always remain in the same order. Is this about Active document Palette or any other palette?
  3. Question 1) Is there a script to show Color Index for VW colors from a particular Color Palette. Also a script to convert RGB to Index or Index to RGB. It is usefull to use Tools > Utilities > Create Color Chart to show the index number. However it shows numbers only for Active Document Palette. Also, I wonder if there is a way to get Index Numbers for Standard Colors for example, without bringing colors one by one into Active document? Question 2) Is there a way to bring many colors into Active document at once? We can make a copy of Standard Color Palette and then delete colors we don't want, but can we delete several colors at once?
  4. in VW 2022 can't see the change for "gap line length" in OIP for Section Line. Can anyone show the effect on a smaple drawing?
  5. We need to keep actual Z at DTM Surveyor level, Make all Building and Structures with every Story Z to be at actual Elevation and/or Send to Surface. This means the Datum must be set 0.0 (Z) = DTM 6750 ft as an example for Big Bear Lake property on Hillside. Any benchmark will be correct, all sections and elevations correct. Except this creates the same problem as making application internal 0.0 far way from Model 0.0 (Z) = DTM 6750. There many instances when planar objects created on actual 0.0 (like Section Line instances etc) and in order to see them I spend time zooming (in-out) to send them to correct elevation visible for viewports. So why VW allow us to set Origin 0.0 (X,Y) to anything in Georeferencing, but ignore to do the same for (Z) value - is a mystery for me. Any ideas?
  6. While checking University videos for 2021 Core Certification, I noticed color palette had classic standard names but different color layout. It would be OK if the names for palette indicated that they were modified by editing the standard. However since they have the same name "Classic Vectorworks Colors" & "Standard Vectorworks Colors" I wonder if anyone else can confirm which of the two palettes are really standard. Please see attache two screenshots to compare "Classic Vectorworks Colors":
  7. For "double click on grid snapping" method Uncheck "Show 3D Grid Axes"
  8. Can you please make the wrapper with English subtitles?
  9. I understand the need to add my first line. I just can do not have a clue how Texture and new material name is read by the program. I do not see my new line in the pop-up menu for materials and types. Please see attached and advise.
  10. Dear Nicolas, thank you for your help. In my XG library for Imperial Materials the data shows mm and m2. Also I am not sure if for Solid Wood I can find the right Group in the table. None of items in the Material table has a group or texture I want to use. All I need is a "Test Material 3/4" thick with Custom Texture". What will my first line be listed here instead the Chipboard 04 ...
  11. I am using interiorcad XS. In my case, what is the Path and how can I assign new material in >Boards ?
  12. 1) In my version of interiorcad XS the Settings does not have preferences. Instead it shows Version Info with User Settings/Path to XG Resource, Datea with Version, Plugins Path and Export User Folder Path. I do not have Preferences> Database to shoose a table. 2) Also in all XG folders the files are text files. What kind of file format do I need to create for Material to place here? All I want is to have a new Solid Material 3/4" thick without any edge bordering or veneer, to make only one texture and change it on a spot when the client demands, for the entire cabinet, provided I can also change the glass for framed doors.
  13. I am sorry, Woodychips, but I see your Texture for Door H295_ST22, but it is not a glass, no transparency, I see this:
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