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  1. I would guess that if we could run VWX on iOS, the company would be speaking. iOS is not MacOS.
  2. I have also experimented with thee VCS Presentations, but I'm usually wanting to include links to video, documents and the like. The end result being a virtual meeting or trade show.
  3. I also like to use Theasys for walk throughs built using VWX Panorama views.
  4. I see anything Epic as a memory hog. I also find, working with a trackpad, there's no way to do some critical moves.
  5. What gear did you use for this?
  6. I'm not a gamer. I tend to only use my trackpad. I have been considering a 3D mouse, but and this is only what I've found so far, I think the middle mouse button is needed for some basic rotational navigation. I think I might need a basic mouse. The three finger swipe does not seem to substitute in TM
  7. pretty sweet. What rear are you using? As I see it thus far, a mouse is required for Twinmotion?
  8. I think the same also disappeared from the visualization palette
  9. well, maybe I didn't get specific enough?
  10. In the OIP, select the Texture Tab and look to add the texture on the left and right sides
  11. They do not, as I recall, address framing and weights. IIRC, they are simply wall thicknesses and heights. On a more complex level, brought up earlier. If you bold a wall on site, for a building and it is 20' long, you build a 20' long wall. If one of us builds a 20' long wall, it is likely built somewhere else, put together, taken apart, trucked somewhere and put back together. It is most likely five 4' lengths. If I am doing a film/commercial set, I might use last that exist on a sound stage, typically 4' 3' 2' or 1' and assemble them as needed. They are likely a 5/4 frame with a 1/4" fir plywood skin, but the overall wall is likely re-skinned with 3/16 Luaun.
  12. The platform tools are designed for events, so they make the most sense for hotel ballroom or touring shows; concerts. I would think they could be adapted for a more stage/screen need. I *think* if you save a door as a symbol, the insertion options 'stick,' but I have to check that. To me that sometimes makes editing more difficult. KIf it's any consolation, the wall framing tool for architects needs love. That love could also mean an update for entertainment. Ideally some kind of style implementation. I think if a Material can be applied to a wall used as a flat, that would give the object weight. Attaching to a rigging object would add the weight in Braceworks calculations. In the meantime, pencil and paper and the load object...
  13. Not just 4' but stock dimensions. I'd like to be able to create a 'curved' wall out of 4' (or other) straight sections
  14. Well, that can be done, but it is currently a bit tricky and not universal.
  15. It would be great to be able to have wall styles, that were flats and used the materials functionality.


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