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  1. Data Tags are not the be all and end all solution for every user in every situation.
  2. I think the point is two fold, the evolution from MiniCAD 1.0 was most just that 'evolutionary.' I think there was one other major exception. The other thing I point out is that one of the key sales points for VWX is that it is very customizable. The new GUI is not. The users asked for incremental change and got revolutionary change. I have been using the new GUI since the first beta. Maybe even an alpha version.I still hunt for things and find some of the icons inscrutable. I am frustrated with some of the placements. I have all of the typographic controls turned off, but that leaves unused real estate and I can't move things I use around. It can only get better and hopefully it will
  3. For example many of us preferred the snapping controls in a floating positionable palette. But that didn't work for the programmers on Windows, so they are where they are now,
  4. There were many requests, mostly involved larger type in the OIP and elsewhere. Many of your comments were brought up by the beta testers.
  5. I don't know how or if VWX can handle the printing, but I am sure many folks could use this.
  6. Does Adobe want to much in licensing fees? I am an Adobe user. Every graphic designer I know uses Illustrator. Every show I do needs a logo. converting in Joe's really good free or cheap website is not necessarily a good option. Exporting from AI to DXF, importing the DXF and rebuilding in VW is fraught with the possibility of errors.
  7. Is that a curtain/softgoods object? Increase the visual fullness.
  8. https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html
  9. hahahaha This has been a problem for years. There is no easy solution. Create the classes you want Insert symbols in the new doc edit the symbols to only use those classes. insert the edited symbols into a working document A script or the Class and Layer mapping command might help, but that command wasn't designed for this purpose. I think the classes used by VWX were created by PRG/VER and might possibly make sense to those companies, but not to any designer I know.
  10. This is an ongoing issue.It is harder and harder to defend, "features" are introduced and implemented to great hoopla. However, they do not work as needed. Sometimes that is they work as designed, but the design does not match the users' needs. I think this is one reason I have abandoned the Clipcube feature. It is a problem throughout the program. As one colleague (he can identify himself if he desires) often states, VWX needs a maintenance release. Apple has done this with MacOS and iOS, one release version does nothing but fix bugs. We need that version. In the meantime when I hear what if we did this or what if we add that, my thoughts go immediately to what will break?
  11. I think the arrays would;d have to be saved as symbols
  12. Not if that projector is a hybrid symbol, I do not think, but if it's 3D only, should be fine.
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