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  1. Kevin Allen

    Beam penetration problem

    Does the texture on the deck have 'cast shadows" checked off in it's definition? Possibly you are using the default instrument color (black) on the stage deck?
  2. Kevin Allen

    Model of a hospital bed with gear

  3. How big is your original file. I work in iOS, but I gather everything is the same. I've had minimal issues with the AR and the Panorama, and my issues were operator errors.
  4. Kevin Allen

    Model of a hospital bed with gear

    Thanks, I searched hospital not medical, still not what I necessarily need.
  5. I know I can go to 3D Warehouse, but I'm always suspicious. Anyone have a 3D model of a hospital bed, ideally with some medical gear as well?
  6. Kevin Allen

    Default viewport scale

    I was going to argue that I think you should be working in scale, but thought you had your preference...
  7. Kevin Allen

    Default viewport scale

    Sound like the kind of thing I would set in a tool preference, but I don't know of such and option for commands. Does it 'stick' after you create the first VP?
  8. Kevin Allen

    Default viewport scale

    I think the SLVP defaults to the scale of the Design Layer. Are you drawing in 1:1?
  9. Kevin Allen

    LED wall looks dim, truss looks basic, no detail

    Edit the texture, choose the Reflectivity shader drop down menu and select glow for the list. From there you can adjust the amount of light the image will emit.
  10. Kevin Allen

    LED wall looks dim, truss looks basic, no detail

    do the texture have a glow shader?
  11. It should work like the others, I always have it docked at the bottom left of my screen
  12. Kevin Allen

    Auto Classing is the Devil!

    I see this in any number of tools. There really ought to be a class mapping tool that can set universal preferences for uses, documents,, or offices.
  13. Kevin Allen

    VW Manual?

    My book https://www.routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9780415726139/ Is a is meant for learning and as a desktop manual.
  14. Kevin Allen

    Single twist steel rod and bar...

    If you make a Subdivision spherical primitive, you can readily model the transition.
  15. Kevin Allen

    Single twist steel rod and bar...

    It's the corners that give you the look. IRL, I don't think twisting a round rod will give you the appearance you want. I imagine that in your model and in fabrication you'll have to transition from the rectangle to the circle. IRL, the welds can be ground down to make the transition appear seamless. Virtually, I would add a subdivision element to make the transition, of to make the entire piece. That's appreciably more complex modeling.


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