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  1. I added that tool to my workspace, but I have not had the opportunity to explore
  2. Rob, my point is that I want full control, and I want that control to survive updates.
  3. To add a degree of difficulty here, what if I create/admin a project sharing file. If I share with the shop or the venue, they may want to use their own classing system, it should then be possible to decide what changes they make are committed to the project file. Same is true of instrumentation. Shop may suggest a substitute. Different shops may suggest different subs, the admin ought to be able to choose which changes to commmit.
  4. As Andy Dunning sys, Truss isn't always rigging. As. a user/designer, I want control over Classing, and I especially want control over the appearance of the 3D Geometry. For example, in my template file, I have set all of the classing preferences in the settings dialog of the "Door Tool (for example' so when I insert a door, it looks, by default how I expect to want it to look. This generally means all black all around. I'm typically going to use the architectural toolset create a venue. If I want a special door (in a ballroom for example), I modify the initial insertion and see it as a symbol. Thus I control it's appearance. I need to be able to do the same with SLDs. I generally want any SLD to insert in my own' LX-SLD' class. Similarly, I want any Vectorworks Light Object to insert in my 'LX-VLO' class. I want control over 2D and 3D appearance by class. If I modify a stock symbol, when the library updates, I lose that work. Just as I recently lost the work using the PIO Manager to assign objects to specific classes, those preferences do not survive any update to the application. For me, I don't care to class by light source. The rental shop may need that. In my opinion, it would be up to the shop to take the plot, and find/modify to make those changes. I am concerned with he appearance of the document in both a 2D drafting and in renderings.
  5. I keep as many classes as possible in my template. So, I have, for example, renamed the the Dimension class and changed the attributes that always works.
  6. Please do not remove the classes on the body parts. I think it is important to be able to use Classing to render the bodies, and especially add closing to the lens object. Obviously, I want to be able to define the attributes and use the class to assign attributes. Use attributes at creation should be checked in the class definitions.
  7. Has the lease version been posted? I think I'm using RC-1 and have not seen notice of a new version?
  8. no. It's a flat image with greater depth and can by used by VWX to add/augment light in scene . I don't know what VWX needs to make Panorama background. I thought those were procedural not image based?
  9. My mirrorless DSLR can create an HDRI file, but generally, I use photoshop to combine three different exposures. Ideally the images are shot with he camera locked down on a tripod, but you can start with one, fake the exposures and combine into HDRI.
  10. What's a compatible (Mac) viewing application?
  11. I have started to post a few things in 2010 on my blog at One of the first is about Decals in Renderworks 2010.
  12. I have been trying to render a simple file, but any use of a transparency masik seems to cause a crash. Using 9.5.1, MacOSX 10.1.4, G4/500/dual Any ideas appreciated
  13. I am trying to render drapery created with the curtain tool and it does not seem to show properly in renderworks. Also, I want to see/texture some lighting instruments, the yoke renders, but the unit does not appear. TIA