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  1. no. It's a flat image with greater depth and can by used by VWX to add/augment light in scene . I don't know what VWX needs to make Panorama background. I thought those were procedural not image based?
  2. My mirrorless DSLR can create an HDRI file, but generally, I use photoshop to combine three different exposures. Ideally the images are shot with he camera locked down on a tripod, but you can start with one, fake the exposures and combine into HDRI.
  3. What's a compatible (Mac) viewing application?
  4. I have started to post a few things in 2010 on my blog at One of the first is about Decals in Renderworks 2010.
  5. I have been trying to render a simple file, but any use of a transparency masik seems to cause a crash. Using 9.5.1, MacOSX 10.1.4, G4/500/dual Any ideas appreciated
  6. I am trying to render drapery created with the curtain tool and it does not seem to show properly in renderworks. Also, I want to see/texture some lighting instruments, the yoke renders, but the unit does not appear. TIA