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  1. Kevin Allen

    Strange Cones:

    Sam, Go to Preferences>Display and set the Light Objects to never.
  2. Kevin Allen

    Tool Finder Needed / Tool Search

    or just look at the alphabetical list of all tools in the workspace editor?
  3. I've seen this happen. I also wish I could readily open and edit the database. I had, for some time, and XML file and a TXT file
  4. Kevin Allen

    how to create a knife bevel

    It's complex modeling, but I would use Sub-Division. You might able to do it with a series of Solid Subtractions, but it would be a challenge.
  5. Hi Kevin, it looks like you agree, do you mind voting for the idea on the top left?


  6. Kevin Allen

    What Nomad Does

    Use the Cloud menu in VWX to create an account or log in. You’ll need to set everything up to live in the cloud. Once Nomad has access to your work you can view models and PDFs of sheet layers. Amondst other fearures
  7. Kevin Allen

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    Alternately, you can show the truss in a Design Layer Viewport and rotate the Viewport.
  8. Have you tried converting to Site Model from Source Data? I have not, but seems worth exploring. The Subdivision might have to be converted to a 3D Poly first, but...
  9. Kevin Allen

    Data Tag - Positioning Tags

    Maybe a second data tag object style?
  10. Kevin Allen

    Textures and using hatch

    You can use a carpet texture in renderings, and you can make a stippled hatch.
  11. Kevin Allen

    Turn off focus indicators

    I think this is either. bug or a new WAD, but Preferences, Display Tab. Set Display light object to never.
  12. Kevin Allen

    No Mac OS Cover Flow integration in 2019???

    See coverflow previews.
  13. Kevin Allen

    mapping a decal onto 4 plasma screens

    Not sure about 2015, when I had 2015, there was a version, but I'm using 2019 http://www.landrudesign.com/DefaultFrameSet.htm?index.htm~LandruMnFrm @C. Andrew DunningLikely knows best.
  14. Kevin Allen

    mapping a decal onto 4 plasma screens

    The tool is in the Spotlight tool set. You can also purchase it as a stand alone. I've found it very valuable for a long time. Your solution does seem, to work, but I would show flat monitors on the wall for accuracy.
  15. Kevin Allen

    mapping a decal onto 4 plasma screens

    Are they rally curved? Could you use the television tool?


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