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  1. One of there advantages to using VWX is keeping the process in one place. I would prefer improvements to Renderworks than improvements to exports.
  2. my guess is this is the visibility preference.
  3. I have to check, but I think you can close that gap in the tool settings. It is also possible to class the poles with the same texture as the drape.
  4. The vertical pipes and hardware can be classed. The hardware is likely wanted for plans and for inventory, not for renderings. Just turn them off, or use the option for similar in the OIP. One look might be desired in plans for the crew, another, without hardware might be wanted to show clients. The tool offers flexibility.
  5. different drawings/SLVPs/Sheets for different purposes. turn on the classes you want or need for different purposes.
  6. Can you manually set this top and save in a template file? I don't fully understand what you want, but...
  7. A long time ago, and in a galaxy far, far, away, I used a stock (I think) create drawing list common. I believe it is part of the Architect package. I keep it in my template, so it's a set it and forget it thing for me. I have found over tie that it sometimes updates itself and that Sometimes I have to use Recalculate to update.
  8. This looks like a material I've used. It comes in sheets like Plywood, AND THERE ARE SEVERAL TEXTURES? I HAVE NOT MODELED, BUT I HAVE CREATED BUP MAPS. Oooops for the caps.
  9. Well, as I imagine what you describe, copying, pasting in place, and then using the move command would be virtually the same number of clicks. I'd still put in a VE for the functionality.
  10. Does "Paste in Place" have much the same functionality?
  11. can't you right click and select recalculate?
  12. That gives me a sad. When I am involved with community projects, the level of detail and rendering generally presented in never enough for a planning board, zoning board, or historical preservation commission to make a proper, educated decision. Not to mention how often the look changes from presentation through construction. On the other hand, the level of detail may colleagues and I present is to show EXACTLY how the finished work will look.
  13. Is the forest essentially a backdrop (image applied as a texture to a flat surface).
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