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  1. Since Unity is used for so much gaming, I would look for an answer there.
  2. Strata used to have a number of functions to explode and particularize. Probably not something VWX users are generally looking for. Unless they are clearing land in Vegas. If those functions, our Strata for that matter, still exist, I have no idea. I also don't know if they can be exported to something importable. Or how much geometry that might be.
  3. I would hiss it will depend on the final product. I have done awnings like this and the 3D geometry really helped to bend the pipe. I've also done things that were hand sculpted and/or thermoplastics and that could be done from references and hand doodles. Typically clients cannot any longer make the leap from doodles to finished product, they need to see a rendered model.
  4. yes. Textures and spheres would likely be my approach. I don't know about the exchange, but some other 3D program might be better suited to this task.
  5. looks like a complex assembly of NURBS objects, mostly Lofts. I would say that just because the ribbon is one object IRL, it likely needs to be modeled as separate pieces.
  6. But I think this needs to be aded to the VE? I might have missed it. With the VE as I read it, I would have to replace the 10 with a 5, then move as suggested by @Mark Aceto and then add a stick? We don't have an easy methodology to add?
  7. What if I want to replace a 10' with 2 five footers?
  8. I've found some on the internet, never perfect,but they are available.
  9. Snapping plate was revived in v2022 IIRC. The settings and preferences are now locked in the lower right hand corner of the application window.
  10. I have had this issue, I forget how I fixed it. @markdd? @MrTemplate?
  11. Have you tried multiple emitters?
  12. using the Polygon tool, not the regular polygon tool, draw a line and mid stroke, use the tab key to activate the floating data bar. Enter lengths and angles in the Floating Data Bar (aka FDB). You may need to tab around the FBD to activate the fields you need.
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