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  1. Sam. I was trying to reinforce what you were saying. Thumbs down on these tools
  2. I think you have to search "subdivision" to find that video. There are other ways but I would create a number of extrudes and subtract solids
  3. Line Lights and Area Lights need love, they have not been upgraded in many, many years
  4. have you tried the video screen 4? https://landrudesign.com/DefaultFrameSet.htm?VWPlugIns.htm~LandruMnFrm
  5. Pretty sure I have step by step written instructions in my book. https://www.routledge.com/Vectorworks-for-Entertainment-Design-Using-Vectorworks-to-Design-and-Document/Allen/p/book/9780367192945
  6. It usually takes a couple of days,but meetings are recorded and they are posted here.
  7. well, you seem to be a member of this group here? Do you get the monthly invites from the mothership?
  8. These each probably need to be a separate VE to raise attention
  9. "too many layers" this is pretty subjective criteria. Maybe there is a better way to categorize some of the hashes,but some users may be willing to pay the price.
  10. works, but not everyone uses their name as their handle.
  11. @MrTemplateare these yours?
  12. Not sure, but do new classes adopt the None defaults?
  13. Braceworks is woeful inadequate in many ways, these are some. Ground supports? A traditional stage counterweight fly system? Braeworks is designed and limited to arena type shows.
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