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  1. was trying to get out of the jamb while at the same time not letting my wife know I was in a jamb...
  2. I have the climbing equipment... and of course I"m a natural...
  3. Yes...I admit I'm over a barrel on this one and have no reply...it is valid...Here is the thing... I cannot see myself stopping the use of the cloud and go back to old ways.. I cannot see myself stoping the use of my smartphone...& going back to a land line. (I have been turning my phone off for 12-24hr a few times during the week as a test) Unless I just plain get out of the business... I guess we are just trading one set of problems for another... There is this guy that rides around on his bicycle and he carries tree climbing geared and hand saws...all on his bike...He is an arborist. With very low overhead. I'm starting to think in that direction...
  4. Interesting, I happened to watch a Snowden interview, had thoughts of dumping my smartphone and getting a land line...even thought of dumping my whole cad business with thoughts of removing stumps for a business...(I removed a stump over the summer and it was quite peaceful) So I'm basically being tracked by big tech, NSA & now the CCP?
  5. As you all know I'm a big fan of Cloud everything. Been using for 3 years and its virtually flawless...collaboration, no version update headaches, absolutely super! I personally feel that I have debunked all the issues thrown at me. However, politics aside, am I now held hostage by these cloud companies who can shut me down if they decide to? Example: If I want to use my cloud services to make signs that say "The emperor has no clothes"...will I get shut down for going against popular opinion? Still a big fan of the cloud but you have me over a barrel on this one and I have no reply...its a valid concern... I guess nothing is really safe...
  6. sample of old stuff...
  7. The 10hrs to make a 2d existing conditions drawing from the hand sketch...there were dims that were unclear in the hand sketch done by the architect...we had a lot of head scratching as to the meaning of what he sketched...somethings did not add up...If sketch was clearer then this 10hrs could have been less. Everything else was straight forward as everything was direct modeled...no parametric... Had I used parametric then there would have been a lot of data entered into the OIP but not all of that data would benefit detail drawings... Then I would have had to add in 2d patching to my vps... and constant fiddling... I have a architectural project on the horizon that will test my "direct modeling no parametric" method...(I'm sure it will take a beating in some areas) When we type in data to the OIP for a parametric we need to ask ourselves "what does this actually get me in the way of my views & details?" If the top view looks great but the side view or section is bad then what was the purpose of using the OIP? Also thinking of not using Top/Plan for the plan but using a section cut to get the plan...this will make all my views look the same...we will see Now if we want place holders with a general shape then ok use the parametrics... but for some reason the architect I have done work for has this "shop drawing" mentality and likes everything spelled out...of course all his stuff is high end residential...
  8. Valuable information...just the thing that will give me a leg up on the competition.
  9. everyone seems to be lugging around these Excel spread sheet all independent silos...
  10. for some reason I'm feeling the "build it and they will come" voice... doing this on my own time if you send me your email that you use for your OpenBOM account I will invite you in...(I cannot promise everyone will get in) more columns could be added...for other stuff...
  11. now if you compare the level of detail for the existing building to the level of detail of the balcony you will see that the have a similar "weight" of detail... the existing building was 5hrs to model and the balcony was 6hrs...this is consistent direct modeling that will produce 3" details.
  12. If you asked me "how much time does it take to drill a 1/2" hole in a 2x4?" I will not tell you "~1 min". I will factor in: loading up the car driving unpacking gear getting set up (drop cloths, safety glasses, etc) layout of the center punch mark for drilling setting up drill drilling the hole pack up the tool clean up area clean my way out of the house (did I make a mess?) set the alarm drive home unpack gear plug in batteries to chargers document the work & file for invoicing At this point I am free to work on something else & that is when the time for that job ends... So the time it takes to do something is the total gross time vs net time...It's the total time you are occupied by the task...


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