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  1. all 2d objects in Onshape (& solid works) "live" in what is called a "sketch plane" so to make the plumb bob line I would need to make a sketch plane then draw on that to make a vertical line. so any of the guide lines you see above need to live in a sketch plane. so you cannot really have 2d lines floating around in the actual 3d model.. the reason for this is Mechanical cad can go from actual model to fabrication (think cad/cam) so they do not want to have all this debris floating around in the 3d universe..
  2. CL = Center Line (could be a grid line, guide line etc) the point is 3d is great BUT but we need the ability to have these lines floating around as reference objects
  3. a bit of clarification...the ability of VW to have a 2d line & 2d poly in 3d space is not to be underestimated in value. programs that are all 3d (Onshape) are only 3d with no ability to have 2d lines & polys and there is a reason for that But that is why VW is such a good tool for presentations because it allows for all of the above... So this means you can have a CL (center line) floating in space that you can snap to. and you can have a 2d poly floating in space that you can snap to... These abilities are very important.
  4. Max Grueter did the model of the surveyor.
  5. plus I can make any object with any level of detail and it works. you can actually snap to that rod. and have a 2d line (sight line) in the 3d universe that I can snap to also. and have a 2d rectangle (purple plane for measuring using OIP) in the 3d universe. (sight line is at 1408mm) I get absolutely blown away every time by the VGM. I never want to leave it...But its a universe that only I can access.
  6. then I needed to make a video on how to use an auto level...so I made the needed 3d items and then walked around talking and pointing...
  7. So I had to do some explaining of a subject matter and most people do this Power Point thing... But I set up the models below and then place the images as shown... Then I just did a walk thru talking and pointing to things as I went... I just cannot get over how well this VGM universe works. (3d Connexion Space Nav is a must) All my meeting presentations are done this way...others talk about what is going on (talking heads) and some show sheets (pdf) but when its my turn I take everyone into the magical world of 3d. Well done VW (I could use a better background. Any High Res available?)
  8. I have 3 monitors and a usb hub...
  9. ok, so you all are telling me that when I need to upgrade from my Mac Pro (late 2013) then I can go with a Mac mini. That is how I am understanding all this.
  10. nothing beats direct modeling...VGM & 3Dconnexion Space Nav 23-27 39 00 Pipe Concrete copy.vwx
  11. what that means is i share the library free with you...its a work in progress so if you see a fitting that is not in the library then you post a comment in Onshape making a request...then i will model it and add it to the library...but since i'm doing this for free I may not get to it for a few days...
  12. so I have a library of ABS & PVC fittings in 3d...was thinking of making the library free to all... the fittings library would be in Onshape. but you could download and import with ease...parasolids work the best as they keep the center snaps.. the library is not complete...you would need to post a comment in Onshape asking for any missing items... since this is provided free then It takes a back seat to my main work This is what an imported object looks like in VW 102 Reducer 3x4 HH PVC Import.vwx who is interested?
  13. sorry guys, it was not my intent to stir things up...I've been feeling like we are on this bridge that is rated for so much traffic and now 2-3x more traffic is on the bridge... the bridge can be expanded and shored up only so much before a new bridge will be needed...
  14. the biggest problem with the cloud cad paradigm is... If I am vocal and say "The Emperor has no clothes"...will I be "de-platformed"? as I said before "you got me over a barrel" on that one.


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