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  1. digitalcarbon

    Disaster Prepare Month

    How does one build this into ones office?
  2. digitalcarbon

    Disaster Prepare Month

    Ok, so an event happens and you have 30 min to evacuate...you have a family to gather and in-laws to rally.... You come back a few days later and your office is burned to the ground...everything gone. So you make sure the family & In-laws are ok. How long would it take to get your business back up an running? Currently I have some people working for me that are each about 100-150 miles away. So they could hold the fort until I got up and running. I'm slowly getting the feeling that a centralized office is an old paradigm. My Google docs, sheets etc would be easy access...(the storage & the apps to run what I stored) My iCloud would be easy access...(the storage & the apps to run what I stored) My OpenBOM would be easy access...(the storage & the app to run what I stored) My Onshape would be easy access...(the storage & the app to run what I stored) My Dropbox would be easy access...(the storage but not the apps to run what I stored)
  3. digitalcarbon

    3d point clouds - need to rethink

    I guess that is the point...just because you can read a point cloud file does not mean you know what you are doing...we need to be careful in what we say to clients....sure i figured it out in a few days but it took a few days...I had to chop the point cloud in to 20ft wide ribbons and then turn off every other one....something the clipped cube could not help with...
  4. digitalcarbon

    3d point clouds - need to rethink

    i understand the value of a point cloud but when a 32gb file shows up at your door...you need to be prepared for it...and that was only 1/2 the bldg..
  5. digitalcarbon

    3d point clouds - need to rethink

    the little boats can be run by one or two people with small motors...the VLCC needs a crew with serious HP...
  6. digitalcarbon

    3d point clouds - need to rethink

    ...and day the scan arrives.
  7. this is your typical day to day life....before a point cloud scan.
  8. digitalcarbon


    this is the link for the above...https://medium.com/@openbom/the-role-of-online-bill-of-materials-in-the-future-maintenance-and-support-operations-35bd3d142af3
  9. digitalcarbon

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    @Mark Aceto THANK YOU for the video...very helpful...
  10. digitalcarbon


    I get the OpenBOM news letter and I'm looking for feed back on the following. Does this change the way we would do our stuff?? Trying to wrap my head around it. "I was taking some time earlier this week to think about manufacturing transformation. Have you heard the word XaaS? This abbreviation stands for "everything X" as a service. You probably heard about SaaS until now. Actually, OpenBOM is SaaS (Software as a Service). But changes are not stopping here. XaaS is a general, collective term that refers to the delivery of anything as a service. It recognizes the vast number of products, tools and technologies that vendors now deliver to users as a service over a network -- typically the internet -- rather than provide locally or on-site within an enterprise. Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Zipcar... These are only a few examples. However, large industrial companies are also following the trend XaaS as well. Rolls Roys, SKF, Michelin. These are only a few examples of companies that stopped selling products and selling services instead - mile, times and other consumables while providing equipment to their customers. It brings up a very important topic- in the past most the companies stopped collecting detailed information about products at the time product was shipped to a customer. But moving to XaaS is changing the model. Now you need to know much more about the product than before. You want to know what is in the product, how it is serviced, maintained and used. To collect this information is not a simple thing. We observe a strong trend of using online Bill of Materials to share and collect information about the product with customers. Actually your customers. OpenBOM Bill of Materials can be shared online as part of the service manual and help your customers to perform certain maintenance and repair work, order part replacement and share information about product use...."
  11. digitalcarbon

    Vendor 3d parts & Quantum Computers

    more threads...
  12. digitalcarbon

    Vendor 3d parts & Quantum Computers

    here are the files 23-27 39 00 Pipe NPT Vendor.vwx 23-27 39 00 Pipe NPT VW.vwx
  13. So it seems that the suppliers that DO provide 3d content...provide the actual fabricated part...which is way to detailed for 3d cad work... Note the VW model in the middle...neat and clean with useful labels... ok so i'm thinking that the detailed model is for MCAD systems...but still...how does one snap to the center of a threaded hole...its off set by natural geometry... and how does one snap to the proper depth of a threaded hole...(specs say 0.75") So the red model is 4.7mb object (plain no symbol) the VW Symbol with all the text etc is 554kb I also downloaded a ABS fitting from BIMObjects one time...the model had all the date stamp stuff that gets molded into the actual part. While the image below is a pic of the actual part...(I delete a while ago) all that labeling thats molded into the actual part was part of the 3d download...which makes for a high polygon count... I understand why its happening...who wants to make 2 models, one for fabrication and one for CAD assemblies... So 3d vendor parts is a dead end or one is going to need quantum computer to handle actual fabricated vendor parts...
  14. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    Just found out that someones home got robed the next street over...now I'm thinking, "do I want a $5999 BMW computer sitting in my home office?" granted I work at home but I do step out at times... the iMac is cheaper...but that has "steal me" all over it... Also, back in 2011 I lived in an area that needed to be evacuated...could not get back to my home for about 4 days...hmmm...how secure was that? Now I know why people don't want to leave their homes and sit in the dark with a shotgun... Even if i had an insurance plan that showed up the day after with a full replacement of hardware...still, setting it all up would take days...admits all the other stresses. My 2013 Mac Pro I can pack up easy and the Mac mini was easy to pack also... i"m rethinking my whole business plan...
  15. digitalcarbon

    GoTo Meeting Sketching

    apparently VW has Steez


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