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  1. found it...Framing Member tool
  2. Hello everyone, while I have no problems making these from scratch, I need to ask if there is a library or tool that is a better way to go? the exact make and model is...(Nucor) Vulcraft 14K1, depth 14", approx. weight 5.2 lbs/lf
  3. @rDesign you may have just saved my bacon...
  4. So the small firm tried to install VW2024. A few things developed. 1. They needed to upgrade the office to the latest OS. 2. There computers are not on the min requirements list (something with the graphics card) So there ability to start this week with our collaboration is now being spent picking up the pieces. Big headache. I guess it's my problem since I did the recommendation for the upgrade. The whole versions paradigm is way past its expiration date.
  5. EXACTLY! I do this a lot. I paste to another layer only to have it move on me because I set elevations to the layers. I stopped doing that.
  6. Now you have my attention.
  7. @line-weight thanks. That is what I have done, I just build it FF 1st floor at 100.00' in the air. Then I just turn on the foundation and place the sill plates, for example.
  8. @zoomer thanks.. for concrete I just do solid modeling with no wall tool
  9. then what story would all the walls that sit on the foundation be on? Ok. its the 1st floor story but what elevation do I use?
  10. What story is this on? What would the elevation be? I have 3 layers. Foundation Wall, Footing and Slab. each one is asking me for an elevation.
  11. So the above image was sent to the small firm I am helping out...they are now in the process of upgrading.
  12. That kind of under the hood improvements are the best as it benefits everyone. Whoever worked on this stuff send them my thanks. Well done!
  13. for those interested... That is an impressive improvement.
  14. @EAlexander Thanks, anyone have a comment about the "no more versions for VW" or did I imagine that? Also, my above comment about the other firm not being a power user of VW was not clear. I'm running VW2024 and they are running VW2023. Granted not a big leap but the improvements in speed to the rendering of sections are not something to ignore.
  15. Hello all, I thought I heard some time ago that VW was getting away from versions. Not sure how that would happen but I am currently going to be taking on a big project with another firm as the "heavy lifter". Currently I'm running VW2024 to take advantage of the (see below) the other firm is not really a VW power user so we are at this road block of what version to use over the next year. So I guess it is really my problem but the whole version schema needs to go.
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