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  1. thanks, that's what I'm going to use DIN
  2. Hello All, im new to metric and want to use ISO structural shapes but all i see is... Recommendations?
  3. i bet its coming...
  4. another plus
  5. should have volume and a bunch of other useful stuff... or show volume in OIP this should all be on the OIP along with toggle to toggle between metric and Imperial during a meeting some people say "what's that in Imperial?' and i have go and change my units to find out.
  6. dont know...its one of those things where you are trying to mesh non-friendly ways of working. what happens is, IF you start to introduce direct modeling into a parametric system then you need to think of how far the direct modeling needs to be taken so that it ends on a seam of some parametric it does not show a line in elevation.
  7. now you introduce a LOD with brick coursing that may be correct and true but still does not line up with your windows because the VW windows are mostly generic.... so now you will need to direct model the windows...ugh. its a slippery slope. a few years back i use to show the interior and exterior trim on a house, parametric window with direct modeled complex never worked well because the window tool was too generic and if i set the window to the interior dims then the exterior dims would be wrong...
  8. Ugh. If you want to show quality detail then you will need to direct model it...what i would do is make symbols of the roof corners etc then mirror. all brick on a separate layer then section cut that to get a plan then overlay that over your standard floor plan vp Ugh.
  9. when i saw the video of what is new in 2018 and saw that feature... i thought... "flashy, bloaty & going to bog everything down" they did a good job whoever it was
  10. Mind blown.
  11. again, below is a list of all parts that need to be manufactured in HDPE. need to export too... in this case I'm doing this work "in house" & to Onshape. Still, at other times, i may need to export all this to a fabricator and their cad system.
  12. note how Onshape allows making a direct View Port of a "Symbol" to a drawing sheet VW should do the same with symbols. along with the ability to batch export symbols (i know...i'm repeating myself but its becoming more clear as i continued to work on this)
  13. a bit more
  14. playlists org vs what we have now
  15. when exporting a symbol, the export should use the same name as the name of the symbols in VW currently i have to type in the name...and as you can see i did not get it i have to do it again