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  1. Nice demo...I get it and understand the need for tools...my head is too much into how is it going to be built and i can't seem to escape that... seems like when you get to a point you can start to swap out tool features with direct modeling IF you wanted to control it to that LOD... vs wishing that the tools produced objects that can then produce 3" details...
  2. digitalcarbon

    VW range of abilities

  3. digitalcarbon

    VW range of abilities

    Just had to use the Radio Alphabet on the phone...It was with a client who was in a noisy meeting and trying to relay an email to me over the phone as someone else shouted it to him...(my thoughts were "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!) but I remained calm and wrote it down...then I read it back to them, one letter at a time, using the Radio Alphabet...found & fix the errors, then sent the email...email work the first time.... I'm glad I learned this...
  4. digitalcarbon

    Pipe & the 3d Connexion Space Nav

    these symbols are fun to use... 23-27 39 11 Pipe N-12 ISO Sample.vwx
  5. digitalcarbon

    visual tools for the VGM

    then you take all your screen shots and dump them into a folder as a kind of visual timeline of what you did...
  6. digitalcarbon

    visual tools for the VGM

    so now I just send those screen shots to the team that is on Skype for quick updates and quick feed back on decisions that they made...did not need to make sheet...giving it an issue number, sheet number... blah blah....
  7. digitalcarbon

    visual tools for the VGM

    Just make what you need..as in this case a 3-1 slope gage...showing when it intersects with dtm... peeking inside... and the story pole...
  8. digitalcarbon

    Pipe & the 3d Connexion Space Nav

    please explain
  9. digitalcarbon

    Pipe & the 3d Connexion Space Nav

    sometimes you just need to piece things together one part at a time and not worry about "mates" and linking...
  10. digitalcarbon

    Pipe & the 3d Connexion Space Nav

    so instead of a piping tool...if there was a way to connect the pipes using "mates" then the pipe would be connected like a train... all though the 3d space nav makes it really easy to reconnect WITHOUT any special helping tools...so maybe scratch the above "mate" idea
  11. the 3d space nav really is a must for 3d pipe work...
  12. digitalcarbon

    Making Sheets - Credit is due

    ok...i'm back to making sheets...while the above only took 45min ...Im still finding that 3d modeling in the VGM is another universe...just had a GoTo Meeting and did live modeling & placed text while people watched....everyone impressed...now I on to making sheets and everything is slow slow slow... now compared to manual drafting with paper its fast fast fast... I just imported a point cloud with 100,000,000 (yes 100 Million) points and flew around in 3d like it was nothing...(hats off to the VSG team) now if i had a skate ramp (mini) in my room then i could skate when i get the spinning ball...
  13. digitalcarbon

    WGR seems more stable

    Still not one single crash related to updating WGR....
  14. digitalcarbon

    Making Sheets - Credit is due

    Ok, while I hate making sheets...the following only took me 45min...this could not have been manually drawn in 45min...so good job VW... I copied a sheet and then moved things around, turning on/off layers etc...it seemed cumbersome...but it took only 45 min... I guess what I hate is that Sheets require me to be an artist an I always stress as to what to show.... The only thing that makes sense to me is to break the model into the time of installation and who is installing it...then you would have a team of Gantt chart people matching their charts with the model parts 2 months ahead of construction...but when I make sheets I choke on how to do this. Mind you, Im not asked to think this way but I cannot stop thinking this way... The image on top was the one I copied and the second was the one that took 45min...complete with BOM
  15. digitalcarbon

    Title Blocks & Critical Mass

    Any reason why I should not have a library of title block SYMBOLS that I ref in vs using the title block tool and learning that and hoping the next release everything works? what i am finding is that i can only remember how to do basic stuff...make symbols, reference in...etc if i want to skip the letter "I" in my title block border because it looks like a "1" i cannot with these auto tools such as title block... so i have "I1" for a detail location... yes i know that the layer names sync with the title block and this is great but we have these other "1 set forward and 2 steps back" situations. I know that there is now a way to sync title blocks so one project can have many files...but again I need to learn a new system... I think there is a "critical mass" that a person hits


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