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  1. Just has a major storm go thru NY and Mass...trees down, power out etc...one of my team members still has no power...but the rest are operational... the VW team is operational and the Onshape team are operational... As to cloud based apps...vs non....if the internet was down then my vw team would be sunk as well as we use cloud storage, Skype etc... all have phone service so technically work can be done on Onshape on a iPhone (i have done it) but not really something i would want to do all day. iPad you could easily do work...
  2. so i watched the grid tool video. so it seems like you designed this to work as one single object BUT then you can also automate several when you have more of a standard system....this is exactly how to build things
  3. the way I was doing it before... red was my main grid blue CL black was my elevation grid
  4. VW use to crash a few times a day...right now i cannot remember the last time it crashed...so good job. Someone is doing a lot of cleaning...
  5. it was said that 'it would take a lot of time to do a browser cad system' has anyone in vw sat down and calculated the amount of resources it takes to keep vw running on 2 operating systems? (Windows & Mac)....what could you do with all that freed up resource when it was finally freed up?....also get rid of your building and work remotely...so as to have a lower overhead... also...you might want to team up with CityZenith
  6. The feeling I'm getting is this... Way back, computers/software were these tools we used and we kept them in the "garage". Detached mostly from our lives. We would replace these tools year to year and be excited about it...it was fun. Now, computers/software ARE THE GROUND that we live on...our whole "house" including the "garage" is resting on this "ground"...These yearly updates from Apple, MS, VW shake the whole house. Its not fun anymore. Seriously. I just want to have a Chrome book and a browser to run everything.
  7. UGH! every year this happens...we spent all of August & September fretting over hardware & software...what to buy, when to upgrade... Its just going to get worse...I have none of this yearly pain with my cloud based CAD dept...only my VW dept is stressing about hardware/software. Then in October we take the plunge into "Batch Conversion" and then spent November fixing all the issues of upgrading... To be fair...I do not think this is a VW only problem... I'm in communication with a Solid Works power user and he has the same issues... More and more is being asked of cad & collaboration...and we are not going to solve it with the current paradigm. Take a lesson from history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyranny_of_numbers It's not about 'we would need to rebuild vw from scratch...it would take a long time' it's about running out of road...guys, you are running out of road.
  8. Apparently a lot of people are leaving NYC...the thinking is "Why do we need to work in buildings when I can work remotely?" Is this really happening or am I misreading things?
  9. I was talking to my friend who is a heavy Solid Works user...his company sent everyone home at the beginning of Covid to work from home. About 20+ people... I called him yesterday & this is what he said... 1st. The company is still trying to iron out the PLM* end of things...this has been going on for the past 2 years even though they have a dedicated person assigned to this PLM Issue...They have a lot of issues managing the entire mass of 3d data they have developed over the years. A lot of time is spent managing this mass of data. 2nd. This past week 4 of the 8 servers the company manages went down. Causing a 2 day shut down for all the workers. They have an IT dept but his opinion was that the servers are not getting the care they should be getting. These servers are in a room in the company. "Product lifecycle management (PLM) refers to the management of data and processes used in the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service of a product across its entire lifecycle."
  10. apparently you can share your hunting maps with people...
  11. Ok, so the internet down for one of my team members using VW...while she could still work because its not cloud based, we are still down due to file sharing and communication (Skype Screen sharing)...she can work off her phone data as an internet...we decided to wait till things get back up and running...My Onshape people are up and running...this only means that the internet is out for one part of the State of Mass and not for others...It could have been very easily out for my Onshape team... The point is that we depend on the internet even if our main cad is not cloud based... My Bluebeam Revu is also held up by internet being down...the syncing with others part...
  12. those guys are not wearing any fall protection...
  13. Would like to make a correction...there are 3 main questions that a client will ask, not 2: 1. What does it look like? 2. What does it cost? 3. When can I have it?


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