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  1. Anyone know of an equal to that just deals in all metric? Yes, know MMC has some metric but I'm looking for a supplier that all Metric... https://www.mcmaster.com
  2. I've been using Onshape since November 2017 so nearly 6 years. (I have 2 seats and pay $3000 total) In those 6 years I have experience no crashes...there were some refresh issues back then but no crashes. I have found a few bugs over the years but nothing major. They just released a structural simulator to their product. This simulator now eliminates the need to get a $5000/year add on simulator package. I did not have to worry if my hardware could handle this simulator. Did not spend any time on the tech board asking about graphics cards...etc. One second you don't have it then pow its now available. Going to the cloud is more that just "going to the cloud". All these old paradigms of AEC CAD would need to rethink things from the ground up. That is why the people who developed Onshape left Solidworks. Just porting something to the cloud with some universal translator would be problematic. I do have a few ideas on where I would start with an AEC cloud system. So if there is a "Robert Noyce" in the audience then give me a call.
  3. I had a similar problem with the section tool...things were not working, spent an 1.5hrs, made a video, sent to tech support...then walked away...started to move things over to Onshape as it was such a catastrophic error. But I restarted my whole computer & it fixed it. Was done with 4 key sections by 4pm...
  4. I've also been finding that in order to get a building (50'x100') to be +- 1" in my cad then I need to be very accurate in my field notes. I measure to the mm. Have gotten away from imperial units for field measurements...it is so much easier that way.
  5. Fair question. The only way to properly place one room in the correct relationship to another is thru the door opening. I have found no other way to do this. So the detail of the door opening (9"x8") clearly locks those two rooms together. and there are two other rooms off that...so the 9x8 detail helps in locating 3 rooms at that end of the home. So it's important for that alone. Exterior dims would have helped. The marked-up print out could have been used for some over alls but once things get small then we should use some paper... The issue is fitting in dimensions clearly for others to read.
  6. this company is doing the work of every vendor...this is the gold standard of a supplier... the point is when we need a 3d fastener we should be able to get it fast... https://www.mcmaster.com/97801A510/
  7. now if this could exist in the cloud then us sharing it with would be an ever ongoing upgrade...as I only have one nail modeled. 23-13 23 00 Fasteners.vwx
  8. can you print to jpg then convert to pdf? I hate when this stuff happens...turns a quick "yea I can get that to you" into a slugfest.
  9. I'm assuming that people would use such 3d content for 4D simulation and other things...so if a model could be produced that had labels on it would you not want to provide the 3d world with your brand? Marketing budget? I've been fighting this 3d content thing since 2015...In the end I have to model most everything...
  10. this is too detailed. (plus it is the wrong size)
  11. Not sure why vendors do not provide simple 3d content of their products. simple models +- a few inches and they can have a disclaimer if they like... McMaster Carr does. simple shapes nothing too detailed...the overalls are the important thing.
  12. Imagine vendors making their simplified models available in the cEarth world...
  13. Not sure where this next comment should reside...here or somewhere else. Had some trouble trying to get some gears to mesh & spin altogether in Onshape. Sent a message to tech support last night & gave them access to my project. This morning I get an email saying "all fixed" so my gears now work. Does everyone understand the magnitude of what just happened? My subscription/cloud cad system comes with a "pit crew". I want my architectural cad to work the same way.
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