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  1. the secret to success is to make your model neat and clean. clean clean clean...then you get nice VPs...no patching no fighting...why are we trying to model in 3d through dialog boxes? I'll admit that the 3d Connexion Space Nav is critical...if that disappeared then I would be sunk...
  2. @line-weight, I bet you had the feeling of "I sure hope this works" then when you make the VPs, POW! all done...its like "I'm never going back!" the VGM has been greatly streamlined in 2020...modeling is so easy and fun...why would i want to fight with dialog boxes?
  3. Wow...I just read your post...exactly how I feel...I want to do zero patching in my VPs and have totally abandoned the top/plan view (granted I'm not working on houses) patching undermines the whole model for when you change the model the patching is now mis-aligned. The top/plan view is an old paradigm...the reality is all views are equal and they should all be of the same quality..
  4. any event that would require the organizing of materials/products, people & time on the planet would be done in the GVE...
  5. the subdivision tool maybe a parametric tool but it seems to be a sub-parametric tool it that there seems to be no limit to its function..
  6. so i go around and place my plumb bobs setting the slope manually...while it appears tedious and maybe it is...i don't mind since i know this works rock solid in the VPs . there is always this fear that if i spend x hours modeling then how much of that time is translated to the VPs and how much is lost and needs patching... I'm finding with direct modeling i get a 100%+ on my investment in direct modeling... parametric tools are fast but will always let you down...I doubt its a VW only thing...Its just the nature of parametric tools...they cant do everything and if they did then why not just direct model?
  7. the only way i found to deal with sloped concrete
  8. lets use our imagination...lets pretend that someone just makes the infrastructure for the GVE (global virtual environment..cloud based) their job is to just make the universe..Like the iPhone...this is a device that is the basic infrastructure...then let others build all the apps they want... but these apps all work in the GVE...so if a Nemetschek/Google partnership built the GVE then others can build the stair tool, window tool, energy audit tool, etc this relieves the makers of the GVE of such burdens so they can focus on the perfection of the GVE...it always works and is easy to navigate. so the GVE is focused on collaboration, assembling, organizing, options, time, materials, information, concrete trucks, logistics, soccer games, etc... all tying things to the cEarth which is tied to the UTM grid..(GPS)
  9. wow! that is exactly what is going on...how in the world did I ever get here? that's the problem with models vs schematic drawings...when you have a model then people say..."make a BOM" or "do an energy audit on it"... those simple statements plunge one into other universes...
  10. Is the service a trolly car that people get on and off at various times from the beginning of a project to the end when the building is taken down?
  11. So this all means that the pdfs need to be cloud based or similar (like Bluebeam Revu) that people goto and get the information... Emailing pdfs around to the team is the kiss of death...they don't realize it but it is... Owners who want the final pdf set don't realize that as soon as they get the set its out of date...the world, life, industry etc are always vibrating... So am I making a product or providing a service?
  12. as to the data being managed...instead of having a few head of cattle It's beginning to feel like I'm dealing with a 1000 head of cattle... They are alive and always on the move...
  13. this means that you cannot have yearly versions and big releases that upset things...
  14. Just some general observations...I have 10 subsystems referenced into the MAIN file...so someone says "can you send me an updated pdf of the MAIN file?" This means that I need to make sure that the 10 subsystems are all update for the MAIN file to be update...true not all the detail of the 10 sub systems needs to show in the MAIN file. However, i like to have everything up to date because its hard to track what in the sub systems is seen in the MAIN file...so i try to have everything updated to be safe... So this means that it may take 2+ weeks before I can grant your request because of updating all the subsystems...This is true for Onshape also...If you want an update of the over all assembly then I need to make sure all the parts and subassemblies are updated first...this can take days depending upon the changes. So I have tried to have everything on Bluebeam Revu Studio & I update the drawings there by replacing sheets...The buffet table approach...I just keep stocking the table. This it not me making a new MAIN pdfs with a date like, MAIN 2019.10.28 MAIN 2019.10.29 MAIN 2019.10.30 but just, MAIN (just like filling the one mash potato bin...vs adding more bins with dates) We just replace the sheets that are current for that day.....so this means the MAIN file is always "vibrating" with new information daily....This totally can't happen if you are emailing files around... I don't know how else to do it. People want to see the MAIN file all the time and don't want to wait....changes are always happening. It's like the objects around you...your coffee mug may appear at rest but the atoms are vibrating... Take it one step further & in the coming Internet Of Things we will need to design with vibrating data...because this will not be static... and another step further is that you will not be processing this data on your computer that you turn on and off...it will need to be cloud based and crunch data while you sleep... come around full circle an drawing sheets are just windows of the current state in time of a project...its never done because you hand it off to others who add in more data...


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