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  1. ah... i got a funny feeling that Issue notes are not going to work this looks like special VW internal stuff that is not going to work well with "link text to record"
  2. whoa...while i was familiar to setting up records...i did not know that it could all still be linked to my layers... JMR, you saved my "bacon"..nice job
  3. the goal is to have it all tied together so it just needs updating and i fills in
  4. stuff like this makes me want to abandon all this automatic stuff and try to build it up from scratch by using record formats... but then the "Sheet Number" will lose the "Layer to Title Block" relationship. or am i just not doing things right?
  5. Benson, thanks for the video. i have done that and try to do that when i know what I'm doing...other times i forget really nice seeing how other people are should make more videos. need to get a space navigator...
  6. Benson, your like two levels above me... have you ever though of getting screen flow and making some videos? tanks hanks spanks thanks for your input
  7. this is where the time invested in 3d pays off. the better quality my symbols & symbol assemblies are the higher quality the model... which means higher quality "harvesting" of VPs, BOM etc
  8. these clipped objects would be the heart of communication since not everyone can navigate well in 3d then if people wanted them on sheets for THEIR use then they would make as many sheets as THEY wanted while not bothering me... i just set up the clipped objects as a base set of views...THEY can make more if THEY want
  9. well since we are in wish mode...if VW was browser based and worked like Onshape then there would be nothing to export... people would just get invited in to your modeling world and not get lost due to the existence of these clipped objects
  10. exactly... stories would be just a way to control the standard clipped views... a bit more...these cut "view planes" would be an object that can be selected and emailed to someone. then when they get it then its an invite into your VW browser world for viewing & commenting & it takes them right to the view (like how a saved views works now) these "view planes" would hold comments of others
  11. the problem is all drafting is a result of dealing with paper & paper is in layers new wine being placed in old wine the problem
  12. design layers are needed to hold systems the Eiffel tower steel framing would be on one design layer electrical another etc then we view it: plan section sections clipped cube clipped bubble (follows your head & only shows 10ft out from you) clipped bubble reverse (creates a hollow with you at the center) time sequencing (exist, proposed, future1,2,3 etc)
  13. ha!....i know exactly what you mean w/o you saying anything...
  14. Benson, i did the ungroup thing the day before and it fixed the problem. then i immediately went back and grouped but the problem did not resurface.. then the next day the problem came back. so i did the video shown... i felt that it resurfaced today but had no time to investigate...if it does it again i will try another video
  15. it seems like the "power users" should get teamed up with the "bug-fix-it" team... Skype and first name basis a group of people that are pushing the envelop