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  1. apparently this is near by...hmmmmm...
  2. this just came to mind...if you were on a big project and was going to do it all 3d bim and you gave everyone a full version of VW FREE (pretend you had tons of cash)... the collaboration would still fall apart because not everyone maintains the latest hardware to run it. nor does everyone have the same skill set at using the free software. there is always some office that is way behind in their hardware and this will slow everyone down. a simple case in point: currently I'm trying to get all team members of a new project to use Skype to smooth out communication (screen sharing to solve issues quickly) this has taken a week to get 5 out of 10 people up and running with Skype of the 5 that did get Skype....some needed to get microphones...config their settings...others got it but could not figure out how to screen share...some had it but did not realize they needed to keep it running for them to receive messages... it has been a week of basic Skype training so if this is true with Skype (which IS free and simple to use) then how in the world is collaboration ever going to develop with large software packages? a browser based cad system at least removes or reduces the hardware issue...its still going to be a up hill battle as to training...yikes!
  3. Vectorworks Graphics Module VGM
  4. thanks everyone for the input... here is an improvement Micro Ramp 20ht-72r-72flat.vwx
  5. for the basement...comments for improvements? clg is 7'-1" Deck ht 20" Radius is 72" Flat is 96" Micro Ramp 20".vwx
  6. however.... i do not know how things like Volume of concrete would work.
  7. so what this means is a NON-CAD user can have access to the BOM...this is that cloud based "Harvesters" thing I was talking about... The modeler can model and the harvesters can harvest
  8. does this interest anyone? (Onshape is using this as well as other CAD companies)
  9. does this interest anyone? (Onshape is using this as well as other CAD companies)
  10. construction geometry is another VW your geometry is not part of the end product so if you want to change something you have to recreate the geometry and make a new 3d part (yes you can edit an extrude but if you have radiuses its not easy to change) in Onshape the geometry stays in the 3d object and is easily editable... however...i would not want to be laying out rebar in Onshape...
  11. working out things with the push/pull tool and moving uni-strut around... VW makes this easy because you can just do it but in things like Onshape relationships needs to be defined & you cannot just fly around the site constructing things. so the duct work is imported from Onshape but everything else is vw native.
  12. then they want you to rate the service... CAD meets
  13. here is a small bug i reported a few weeks ago just got this notice today so with out any major SP updates an me wondering if my issue got fixed... i now know its fixed i like this...well done
  14. @Christiaan...nailed it... just to be clear...this is not a VW vs Onshape issue...this is a desktop computer in my home that can only run VW vs a cloud version of VW (working similar to Onshape) keep in mind that a cloud version of VW, done badly, is not going to work just because its in the cloud (P Retondo fears come true) so i hope vw does it should be a new tool layout... such as when making sheets...all the 3d tools disappear to save space because you don't need them when making sheets... so if you did allow people to harvest data then they only need to be allowed into the sheets area with little learning curve... VW should seriously consider talking to these people to develop the Architectural version of Onshape because Onshape is terrible at large scale layout like building a factory with all the pipe etc.