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  1. digitalcarbon

    Vendor 3d parts & Quantum Computers

    more threads...
  2. digitalcarbon

    Vendor 3d parts & Quantum Computers

    here are the files 23-27 39 00 Pipe NPT Vendor.vwx 23-27 39 00 Pipe NPT VW.vwx
  3. So it seems that the suppliers that DO provide 3d content...provide the actual fabricated part...which is way to detailed for 3d cad work... Note the VW model in the middle...neat and clean with useful labels... ok so i'm thinking that the detailed model is for MCAD systems...but still...how does one snap to the center of a threaded hole...its off set by natural geometry... and how does one snap to the proper depth of a threaded hole...(specs say 0.75") So the red model is 4.7mb object (plain no symbol) the VW Symbol with all the text etc is 554kb I also downloaded a ABS fitting from BIMObjects one time...the model had all the date stamp stuff that gets molded into the actual part. While the image below is a pic of the actual part...(I delete a while ago) all that labeling thats molded into the actual part was part of the 3d download...which makes for a high polygon count... I understand why its happening...who wants to make 2 models, one for fabrication and one for CAD assemblies... So 3d vendor parts is a dead end or one is going to need quantum computer to handle actual fabricated vendor parts...
  4. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    Just found out that someones home got robed the next street over...now I'm thinking, "do I want a $5999 BMW computer sitting in my home office?" granted I work at home but I do step out at times... the iMac is cheaper...but that has "steal me" all over it... Also, back in 2011 I lived in an area that needed to be evacuated...could not get back to my home for about 4 days...hmmm...how secure was that? Now I know why people don't want to leave their homes and sit in the dark with a shotgun... Even if i had an insurance plan that showed up the day after with a full replacement of hardware...still, setting it all up would take days...admits all the other stresses. My 2013 Mac Pro I can pack up easy and the Mac mini was easy to pack also... i"m rethinking my whole business plan...
  5. digitalcarbon

    GoTo Meeting Sketching

    apparently VW has Steez
  6. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    what im noticing with large systems is that...you make a change...then you spend time cleaning up all the debris...first is the large debris...then the smaller and so on... so each fall VW introduces major changes.. then it takes a full year to recover from that...starting to come to the conclusion that this is true for all large systems and not just a VW issue or even a software one...some fundamental law of the universe...
  7. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    it exist in the Autodesk universe also...
  8. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    We are getting to a point of critical mass where the tools around us are converging into a perfect storm that will sweep through our offices this fall... this will be a 4 month storm chronicled on this tech board...
  9. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    so this fall is going to be one nail biting experience with transferring an office over to a new machine, new OS and updating all project files to VW2020... AND make sure anyone Im working with has the latest version too...
  10. digitalcarbon

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    ok so begins the hardware/software anxiety ritual we all go through every year...currently VW is my heavy hitter for my office (80%)...but I have been using Onshape, OpenBOM & Google Docs (all cloud based) for the non-architectural work I have (20%)...using for I think 2 years... the cloud end of my office has run w/o a problem with zero hardware/software anxiety... I have a 2013 Mac Pro and am thinking about upgrading...will VW 2020 work with the new Mac OS? what a headache.
  11. digitalcarbon

    GoTo Meeting Sketching

    sketching out refinements during a meeting...like chalk on a sidewalk... all done in perspective, OpenGL & 3d Space Nav
  12. digitalcarbon

    WGR seems more stable

    VW has not crashed with anything related to WGR since my original post....ZERO wgr crashing...Z-E-R-O! Well done!
  13. digitalcarbon

    Design/Cost - Live

    people are interested in the cost of things...while I admit that there are varied approaches with pros and cons...people are interested in the cost of things... If a UFO land at the White House and offered a little black box for $1 each...and it could tell anyone what the cost of a project was at any given time (live)...would you buy it? If the answer is no then the debate still continues...
  14. digitalcarbon

    Design/Cost - Live

    which means this is no longer a debate...
  15. digitalcarbon

    Design/Cost - Live

    people are working on this..... https://bim360resources.autodesk.com/construction-cost-management-with-bim-360?mktvar002=1062956&utm_medium=email&utm_source=nur-intro&utm_campaign=americas-aec-acs-bim-360-cost-management&utm_id=1062956&leadid=387940931&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTTJZeVlXRmlabU15TkdGaiIsInQiOiJrbVwvWkVwS2tycmtuZ2krMWNiOHZCRDdXM3V6ZXE0Z3BvcXoxSk5UY3NheTcxRWZQQmRIRWZ2a1MzSHNxaWZ1TWordWl0dkU2Mm5xMTdmMWJwXC90T0tqK1B5QXFqaDBkR3ZaaktHaXJIM1FKMDczV3RteHF1cDFhc0FzejZLSytZdHhSdHZ2OFVLejlBdXFBdnBwSTFyQT09In0%3D


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