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  1. thanks, but remember i am running Onshape on my other screen and i work on my fab drawings as i wait for VW... i have achieved "Nerdvana"
  2. Pat, that did the trick and only took 2 min thanks a bunch
  3. so the above Drawing List took me about an hour to finish due to my needed to go into every sheet layer and "shake" it a bit to get the 2-way data input from the worksheet to show up in the Title block.
  4. this works well (just found it) however... is this broke or am i doing it wrong?
  5. then shop drawings... I'm still doing this manually is there a way to use your system? I'm getting the feeling that I'm getting into Mechanical CAD (like Onshape/Solidworks) and there is no way around it but to build it as "Parts"
  6. @Hippocodecan you take a bunch of fittings that are symbols (part name & number) and insert into your system? so the only thing that gets adjusted is the straight lengths? then stretch things around in 3d like the wall tool and have everything stay connected? also control items like inverts? i have to have a slope please see attached (it had to be built invert to invert while maintaining slope) 081 System.vwx
  7. THAT is a problem
  8. imagine a tactile feed back device strapped to your forehead... WAP! i guess that is one gadget we can do without.
  9. i do not see it as a problem JimW
  10. if you think about it in real life you would have hit your forehead getting so close...i guess that the computer is telling you that you are hitting your forehead...
  11. yes happens all the scale is set to 1:50 you can try 1:1 but the 3dnav will be really slow moving i usually do not have to get that close to do my work
  12. Have fun... 23-27 39 11 Pipe N-12 ISO Sample.vwx
  13. past, present, future, options, etc
  14. this can get out of hand on big projects
  15. you could actually do this right now with classes but then your classes would get out of hand however, maybe we need to add the following What we have now: Layers Classes What could be added: LOD Timing (existing, proposed, phase 1,2,3 etc) Materials/Products Disciplines (like fabricator, electrical, carpentry) I do believe the above would cover everything.. then as you make things you sort into what it is, when its needed & who is responsible then if you share in a web view...others can turn on and off what they want to see also if there was a way to save back the Material/Products to a library that we all have access to then we would have a growing VW warehouse of parts