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  1. I love the collaboration thing, especially with cloud based stuff, but I will leave that alone for the moment.. I got Bluebeam Revu in 2015...today I have one convert in the company I do work for...ONE! I got OpenBOM Teams and set up a much needed data base for a company...users? Zero. Onshape (stellar product & the easiest to collaborate with) but try to get people to collaborate with it is pulling teeth... Now, as for me and my team (the people that work for me) we collaborate very well with the above and use these tools to the full potential... Sep outside my office and things grind to a halt... Why? Why do people go to the GYM vs lifting weights at home? Why do people prefer going to a classroom vs home schooling? I seems to be a thing with self-discipline...lifting weights or doing math at home is harder than going to a classroom where a teacher provides the motivation. login into these collaboration tools and reviewing/checking is harder than having a goto meeting with me leading people by the hand thru the model... I'm ok with this method...but its slower as we all have to sync our schedules... I'm happy with the new Solibri collaboration thing...AND I DO GET IT...I want to email everyone and tell them about this... But these are the same people who I have tried to get on board with Bluebeam Revu, OpenBOM & Onshape... While I can use these in my office mightily...Solibri is really a "collaborate with those outside your office" program. What is funny is that the one Civil engineering firm that did have Bluebeam Revu, still felt the need to email me the drawings even though we had a share project folder in Bluebeam Revu...I kept telling them "just place it in the project folder I set up" People like emails because people are more reactive than proactive.
  2. Are some of you saying that you have the latest mac mini? Thinking about upgrading but everything works fine... My gut is telling me that what I have is still better than the current mac mini. Comments? lets say compared to the following: What a headache
  3. I have this also...when I broke my right wrist a year ago. It works well.
  4. Get a track marble vs a mouse...with a mouse you are always moving your arm around trying to keep the thing on the pad or in place. whereas a track ball or thumb marble type your arm never moves..also you can strike your marble with the thumb and send the cursor wizzing over 3 screen widths..
  5. My first step into the non-cad world of home inspections...
  6. Brownian motion "the erratic random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid, as a result of continuous bombardment from molecules of the surrounding medium." As we add more and more detail to the model (for BOMs, Energy audits, etc) then any updates to the "microscopic particles" causes the "surface" (sheets) to always be vibrating with new data (updates)
  7. Also, the sheets (stored on Bluebeam Revu) are always outdated by a few weeks...so when we have a meeting I'm showing the model as everyone wants the latest information...Updating all these sheets every week generates a fair amount of time...
  8. I'm getting one of those feelings that 50-60% of the time for a project is making sheets... Also seeing this big time in the mechanical CAD world...easy to make a model but then to break it all out into part/assembly drawings then combining into a pdf booklet complete with bookmarks is a big operation... If I could just export a model (Architectural or Mechanical) then have everyone build off that then...wow! That would be lightning fast...
  9. was trying to get out of the jamb while at the same time not letting my wife know I was in a jamb...
  10. I have the climbing equipment... and of course I"m a natural...
  11. Yes...I admit I'm over a barrel on this one and have no reply...it is valid...Here is the thing... I cannot see myself stopping the use of the cloud and go back to old ways.. I cannot see myself stoping the use of my smartphone...& going back to a land line. (I have been turning my phone off for 12-24hr a few times during the week as a test) Unless I just plain get out of the business... I guess we are just trading one set of problems for another... There is this guy that rides around on his bicycle and he carries tree climbing geared and hand saws...all on his bike...He is an arborist. With very low overhead. I'm starting to think in that direction...
  12. Interesting, I happened to watch a Snowden interview, had thoughts of dumping my smartphone and getting a land line...even thought of dumping my whole cad business with thoughts of removing stumps for a business...(I removed a stump over the summer and it was quite peaceful) So I'm basically being tracked by big tech, NSA & now the CCP?
  13. As you all know I'm a big fan of Cloud everything. Been using for 3 years and its virtually flawless...collaboration, no version update headaches, absolutely super! I personally feel that I have debunked all the issues thrown at me. However, politics aside, am I now held hostage by these cloud companies who can shut me down if they decide to? Example: If I want to use my cloud services to make signs that say "The emperor has no clothes"...will I get shut down for going against popular opinion? Still a big fan of the cloud but you have me over a barrel on this one and I have no reply...its a valid concern... I guess nothing is really safe...
  14. sample of old stuff...


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