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  1. Soooo...I've been working in mechanical cad since 2017 and it is quite different. while Onshape would not be good for architecture, it does have some things stream lined such as what you said above...VP placed on sheets do not move around when items in the design space are moved. This means you can start off crazy sloppy. then clean thing up and your sheets don't get destroyed
  2. this is a major headache so early in the game...so instead of being able to solve problems with detail, I am also thinking "what is the final layout of this file 8 months from now?"
  3. 2d "details" before everyone gets in to heavy 3d.... Everyone knows what they are shooting for.
  4. I'm trying to imagine an office of 20. you have a core team of 2d detailers that lock down the detail...then the rest of the office references in these 2d symbols and place in their particular jig for their project. this way you have a central control of key details.
  5. Yes I have done projects and gotten 3d details from them. The way this project is working is like this..I listen to the architect, then I make a 2d detail, then I submit and say "did I get it correct?" He say yes, then I place 2d detail in jig an brig my model up to match. Also some details are standard and he wants to used them from project to project as he has a particular style. Best to have those locked down in a 2d Detail (symbol preferred) and then disseminate out through the office.
  6. just to say it again, placing symbols on a sheet layer as a vp detaches the vp from a particular design layer location. this is something we want as reorganization of details library is ever changing & you are constantly moving around tiles in the DLVPs
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