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  1. Just spoke to a friend who is a power user for Solidworks. His group of people are all working from home...he is telling me that the PLM package for Solidworks is a big headache...
  2. RussU post should be moved to a new thread, this is a very interesting topic and I would like to hear more on it.....
  3. Interstates Integrated Circuits Thin Thread Why did those 3 developments come into existence?
  4. guys, these programs are getting to the point of critical mass where it will require an almost infinite amount of time to fix things... so the solution is to change paradigms... The reason the 1950s roads started to choke was the influx of cars after WW2...they could not handle the increased speed and traffic... So the solution was not to upgrade the existing roads but to build Interstates. Cloud system are the Interstate... all the time spent on yearly releases, hardware issues, OS issues would be gone...that alone would reduce critical mass for VW people then all these VW people who got freed up...could be invited into our files to look at our issues/problems with a push of a button vs us spending time on the tech board... also the whole "don't upgrade till SP2" & "don't upgrade in the middle of a project" thinking would be gone... and @willofmaine who needed to hit a deadline could have invited in some tech help with a simple invitation...
  5. i understand the "i want paper" i would rather read a Popular Mechanics at the local library vs my tablet at home...but the difference is that projects are never done...even when its stamped and labeled done its still not done...so i would live with digital note the following candid remarks (1:16) as to implementation of BBR...
  6. how much does a building cost to run for 100 person architectural office? so if everyone worked at home and you spent money on upgrading their tech would that not be a cost savings? just spoke to the company i do work for...one person feels that they are all more productive because they don't have a busy office around them...nor the boss constantly interrupting...all that time wasted on a second car and commuting...parking lots...add that into the 100 person building... just spoke to my brother-in-law...his 3 children are doing their school work on-line with the school that they use to go to...everyone is done with their work by noon... now they do chores, like cleaning the bathroom in the afternoon (house keeper no longer showing up)... why are we gathering in big buildings again? ok...to build cars and such ok yes...
  7. so all my cloud apps (google sheets, Onshape etc) already allow me to "follow", more or less, my team...
  8. so an office needs the ability to go to 100% (work at home) and collaborate as seamless as possible...
  9. apparently the air quality of the world has improved saving thousands of lives... also, less auto accidents... So why do we work in big buildings?
  10. something useful since we may need to read numbers during a conf call...and sound cool at the same time..
  11. sorry guys...i know you are doing your best, but all that information above about do's and don'ts does not exist for cloud based cad systems...there is no project sharing protocols, nor project sharing w/ dropbox protocols, no dongle protocols...nothing. You just sign in from any device and pow! everything is operational... to place it in perspective..for the time it takes someone to read the above information I can be up an running on a cloud cad system on any device...I just need to type in my email and password...
  12. apparently this is true for a shelter-in-place event... I never thought about it...I always expected a SIP to be a few days...not weeks... so if a firm sends home its staff and they take the office computers with them...then what? I have no centralized office... did not need to send anyone home.. Been using Skype and Google Sheets/Docs etc Stay safe everyone
  13. Also it seems like with the invention of the VGM and the 3d space navigator these fundamental items have eliminated the need for a pipe tool... This is worth noting because the VGM/3d Connexion benefit all disciplines whereas a piping tool would be for a select few... the 80/20 rule seems to be applicable here...so keep focusing on the core 20%
  14. This now leads me to a fundamental discovery...the more precise the model is the more you can get out of it...so when I do direct modeling (symbols snapped to other symbols) ...I get exactly what I want with no fussing about later... the key to success is having the proper tools for symbol management...such as: 1. Make vps directly from symbols with no need to place symbols on layers to make vp 2. Have "playlists" and not folders in the resource library. this would allow you to have a symbol in several playlist. Ex "playlist Phase 1" "playlist fabrication" 3. Have the ability to do subtractions of symbols..this would allow you to make "symbol products" then when you cut a hole in it the computer will still count that you need that original product (realizing that you order the product BUT cut a hole in it latter in the field)


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