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  1. digitalcarbon


    a bit more... if we cut multiple parts from ONE piece of plywood then the program would need to know that you would only order ONE sheet vs many. see image below...the yellow is scrap but the other cuts need to be able to be separate from each other so I can assemble BUT the BOM will only show ONE sheet.
  2. digitalcarbon

    WGR seems more stable

    is it just me or has wgr been fixed? have not experienced any crashes dealing with wgr. before I could bet money that I could make it crash...now Its different..
  3. digitalcarbon

    Successful strategies for reference grids/planes in 3D

    section vp skype mtwcarbon
  4. digitalcarbon

    Successful strategies for reference grids/planes in 3D

    hmmm...seems like this would not exist with a browser based cad system...ūüėÜ
  5. digitalcarbon

    Successful strategies for reference grids/planes in 3D

    3d grid & VPs Grid 3d.vwx
  6. digitalcarbon

    Looking for outsourcing?

    I have worked with Diego and found him very helpful at building my VW library. This allowed me to stay focused on assembling the model & sheets while he spent time making my 3d content. He also has Screen Flow to make videos and Bluebeam Revu.
  7. digitalcarbon

    Parts Management & the UTM Grid

    then managing those parts through TIME...everything arriving at the right time... Flashy presentation capture attention, but the very next question is "What is the cost?" The grand canyon of time between those 2 items (capturing attention and stating cost) needs to be closed.
  8. digitalcarbon

    Parts Management & the UTM Grid

    In the end, the ultimate cad system will manage, not buildings as in a BiM manager, but parts...all buildings/facilities are made up of parts....(vendor, fabricated or field installed {pipe cut to length})....THEN locating these parts to a project grid which is then located in relation to the UTM grid... This is the core...flashy presentations & renderings can only get you so far.
  9. digitalcarbon


    so apparently this information already exists....this was handed me 2 months after we started the project...if we had a universal cEarth then as soon as a project started I would pull up cEarth and start with my design layout...then Invite in others who are part of the team (clients, engineers) as the project got more traction then invite others... What is happening is that I started out as a simple modeler for one company...but over the years I have expanded into doing more for a given project...lost control a few times dealing with civil engineers ...so now Im slowly getting involved with fitting things to the UTM grid then saying "you can't move it unless you run it by me." never worried about that before...now I do. Also lost control with fabricators...but thats another story. (using Onshape to control that) So now I will be looking for this information up front without a cEarth...but still I'm working in a silo. I'm not asked to do this type of work, but when I get things 2 months later and it changes the model but the deadline does not then I start to feel the need to get this information myself up front. I'm becoming a civil to fabrication modeling firm...not really what I had in mind...but its providing a unique perspective. Comments?
  10. wgr also helps with units...the VW Site DTM is could be in decimal ft (100.00ft) or Meters...but the various sub-system depending on where they are made can be in ft-in, mm, or whatever....this allows me to work in mm but when a particular sub-system is made in US i can work in Imperial and not "dirty" up the rest of the project..
  11. have not used Project sharing...except for testing. use wgr all the time... 1. big projects need to be broken up and not all kept in one big file. 2. I have a lot of sub-systems that need to be made in a separate file and drawings/BOM need to be made of those sub-system. these sub-systems need have their own layering system so i can turn on and off various features...if its in one big file then you are going to have a hard time keeping sub-systems separate.. Example a hospital with many bathrooms. i would have a separate vw file with all the bathroom configs and make drawings/BOM in that file. then wgr into the main assembly vw file if you make VPs of the bathroom in the main assemble file and dimension and then relocate then you need to readjust your sheets etc....but if I dim in my sub-system file then the location of the bathrooms never changes in space hence it never moves on my sheet.... so i have" VW Site DTM - this locates the bldg on the site in relation to the UTM Grid. VW Assembly - wgr all sub-systems into one big file, would contain walls general VW Sub-system 1 - Maybe structural VW Sub-system 2 VW Sub-system 3 etc sample of sub-system drawings/BOM sample of assembly wgr into the VW Site DTM file... note how its rotated...but the original assembly file is not rotate.. sub-systems like ponds can be kept separate and dimensioned in the source file this way any changes to their location on site does not mess up my sheet work
  12. digitalcarbon

    Cleanliness is universal

    no...that is for welding...its the bottom of that where it almost hits the base place
  13. digitalcarbon

    Cleanliness is universal

    Taking the time to make clean quality parts is paying dividends... I cannot wait around for companies to provide 3d content so I keep pecking away at it. The reality is, if companies DID provide 3d content it would likely be a direct export from a MCAD system with a zillion polygons. By making my own I can "Clean" it up. There is a point where in the beginning its tough going but then you hit a critical mass and things start to snap together. what do you see wrong with the above picture?
  14. digitalcarbon


    So now when you go to OpenBOM for the BOM, It shows the original off the shelf blower with no holes...because OpenBOM is ref the "Product" Symbols
  15. digitalcarbon


    so here we have a mythical Product Symbol. the 3 colored circles are 3 holes that need to be drilled in on site (the blower is an off the shelf item from Grainger)...so after placing the Product Symbol I can then cut some holes in it w/o the need to make 3 different symbols... also note the coloring of the blower...very simple. carbon steel, ss & rubber...I do not need a photo realistic materials system... maybe start with generic materials...maybe call it "Paint" this way the original Material can have the true color for @Luis M Ruiz type renderings... but for my purposes I can "paint" it so my carbon steel always looks like what you see in Open GL whereas you may want to "paint" it a different color. "Painting" does not affect the original Material color/texture 23-33 31 13 Blower.vwx


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