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  1. absolutely not...I'm afraid that I am really dependent on that being in my left hand while pointing with my right... Its like gaming...you can drive a car using the key board but having a quality steering wheel makes it much better...
  2. Diego, you should post some of your 3d videos where you are flying around...
  3. That should be the #1 criteria for VW...if it does not make work fun then don't do it... Tessellation added to VGM...When I’m flying around at the same speed as the music I’m listening to... it becomes fun…That is what inspired the video. Flying around with 3d Connexion Space Nav in real time...keeping up with the music... The pause at 0:17 shows the Tessellation at work.
  4. EXACTLY WHAT I EXPERIENCED...did not anyone at VW notice this during testing? My mind is boggled...
  5. guys i understand customization and there is a place for it... Hot keys are not the issue but to have another major thing to manage, (Icon package) would create another path that would chew up programers time and create a whole other discussion on the tech board...chewing up time. note the 2 images below....they all have a purpose...each formula 1 car has variances but not much... I don't want to tinker I want to race.
  6. NO...VW has too much customization as it is...so if i jump on someones version of VW then i will not be able to find things and need to resort to default anyway...or carry around my personal prefs??? guys...when the nations needed to develop the Radio Alphabet they tested words that MOST languages could understand...not all... the current icons have too much going on in a small space...that is the problem...postage stamp shrunk down by 75% and you will have the same mess
  7. so a company has developed a system to work with First Responders providing a cloud based cEarth type of thing...for crisis management... the point is, that if these people build their whole company on a cloud based system then are not all the concerns of cloud based cad gone? unless I'm missing something...
  8. anyone using the plumb bob...here is an update...its smaller in size.. Plumb Bob.vwx
  9. so people who work with this a lot (Pat, myself & others) could combine efforts to make an online library where we charge a small amount for access to our kits... & as we update the kit it gets pushed out to all users...like a kit subscription
  10. seems like we need an online library so we can buy a kit from Pat...good work Pat... Pipe PVC.vwx
  11. establishing existing inverts with very simple tools. 3d space nav is a must have.. Pipe Simple Inverts.vwx
  12. so this is where the collaboration kicks in...we may not have the work to hire someone 40hrs a week... but if someone wanted to be the stair person then they could set up shop for 3d stairs and do stairs for all of us...then they get streamlined and we get a quality product because of mass production...and do not need to hire someone full time...


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