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  1. thanks I had already thought of a similar solution, but this problem is presented in a more complex script (the distance between the straight lines is variable and the radius of curvature and function of this distance) in which I do not know if the distance of the sides is such that fall into this problem. The program returns no error code Piero
  2. Hello to All Developing a script I noticed a strange behavior of the command ArcTO. I was actually using the command SetPolylineVertex, but then I saw that the problem is with the command arcto. I am attaching the following script which shows the problem. ClosePoly; BeginPoly; MoveTo(0.000000000000000,0.000000000000000); ArcTo(32.123124276903425,2.346004254109562,3.000000000000000); ArcTo(32.123124276903425,10.086440526200477,2.000000000000000); LineTo(50.899466312727853,-0.754085602578061); LineTo(51.399466312727824,0.111939801206404); ArcTo(31.123124276903400,11.818491333769316,3.000000000000000); ArcTo(31.123124276903400,3.275635883435621,2.000000000000000); LineTo(-0.072837648133600,0.997343810836742); EndPoly; The radius of curvature of the node 6 instead of being set to 3 is reduced to 2.466 I have noticed is the value of the corresponding point of the mid-air side 6. Is there any parameter that regulates Description of the property of any attachment? Thanks to all
  3. Do not I have no error function SetWSColumnOperators is what I was looking thanks Piero
  4. You just fill up the sheet with the fields of the file I want to get Soloi sub total field type. I think I found the solution. I enclose a piece of script tell me if it is right SetWSCellTextFormat (tempHandle, 3,1,3,1, ID_font, 9.0); SetWSCellNumberFormat (tempHandle, 3,1,3,1,1,0,'',''); SetWSCellBorder (tempHandle, 3,1,3,1, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE); SetWSCellFormula (tempHandle, 3,1,3,1, '= ('' hardware''.'' Type'')'); SetWSCellTextFormat (tempHandle, 3,2,3,2, ID_font, 9.0); SetWSCellNumberFormat (tempHandle, 3,2,3,2,2,0,'',''); SetWSCellBorder (tempHandle, 3,2,3,2, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE); SetWSCellFormula (tempHandle, 3,2,3,2, '= ('' hardware''.'''' Pieces Total)'); SetWSColumnOperators (tempHandle, 3, -1,0,0,1,0,0); {ordino the first column and condeso data by type} Hello ? thanks Piero
  5. Hi, I created a script that I created a spreadsheet of my reading files in the project. I now have the ncessit? sub lines for condensate field file. Anyone have any idea how to do it? thanks Piero
  6. Hello everyone, I need to create, through script, a generic text on the active view. I enclose a sample script of what I would do Procedure LoadFile; VAR boolResult:BOOLEAN; inserimento :POINT; objectHandle :HANDLE; OX, OY, OZ, RX, RY, RZ :real; BEGIN boolResult:= GetViewMatrix(ActLayer, OX, OY, OZ, RX, RY, RZ); message (OX,'*', OY,'*', OZ,'*******',RX,'*', RY,'*', RZ,' risul=', boolResult); GetPt(inserimento.x, inserimento.y); TextOrigin(inserimento.x, inserimento.y); BeginText; 'Testo_1' EndText; objectHandle := LNewObj; SetObjectVariableBoolean(objectHandle, 684, true); SetObjectVariableBoolean(objectHandle, 1160, false); boolResult := SetEntityMatrix(objectHandle, OX, OY, OZ, RX, RY, RZ); Redrawall; END; Run(LoadFile);[/color] Thanks to all and happy new year Piero Molinengo
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