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  1. 😃 Life is easy when you know how. Thank you very much Pat.
  2. I've just installed InteriorCad... but can't find it anywhere within Vectorworks. Is there somewhere I need to click or open? From memory, a few years ago I installed it on another computer and it just appeared that time on the top "File", View" bar, beside "Window", Thanks.
  3. Excellent, thank you very much. Compose done the trick.
  4. Hi, I have a rectangle at the start of the line measuring 400mm. I want to array it along that line, around the arc of 628mm and then along the line of 1422mm. How do I go about this? I've tried using "Edit", "Array along a path", etc... but it's not quite working or I am doing something wrong with it. All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  5. "... then use the "Rotate 3D View" command..." Thanks I will give this a try tomorrow.
  6. Hello, I have my keypad views. Front, sides, back, top, 45 degree looking down... but is there a way of view from 45 degrees but level, just like a front/side/back view? Thanks.
  7. Interesting, I'll have a wee look a "Editor" then, thanks. Colombo impression... "One last thing." Is there a way to assign the top row of numbers (1-9) on a keyboard to an external keypad or even to a keyboard keypad? Their functions are different, eg... If I press 2 on the upper row I get "Line" and if I press 2 on external keypad I get a view.
  8. Is there any way to assign two+ keyboard shot-cuts to one program function? e.g... "Control & G" and or "Control &..."
  9. Thanks... noob here. I wonder if there's a way to change the font size on the text within the "Navigation-Classes", (The Classes Labels)? Or even a way to edit it? e.g. Inserting line breaks? etc... I know you can set up sub-classes. I'm talking more a visual eye thing. Much the way you can add colors and lines to Excel.
  10. Could you please post a screen shot to where I find class filters?
  11. I think I will start with this idea first and try it for a while, then try some others. One question though... How do you name/label Classes so that they would always appear at the top of the two drop down windows, ie... The "Navigation-Classes" window and the "Object Info-Shape" window? I want this so I can avoid always having to scroll down to find them in different places each time. Some of the drawings I work on have a list of classes as long as your arm so having them always appearing at the top is preferable. I'm thinking labeling them with the number 0 at the beginning?
  12. I've tried to attach an image but got "(Error code: -200)" warning. Is there a way for me to attach the image.
  13. Great, thanks again. I will set up a template file.👍
  14. Thanks, that's great. Is there a way to save my new Dim Standard to all furture drawings? I only ask because I opened a new document and my new "Dim Std" was not available. I would like for it to be always available going forward.
  15. Hello, when I dimension something the actual numbers appear above the line. For tidiness/presentation I drag each box down on to the line. Is there a way to preset this up so that the box/numbers are always on the box? Also are there ways to preset dimension preferences. eg... The leader lines are removed, decimal places, etc... Thanks.
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