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  1. Sorry, I don't understand which numbers I should be comparing. If I click, say, the centre of a circle, and paste in a fixture that has a populated legend, the insert point of that fixture is not where I clicked. Your "bounding box" theory sounds correct. But why on earth would they apply that to lighting fixtures and their label legends?? EDIT: I reread and I think I understand what you were saying. I explained myself poorly: I don't mean that the insertion point of the fixture changes relative to the rest of the fixture symbol, I mean that it pastes based on some point other than the insertion point of the fixture. Does that make sense?
  2. @mjm Those look great. I've been video card shopping for another build, and this reinforces that no matter how many times I read that Tom's Hardware article, I do not understand video card nomenclature. Cheers and thanks!
  3. @Bob Keenan I don't know if you use WYSIWYG at all, but I've found the Cast-Soft PDF printer much more usable for Vectorworks than the Microsoft Print to PDF. Don't know if you can get your hands on it without a licensed WYG install, but if you already have it it might be worth a try.
  4. I think I'll be doing a lot more in RM instead of LLM. LLM is awful. Off topic, but are the video card specs in your signature accurate? How's that working for you? Do you do much 3D?
  5. The insert point of a copied fixture with a populated Spotlight Label Legend is not the insert point of the fixture. How do I make it so? Currently, if I copy/paste a fixture with Label Legend items populated, the insert point of the pasted fixture is somewhere in the realm of the middle of the whole arrangement, instead of the insert point of the fixture. Is this normal?
  6. @markdd In case you're interested, if you duplicate in the resource manager it behaves as expected. It's only through that ridiculous label legend manager disaster that it does the weird thing.
  7. Need the option please to have text objects track the rotation of a viewport. Please please please make this include Spotlight Label Legends. At the moment, I have to insert certain fixtures at -89.9 degrees so they read correctly on sheets (because even when I sideways the label legends, it decides on its own which way it thinks is the "bottom"), and if I want to make a viewport of the same things that has a different rotation, I have to change them all on the design layer by instance. Additionally, obviously they're all sideways on the design layer, which is a royal pain. And if I need two viewports of the same thing on one sheet, one of which is rotated and one of which is not (eg: an inset), I have to make a copy of the whole arrangement, often also in a referenced file, and rotate the fixtures. Have to do the same for text boxes, and if I hadn't abandoned callouts entirely in a fit of frustration, I imagine they'd be a nightmare as well. Just need a wee checkbox per item that says "yes, I want the label legend/text/whatever to rotate with the viewport".
  8. No worries, thanks! Helps if I understand what "expected behaviour" is so I can eliminate the possibility I'm just breaking it somehow. Cheers.
  9. @ASagatovVW Aren't you glad you came and tried to help me with my chaos... I promise I'll stop @ summoning you soon. Colleague right next to me just had the ghosting issue with some dimensions, thought I'd ping you some screenshots just to demonstrate it's not specifically a callout problem.
  10. If I rotate a viewport say 90 degrees, the label legends that read right to left in the design layer are now rotated 90 degrees as well. Surely there is a way to have the text stay upright and/or rotate contrary to the viewport rotation. The "right-reading" and "non-rotating" options in the Label Legend "Edit Fields" pane do not achieve this. Ideally it would be by fixture, but knowing Spotlight you'd have to make a whole new legend to do it. I just can't figure it out. EDIT: Screenshots attached
  11. Will poke around a little more and submit, thank you.
  12. How do you make 2D label legends rotate with viewports? Thanks.
  13. When you duplicate a Label Legend, it duplicates only fields, not layouts. Can we get it to actually duplicate the label legend instead of just the fields pane? Thanks!
  14. @ASagatovVW Here's a new one, with different behaviour. I was making another file to submit with another bug report, and made a special callout class with big text to leave notes for them. The ones I created in class "none", then switched class, took the graphic and text attributes as intended. The ones I created with the intended class active first did not take the text attributes. This is different than what we were experiencing before, so I thought I'd ping you this file in case you want to update the bug reports. There are two classes of callouts in the file attached here: one from the original file for the other bug report (purple), and one for this issue (white). BadCalloutv2_17July.vwx
  15. Latest service pack yes@klinzey . Where do I "send to tech support", please? Edit: never mind, found it.


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