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  1. Bump, because I haven’t figured out how to do this without making a group.
  2. Thank you @BrandonSPP
  3. Hello, I inserted a truss. I stuck a sling on that truss. I inserted a hoist. Visually, they're all nicely lined up. But I am reading zero force on the hoist. Do I need the braceworks add-on to get any load info whatsoever, or have I just omitted a step? Edit: I later converted the truss to a hanging position, just in case that would fix it. No dice. Thanks, Noob
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the SP fix, but it still seems a bit borked. Am I the only one having trouble still?
  5. Hi, Bump to an old post because I'm currently playing with projectors in 2021 and the tool clearly isn't there yet. My main ask: side hangable projectors. I need my calcs to be for 10:16, not 16:10! I can't see how to do this, and it's a thing we do a lot. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a rendering noob, but I'm muddling my way through. Certain hidden line renderings seem to keep causing crashes, though. Are there any guidelines as to things I should/shouldn't include in hidden lines vs other rendering styles? Any reason the plan would crash, while a section does just fine? I feel like I'm missing something fundamental. Thanks
  7. @TomWhiteLight thank you, that's what we've done.
  8. @BobWeaver is one of those your workspace? I forget offhand... Make sure you also grab your workspace(s) if you've made any changes to it.
  9. Thanks @zoomer, I'm not seeing a "Global Illumination" setting. May I impose for a screenshot, please?
  10. Yes, but some are device specific. I've had to unsync a few to get it to not break stuff on different machines, for example. I'll have to check which ones, and I don't have it totally figured out yet
  11. Oh goodness I would like the answer to that too. I think I've mostly trial-and-errored it, but there are occasional headaches with the syncthing. +1 vote for official VWX answer on this?
  12. This might be a silly/obvious question, but how do I make an object or surface emissive? Ideally I'd like to be able to do it both by class and by object. Can't figure it out or find it in the help files. Thanks!
  13. Bump because I would love to know the answer to this as well. It looks suspiciously like you're trying to draw the exact same s60 softbox I am. Also by your signature, we're basically desktop twins (only mine's "SUPER"). We should talk lol
  14. @BobWeaver I have syncthing syncing my preferences between my home and work machines. As of reading of your terrifying troubles, I'm going to add a read only syncthing instance of that folder on my laptop, where I occasionally CAD but won't change prefs, so that will effectively act as a backup. You could also automate a versioning backup of the folder to whatever drive or cloud server you use for backing things up, or just remember to manually do it every time you make changes (I''d automate, because I'm constantly tweaking). I don't know of any built in solution, though.


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