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  1. @Stephanie Desmeules I am following up with you via email.
  2. @Naheed Juan I see your case sent to tech support. I will follow up there.
  3. @gman19 If you go into your PC Settings, under Display and Graphic Settings, You can add Vectorworks and designate the dedicated graphics card to be used. You may need to reboot your computer after to have changes take effect.
  4. @Patrick FritschAre you really running Windows 7 per your signature? That may be the issue. I replied to your tech support email stating I am not seeing the issue you describe. Windows 7 is not a supported OS with Vectorworks 2022. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  5. @EvelyneB I apologize for missing this, I have sent you a DM and will be in touch through email. Rob
  6. @RafaelPernia Please reach out to us a CAtech@vectorworks.net. If you can, please send us a download link for that file so we can have a look at that issue. Otherwise I will respond with a link to send us the files. Rob
  7. @Innes Could you reach out to us at tech support? Please send us this file you are mentioning with the text issue and we will have a look. Please also provide us with the system specs of your Mac. Instructions can be found here Rob
  8. Samuel, this is due to unified view being turned off. I am just mentioning it here incase anyone else is experiencing the same issue. Rob
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