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  1. niagara designer

    Window Muntin Line Thickness

    hi Wes got it...
  2. niagara designer

    Window Muntin Line Thickness

    hi Wes, this is probably a no brainer... where is the complete list as you show to set window parameters? my list of classes has no level of detail like this - it has "door class" and no sub categories, same for windows, except for " windows main"... I had to add the window and door class, probably because I used a previous file which didn't have them. is there a resource to import all the standard available classes with their sub categories to fix this? I don't even know how to screen shot my list to show you. many thanks from lisa
  3. niagara designer


    thanks Russ, I'll give it a go! also changed the navigation graphics to good performance and compatibility - will try this first then your work around. thanks again
  4. niagara designer


    it sounds like something similar to what I am experiencing, rja/a. because I'm still learning BIM and trying to commit to it, I keep thinking I am doing something wrong or have conflicts within my files that are causing problems. but what? 2 big question marks so far with my very recently upgraded computer$$$ and VW 2019: - I'll update a VP or do a roof edit, and VW hesitates, then shuts down, no warnings, no info on why. - within VP's - when annotating - I'll move something and it will only show the shadow outline of the object in the new location but still show the object in the first location, but it's not accessible. the oip does not recognize it at all once I've "lost" it.... would really appreciate some help!!
  5. niagara designer

    Overlap wall components - ie stone skirt /stucco above - how to??

    thanks Peter. I was trying to avoid that. may have to bite the bullet though.
  6. Is there a way to define a wall type with a stone skirt and stucco above, without the stucco being added into the entire width of the wall? even with defining the top and bottom offsets, the wall thickness adds everything together .... thanks! stone skirt question.pdf
  7. niagara designer


    Great thanks Michael - yes I'll be in Phoenix. will look for The Pat! 🙂 had trouble updating to 2019...have to stop everything and try again one more question - once the schedule is created is there a command that tells it to add the label to the plan or do I have to do that thru the OIP for each individual window/door? thanks
  8. niagara designer


    Thanks very much "The Pat" and "The Michael" (yes, you too!) for all the great info in this thread - one day I'll hopefully understand and be able to implement it.. As others are doing I'd like to slip in a question or 2 regarding window and door schedules - is there ANY way to auto-label or if not, an easy way to label rather than thru the OIP (ug) or worksheet for each individual window/door? (or am I just being lazy?) editing right on the worksheet: easy to just plug in numbers in order, but then it would be a mess on the plan - no easy read or "pattern". I try to have window labels numbering upwards in a clockwise direction on the floor plan, for example...maybe that's OCD and crazy? doors, exterior - same, but interior doors, more random but try to keep a pattern of some kind. one more question - can I get both the ID label AND window size to show on the plan? for custom homes, the builders find that much easier. thanks 🙂
  9. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    fyi - figured it out for that rogue wall - under edit components of the wall, the "follow top wall peaks" needed to be checked, worked like a charm!
  10. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    thanks will try that too 🙂 the diagram was great, but nothing was happening the way I was doing it. now at least most of the walls are fitting to the roof. big sigh of relief haha.
  11. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    yay - thanks. 🙂 not quite perfect, some walls aren't cooperating, but things are looking up now that I know this is the method to use for this!
  12. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    and guess what? it works! thanks very much!
  13. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    I'm selecting the roof, then in Object Info, checking the clip walls box and picking walls to associate/clip... didn't try the AEC one - thanks, will try that! yes dif. design layers, with show/snap/modify others ON
  14. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    thanks very much David S. and Zoomer. I tried various ways with a basic rectangular sample wall/roof, using your ideas and more: wall well below roof, walls almost touching, bearing inset 6", bearing inset 0", creating roof based on walls (which is supposed to automatically clip walls), creating roof separately and picking walls to associate....disassociating, making changes to the wall specs, new wall style....etc, trying again. PDF attached shows a perfect 6" bearing inset using a main floor wall rather than 2nd floor wall, but would not perform wall clip function. I'm wondering if there is some setting or definition in the walls/roof/ layers that are affecting this and preventing wall clipping to work. also, with this 1.5 storey, the roof rafters bear on the floor slab, the same as the bottom of the upstairs walls (vs a partial wall then the roof slope). so since I can't shorten the walls, I would need to make the floor lower as you suggested Zoomer...and hope the association holds. if I ever can get one in the first place. I also tried to use the main floor walls instead, to achieve this. and nope. nothing is working. holy frustration. deadline tonight.... appreciate your time and help so far. WALL CLIP SAMPLE.pdf
  15. niagara designer

    Wall clipping to roof not working

    thanks - I guess I did get away with the first one for some of the walls. none of the walls were higher than the roof. will keep at it, thanks again.


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