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  1. Thanks for taking the time to clarify and add more info. And for the advice re surface object textures vs component textures by class. I found one good VW video on surface textures, and now think I know why I was having trouble using it with walls. Will report back with more questions, I am sure! I think this topic could be a 2+ hr course! thanks again. Lisa
  2. Ok - will do. I work alone and get too comfortable with doing things the hard way lol. time to learn more to save time. so thanks!!
  3. Ah - thanks again Boh, and Pat, I very much appreciate the help. Lisa
  4. Sorry thought I had sent this - thank you - I think that's the key - the wall core is in the MODEL-WALL class, which is where you draw the wall. then you set/define the other components into whatever specific classes you want. I thought the whole wall had to be either "by component" or "by object" - and I didn't know what kind of class heirarchy to use - rather than having just the wall core "by object". Do I have that right? And you still have sub categories like: MODEL-WALL-EXT or INT I will see if I can get things working again with this info. I don't mind having lots of classes to get the most out of this program, as long as they are organized. thanks so much for your help!
  5. thanks - I think I've made a mess of the classes, and have to dig out of the pit and streamline them. I have various "component" classes and various "wall" classes - both with many sub classes including ext finish and sub classes of that with cladding types. Many do not say "use at creation" so that may be one part of the problem. I see on your screen shots (which were super clear btw) that you use the heirarchy: Component-WALL-Cladding Do you also have classes like: Wall-Component-Cavity etc? and if so how do you know which to use? thx again ūüôā
  6. thanks very much Boh. I will try this. I didn't find a video on this specifically after much looking.
  7. are there any good tutorial videos on this?!
  8. ok thanks! I'll figure out how to do that - it will save a ton of time. It's only for the exterior finish.
  9. Does this mean we can designate the exterior finishes as separate component classes, and then toggle between them to show clients different options for exteriors? (ie different siding types and colours?) thanks
  10. hi - is there any update on Linux/Ubuntu compatibility? I'm being strongly encouraged to switch, but have only found this thread that addresses this question. Also, nothing in the general VW software req's. thanks
  11. thanks! I will check them out- I use classes for a lot of things but not getting it re doors windows walls etc. thanks again!
  12. I'll try that - I'm not so good with textures classes components etc but it's past time to learn! thanks very much
  13. Is there an easy way to present views with a few different siding colors without replacing all the walls? Just for the client to visualize and choose, project is nearly finished, and I'd like to do some perspectives in open GL with the colours they like. thanks!
  14. Great, thank you! I generally use the new version, once installed, just bc it's there and I didn't know any better. So will take your advice with great relief! and I will send the file to support as well. thanks again for the help.
  15. I just asked this in another thread, but it might be worth a new one. I just updated to 2020 Architect, this morning, from 2019. I thought it had to do with a faulty installation, but I can open some files but not the one I needed to work on. It crashes while opening - it says 82% generating Resource previews, then it shuts down. repeatedly. I tried the suggestion in the other thread to set navigation graphics to "best compatibility", no luck. also, should I delete VW2019? my system: wdws 10pro - 1809 intel corei7-4770 cpu @3.40ghz 16.0 GB RAM 64bit os x-64-based processor thanks


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