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  1. thanks very much, Jeff Prince and Zoomer. I will change the auto save as you suggest Jeff. I kept trying to find the saved file, couldn't give up, and just found the backups saved in a completely different location. big eye roll. sorry. I realize I did a new "save as" but was in a different folder, didn't check (obvs).... will not beat myself up, it's Friday afternoon after all... almost beer time...! thanks again! ps the internet here still sucks! hopefully the LL gets the Starlink booster set up real soon 🙂
  2. This just happened to me too - for the first time. Does anyone have ideas as to why/how this could happen? The ONLY thing different is that I've recently moved to a rural area; internet speed says 144.4Mbps which is apparently good, but there's something strange going on as it takes up to 20seconds to open some websites (that previously took fractions of a second) and it has been taking much longer to simply add pdfs to emails, for example. the download and upload speeds are terrible - I suspect it has to do with this - but I had no warning of it. I leave my computer in sleep mode, and just carry on the next day. Therefore, the 2 files I was working on were open, backup copies are saved every 5 minutes, 3 total, and I manually save the original files regularly, all in Dropbox only. (**I didn't even think to check that it was actually saving - other files DID save properly since my move so it's not because of the move/new internet server). And yes, I have to change that (DB only)- but it's been working for a long time and not bogging down my computer. What happened next is VW crashed, and I had to restart it - that's the only reason I discovered this. It's a bummer but could have been much worse. I lost 1.5 days worth of work, and was hoping there would be some secret backup hidden somewhere. Sadly there is not. I have to start using the VW cloud services and am looking at tutorials for that. And will keep current files on my desktop from now on. I like hearing how you all manage your files and backups etc. I just need a really simple and easy system that I can rely on - it's just me, working on my own, trying to figure it out as I go. thanks!
  3. How do I summarize the wall styles in this chart? The sf of the individual components is exactly what I want, and I kind of got here by luck. I have "summarize" checked off, but it makes no difference. I wouldn't mind having each wall labelled but don't really need that, nor do I want a huge chart that won't fit on a sheet of paper. The 2nd clip shows the Wall Style name selection choices. When I return to that box, it is "empty" as seen on the bottom clip, and I re-enter the selections again even though it makes no dif. thanks for any help!
  4. Probably something very simple - there is a section line on sheets 2 & 3 that I can't find anywhere so I can get rid of it. I've moved the section lines around, and added sheets, so it could have been from one of those previously named/#'d. um - one more thing - why does my title block only show total # 6 sheets on 6/7 sheets? all the same title block, all activated. still trying to figure out title blocks, I am not getting it. thanks 59 ELGIN SUNROOM 2.vwx
  5. ah, ok that makes sense, sort of! It's not feasible to change the doc's units since it's all in imperial. I use metric for calculations and our code tables. very inconvenient. =Area worked! Thought I had tried that, but obviously not. thanks for all your help!
  6. Thanks Michaelk!! it's just like excel, which I also didn't know how to use til today. but I did learn how to export/import back, but it lost the modifier equations in the import back. it worked like a charm on another worksheet though. yay. next question: is there a way to do a similar thing to this worksheet which uses space data - I need to convert area to sq.m. plus do other similar calculations as the first one, but my document is in imperial. (unfortunately)! I tried adding the modifier (divide AREA by 10.764) as an extension to cell 2C, shown here, changed cell format to decimal, with 2 decimal places, but this is the result. hope this one is as simple to fix. thanks
  7. Hi VW peeps at the risk of asking a really dumb question - how do you insert a formula to do simple math operations within each row? I have tried everything. easy sample here: footings and piers: (I have a monster worksheet that I can't bear to think about if I have to enter the operations in every cell manually - I did create that using spaces, but that's another question - how to add a similar math operation on that?). **should I export the worksheet to excel and do the calculations there? The numeric values here are just entered manually. I need to multiply col. B x C =D. then need to multiply D x 2.4kPa to get E then another multiple for F, and a conversion multiplier to imperial for G....for the jobsite. this should be simple, but many hours later.....I did try VW help, this forum, many worksheet tutorial videos... learned lots, but didn't find anything on this specifically. I'll sign off as anonymous lol. thank you!
  8. I also have issues with VW bogging down, and have searched for info on ways to keep files lean - but no luck. Is there a list of certain types of things that will slow it down, so that we know where to start looking when it happens? (ie I see pdf's and dwg's mentioned in this thread - do these make a big difference even for smaller files?) thanks
  9. Ed - yes definitely see the difference between NF NY & ON. I'd say more in wine country, but wind turbines are nearby! 🙂
  10. thanks Ed and Pat. I'll do the backups to the hard drive - sounds like that will help.
  11. Thanks Ed and Pat. yes, purging the backups well after the job is done makes sense - something that I will do! mine is set to save the last 3 backups, auto-saved every 5 minutes. so I guess that is not causing too much of a slow-down... On purging the file itself (or cleaning my room!) - what are the memory/RAM hogs that slow things down? I am reading that rendered perspective views, and bitmaps, are 2 culprits. what about imported jpegs (like aerial mapping of conservation authority shading for ex.)? or pdf of survey when dwg not available? those are things I generally wouldn't want to purge though. extrusions? numerous DL's? Ed - Landartma; NF, NY? I live in Vineland Ont. but have a best she-buddy in NF NY. oh, and I see my info says VW 2019 which was correct back then. should read 2021. thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the advice on the backups - same issues here, where the backups end up in weird places, and the backup occurs when in the middle of a big-deal operation, lol. or else I get a message asking if I want to delete the entire file...yikes... I will send backups to my hard drive now, rather than dropbox. another question - when you "purge" what kinds of things do you get rid of? what are the big culprits for hogging memory? and also ***any thoughts on what causes things to bog down when using VW, and how to keep things lean and mean while using it? been meaning to ask this for awhile! thanks, from Lisa
  13. thanks everyone - I found the problem with the hidden line surface hatch not showing . feel like a dummy - I had to edit the actual wall styles in the RM - the siding components had a default setting for the class material of steel for some reason... I was sure I had checked that, but...guess not. thanks again
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