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  1. in dialog box Export as DXF layers select "Classes"
  2. The dialog box remains at 88% will the updater install/updates the file there should be 2 windows which can take between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your connection make sure you move the 88% window and you may find VW successfully installed the 88% never goes to 100% it just goes away if you click OK on Installed successfully
  3. If you create a symbol for your title blocks add a loci or a small marker at the bottom right corner that puts the sheet and tb at the correct spacing for plotting (trial and error) then place the symbol on the sheets using the loci or the marker we do not use VW title blocks
  4. Patterns are printer specific and will change trial and error to only way to tell if you use Hatches you can size and scale the brick pattern and have background fills on for presentation work and hatches can be dowmloaded at www.Vectordepot.com and manufacturers such as Cultured Stone also have hatches and VW12 does come with hatches
  5. If you need scaling you should try using hatches rather than patterns hatches can be scaled
  6. which toolbar can you add a screen dump?
  7. try backing up the CD or if on a network copy a successfully instaled version from pc to pc copy the whole VW12 folder it will ask for a serial on the new PC when first started
  8. Since you did not say in what field you are in I will give my 2 cents from an architects perspective Use the line tool sparingly learn the wall tool which has many features especially inserting symbols and plug-in for doors and windows which heals the wall automatically and use the heal tools available to link them together learn about the loci tool and smart cues to place walls etc..at specified distances etc...... if you are not designing building learn to use objects such as rectangle, polygons think about what the object would be in a 3D world and use that to draw in 2D
  9. To delete the registry entries Start/run/regedit it opens the editor look for Vectorworks you should find 2 instances under current user and local machine del the Key for VW12 restart winxp and reinstall either over the existing folder or a new folder save your custom worksspaces/ plu-ins and templates before reinstall
  10. The sheet layer(s) = paper space you create Viewports that will reside on sheet layers you print sheets the work is done on Design layers you can then export seperate sheets (only) if you need to
  11. my 2 cents when one does a lot of site visits and one talks to the people that actually use the drawings to build things the keynote system is the LOUDEST complaining that you will here on a job site the call out that actually spells out what things are is always appreciated on a job site even by the contract administrators that have to review the work and answer questions.
  12. are the sheet that you are trying to print all set up to print to the same printer and all the settings all the same? the sheet settings is used after the first page
  13. check to see if the font has been mapped does it open with the same font on another machine would be the check or delete all the font mappings that are suspect.
  14. I think that you are missing the print capabilites in VW in vw 12 you need to learn how to set up sheets and then use viewports to set up your work on a sheet and learn how anotation can be used especially for drawing titles (using the tool) since it will give you the scale fo the VP. the title blocks should be 1:1 scale on the sheet layer you then print a sheet to a printer you have not said what printer you have access to: but the printer is defined when you set up a sheet you can also print to pdf using many free versions such as cutepdf; pdf995; etc.. most are downloadable at http://www.download.com
  15. if you are familiar with editing the registry then delete the 2 entries for Nemetschek VW12 before you reinstall VW12 - (if you have 11 still installed leave those alone.) Start button Run regedit (File - Export will save a copy of the Registry in case you mess up) Edit Find Vectorworks 12 delete the key for Vectorworks 12 close and restart winxp reinstall from CD and upgrade to 12.0.1
  16. If you sheets and VP's and use batch print why would you need a script?
  17. we found that most of the files older than 10 years old have very little value. too much has changed and usually not as built drawings anyway. When we work on such projects we build in the value of reconstructing the drawings in our fee proposals
  18. Use the pre-callout method Use a simple text or text box angle the text to match wall using rotate tool add 2 lines - with one of the lines use the arrow from attributes palette group the whole thing copy and rotate for next segment edit group to revise the text
  19. if the rotate tool is in your basic palette (or a palette) select object double click the rotate tool insert 45 or -45 from keypad done it remembers the entry so multiple rotation by double cliking is easy
  20. There are a few versions of VW on both platforms which version was installed on which platform. for the differenet versions see http://www.nemetschek.net/markets/index.php
  21. which verion are you using if 11.5 or above you need to learn about Sheet Layers and Viewports The title block goes on the sheet layer (which is always 1:1) and viewports are created for the sheet at whatever scale you want advanced properties has scaling of text .... and if you insert the drawing title as annotation you get the correct scale of the viewport
  22. what version of VW - MAc or Win what printer are you using what is the setup of the printer are you using Viewports and Sheets? what are the sequence of events that you doing to Print
  23. check to see if the sills class in on
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