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  1. this is standard behaviour for vw 2008 on windows xp
  2. what mouse are you using? if you have a microsoft mouse with a 6.xx driver you need to delete that driver and install a version 5.5 driver http://www.driverskit.com/freedownload/Keyboard_and_Mouse/Microsoft/IntelliPoint_5_5/18923.html or switch to a logitech mouse.
  3. leave them alone and only when you need to modify a text object would you then delete the duplicate.
  4. make sure you are in the Design layer(s) Use ctrl-A to select all objects then zoom extents to see what is in the file then go back and select an object using the Lasoo mode what information do you get in the Object Information palette? if it is on a sheet layer are they part of a Viewport?
  5. Instead of using a VP for title block(s) why not put the title block on a sheet layer at 1:1 scale then you would be locking an object rather than a vp
  6. what version and system are you using and what are you trying to draw i.e. walls
  7. given this task I would treat this object as a single polygon to get the arcs you draw a large one first then offset as required - once created clip the surface when all done add surfaces
  8. what version of vw? are you using sheet layers?
  9. if you are using vw2008 designer you can look for x-frog trees these work but expect your file to be very large and -lines should be used sparingly use objects to create elevations use walls for trim polygons with fills for walls use pattern if printing b/w (which both foreground and background same colour) windows use polygon with gradient fills etc....
  10. we use North is pointing to the top of the page or to the east if it is tall and narrow and needs to fit on arch D/A0 size sheets
  11. patterns are bitmaps and do not scale along the lines of hatches
  12. in the navigation palette go to viewport section double click on the viewports it will show the vp and on the sheet it resides then change the class to None we put all our VPs in None Class at creation because None class is usually always on or we can find it, if lost for whatever reason
  13. some thoughts no specific solutions check which version of Quicktime you are running and then try using OpenGL rendering since you have renderworks why would you not use Fast Renderworks? and make sure all your VP's are set to None Class that way it is not a class visibility problem usually a VP only needs updating if there is a change to the design layer if all things are set in the design layer you can use Cache Viewport in the Document setting
  14. another approach in vw2008 you can assign a prefix to classes when you import an acad file which will create a subclass so it it does not clutter the classes pull down menu i.e windows-screws windows-part etc... and in the RB create a folder in the symbols category call it windows and move all the windows pieces to the new folder which will unclutter our main RB window
  15. what setting of the rendering of the symbols before you print?
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