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  1. Thanks Ray.. The file is 2.5MB. I'm in the UK and the support doesn't seem to be a good as the states. Do you have a tech support contact, maybe an email address?!
  2. Hi all, I have a corruption issue with a file I am working on and my backup hasn't been working for a few days. I've tried opening the file in a number of versions of VectorWorks but it crashes on open. Anyone have any ideas what can be done - I've tried all the usual referencing tricks but nothing works.. Can anyone help - Katie perhaps?! Thanks Jason
  3. Christiaan, don't know of any studies about this but I was speaking to someone from Computers Unlimited the other day and they estimated that VectorWorks had roughly 20% of the UK CAD market. Not sure what percentage were Mac based though!!! Jason
  4. It would be good to know more about your network setup, what file server you are running, network speed, wired/wireless client, raid etc... As Islandmon mentioned a switched hub is definitely the way to go and these days they are pretty inexpensive. You don't have to go with Cisco though, you just need something reliable and I'd recommend getting a managed device if your budget can stretch that far, something that supports link aggregation, jumbo frames and Multicast filtering would be desirable. HP are pretty good an come with a lifetime warranty. There are other things to consider that can also be the bottleneck - like hard disk speed/raid etc. but we need more info... Jason
  5. Thanks Katie but I'm sure that isn't it.. I can reproduce this problem on all of the G5's we have in the office but the Mac Pro's are fine. If I go into the viewport and delete the crop and then print the drawing prints without issue. So to me that looks like a VectorWorks problem!!? Can I send you the file to look at? Thanks Jason
  6. HP DesignJet 4000ps and yes we are using the same printer in both cases. We have also tried sending the file to print on a HP LaserJet 5100 and exactly the same problem!!! The other odd thing is that when we 'save as pdf' the pdf that is generated is fine!! Machines are - PowerMac G5 x 40, Mac Pro x 10 all running Mac OS 10.4.9 with latest patches applied. Jason PS. I could send you a copy of the file if that helps??
  7. Can anyone help me with a strange problem I am having... 1. I draw a polygon or rectangle around area of drawing I want the viewport to show, in design layer 2. View > create viewport 3. To the message: 'The selected object may be used as object crop. Do you wish to use this object as the crop?'...I say yes 4. Ok to viewport options, which takes me to created sheet layer with viewport in it 5. I double click on the viewport > edit crop 6. I pick the polygon/rectangle and give it a line thickness of 0, so it doesn't show When I try to print from a PowerMac G5, nothing shows, except text in sheet layer or on annotations in viewport. If I print the same drawing from a new Mac Pro it prints without issue! What could possibly be wrong?! Thanks Jason
  8. Does anyone have any more news on when a patch will be released to fix the data bar/autosave corruption issues that people are experiencing with VectorWorks 12.5.1? I have educated my users with the workaround but we are still seeing regular file corruption issues using the latest patch of 12.5.1 on Mac OS X. Nemetschek - this is really serious and we really need this fixed ASAP! Thanks Jason
  9. Where is the list of bug that have been fixed???
  10. Where is the list of bug that have been fixed???
  11. Doesn anyone know what the file "SavedSettings.xml" is for? Thanks jt
  12. I to am seeing this much more frequently with VectorWorks 12.5 on Mac OS 10.4.8 and would love to have a resolution soon. Our server and clients are running the latest updates (10.4.8). We repair permissions on server and clients after updates and every few days using ARD. Katie, what are the OS related file corruption issues you are working on with Apple?
  13. I generally agree with what you say Christiaan, but when simple permission issues re-occur (previous version also had these issues) with the installer I do wonder about the testing procedures. I think VectorWorks is a fantastic application and I was impressed by the development team when I went to meet the engineers over here in London. I just hope they take some of the comments on board and use them to improve what is already a fantastic application. Jason
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