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  1. Pat, Thank you. I've never had to adjust this setting....it indeed was set to 72, which apparently works OK with the 'print and save' PDF method, but not with the 'Export PDF-quartz only' method. I appreciate your help.
  2. Mitch, Previously. using the File>Print>PDF>save PDF method , all PDFs would be WYSIWYG. (Walls are a thicker weight, dimensions thinner, etc.) In the File> Export> Export PDF (quartz only) method, walls take on the the same weight as dimensions. So, yes, lines are taking on one weight and losing variations.
  3. I've been exporting PDFs since I started VW 6 or 7 years ago without issue. These exports were done using my Mac-File>Print>PDF>save PDF. Recently when exporting large sheet files by File> Export> Export PDF (quartz only), I've lost my line weights. I tested this on very small drawings and the results are the same....loss of line weights. Is there a setting I'm overlooking? Thanks, Amy
  4. Thanks for the help.... @ Scott Yes, flipping then quitting VW worked. Odd. I'm just grateful something seems to work. I even tested your trick with a fully annotated "finished" working drawing, with positive results. It is cumbersome, but at least salvages old drawings. I'm scratching my head that more people haven't encountered this problem. Am I the only VW user that reverses and edits older drawings? Nevertheless, you da man. thanks again.
  5. @David: David, thanks. I do repair permissions routinely and always after each upgrade. I never ran 12.5.3 on OS 10.6.4 and new iMac, hence the reason for the upgrade in April to VW 2010. I have not purged unused objects but will look at that. I always import DWGs/ DXFs into a separate file to avoid corruption. I do, however, move them into working files eventually. @Scott: I'm curious, Scott, did you *reverse* the plan attached and *then* try to move walls & doors? I can move things around all day long as long as I don't reverse the plan. I've also run into problems by copying and pasting large pieces of an old plan onto a "new" plan. I'll have to admit the bug seems random, and I've not been able to put my finger on the common denominator. You seem to be doing something right. Thanks for your help
  6. I?ve still not figured out why my old VW 12.5.3 docs aren?t allowing me to edit walls and doors in VW 2010. As suggested by tech support, I?m ?dis-associating? dimensions, and then updating and resetting all plug-ins. Once I reverse the plan, then the weirdness begins. What was once a slam-dunk, is now impossible. The walls and plug-in doors won?t move, unless nudged. Steps I?m following: 1. Open 12.5.3 doc and saving to VW 2010 SP4 (the attached has been converted already). 2. Go to Document Setting>Prefs>uncheck ?Associate Dimensions? 3. Go to Tools>Utilities>Update Plugin objects & Reset all plug-ins>check all 4. Succeed in moving walls, but strangely, the dimensions are still associating. 5. Select all>Reverse Horizontally 6. Walls/ doors won?t move. (also see post on 10/4/10 -#146152) Sales guy tells me upgrading probably won?t help. So, are my many older drawings pretty much useless in regards to editing for future use? Since I'm mostly only hearing crickets chirping after my original query, I can only conclude that: 1. I?m a bubble-head for not seeing something obvious 2. There is no answer (or it's a secret) As always, I appreciate any insight from the contributors of this forum. Amy
  7. Thanks Christian, I just bought VW 2010 in April, and am just now really testing it due to the economic slowdown in construction. I sense my problems stem from GROUPING large sets of items and then trying to manipulate walls after pasting, ungrouping, moving, or flipping. Doors and openings won't move within the walls, nor can individual walls be capped. They're pretty much frozen in place unless I nudge them out of position. As of now, redrawing is the only alternative, other than working off a laptop which with 12.5.3 still on it. It's worth mentioning that ALL layers with walls within a pristine VW2010 document are effected once the drawing becomes infected by this bug or whatever it is. I'm traveling this week, but will take your advice when I get back to my workstation. ' Appreciate your response:-) Amy
  8. I'd like to mention that when working within a new VW2010 file, life was good until pasting grouped sections of walls/objects/dimensions from a previous drawing. As soon as I introduced pieces of an old plan into my pristine drawing file, the new walls become immovable. I am at a very preliminary stage of designing a large house, so there has been very little dimensioning. I'm doing something fundamentally wrong, but have no clue as to what. Note: the introduced walls/ objects also came from a VW2010 drawing, but may have initially been created in 12.5.3 and converted. I just don't remember. Please, if anyone has insight into this, I'd welcome a lifeline. I'm dyin' here.
  9. Wes, What Ray said:-) I'm sending an email anyway. Any thoughts, Ray? Thanks
  10. I just posted the same problem yesterday. Have you resolved your problems? I would have discovered this issue earlier, but I've been on hiatus since the housing bust. Previously, while still on VW 12.5.3, I was in heavy production, flipping plans and tweaking features. I'm distressed that hundreds of plans may essentially have to be scrapped or painfully re-worked, should the need arise.
  11. Thanks, Wes. Attached is simple 2D file created on my old G5 with VW 12.5 and saved to VW 21010. I?ve tried to replicate the problem with a new test drawing on my PowerBook, which still has VW 12.5.3, and can?t. (Everything works OK after saving the test file to my iMac and VW2010.) The attachment, however, like several other fully annotated floor plans I have, seems to create editing problems upon conversion. For some reason, reversing this plan and then moving walls (and doors, etc.) eludes me. attachment: files.me.com/amymartinhomedesigns/o46kh6
  12. I?ve been a VW user for over 5 years, and have had very few production issues until upgrading to VW 2010 over a year ago. The nature of my work involves heavy editing of my 2D floor plans, many created on VW 12. In the past, I?ve been able to easily flip plans and move objects with ease. Now?.not so much. I?ve read other posters with similar issues, but on some files, nothing I do seems to resolve the ?constraint? issues. Even after removing all dimensions, sometimes walls still refuse to budge. I continue to get the message to the effect of ?editing cannot be performed because this object is constrained?. I?ll then go to Modify>edit constraints, sometimes ?edit constraints? is grayed, sometimes I?m told ?this object has no parametric constraints?, OR even when I am able to delete one or more constraints, I still am unable to move the wall. So?.. I?ve essentially lost all my dimensioning (associative or not) and can?t move walls either. In essence, I've been carrying on as I did with VW 12.5, which clearly isn't working. Please tell me I?m an idiot and have missed the secret handshake in the upgrade to VW 2010. Thanks, Amy
  13. After many happy months of using VW 12.5.3 I had yet another productive day yesterday. I saved and backed-up my work to an external hard drive as usual. This morning (Tues.) I return to my folder only to see that the file is dated from Friday, not yesterday (Mon.). I hadn?t renamed the file or placed it in another folder, but I checked out that possibility anyway. The external backup had the old file as well, even though the folder in which I had placed the backup file indicated that a backup was performed late Monday afternoon. So, essentially, I have lost an entire day?s work on about a 12 MB file, despite the fact that I ?saved? every 15 minutes and backed up at the end of the work day yesterday. Naturally, I called my in-house hardware advisor (hubby). In all our collective years in working with Macs and various software, neither of us has encountered a whole missing day due to a file reverting to an earlier version. We?ve lost plenty of data through crashes and such, but this is a new one. The permissions had just been repaired recently and again after the Monday file went missing. I generated a Word file on Monday that is current. One other small VW file saved OK. Only this particular VW file did not save and reverted to Friday. The date and time on the computer is up to date. No other issues on this computer have arisen. I have restarted a couple of times. So, today I redo my lost work, and I plan to backup onto a memory stick hourly to protect updates. Does anyone else have any idea why this could have happened or experienced the same?
  14. I've recently noticed this same problem with this tool. It's not just the curved portions of the polygon that are irregular, but also throughout the entire offset, curved or not. It's a little difficult to tell in this format, but the 10' distance can vary as much as 6" throughout the offset from the original polygon, and sometimes the corners become smoothed...even the 90? corners. Here's an example of an inside 10? offset. Is this an instance of what you are referring to, Bruce? Please keep in mind that I went to public schools;-)
  15. As a long-term Mac user, I've found that all kinds of crud can impair the moving parts of the Mac mouse which is standard issue (as well as others brands with a moving "ball & socket"). No matter how often you purge it of cat hair, etc., it will continue to be possessed. The best mouse I've ever used is the Kensington Pilot Mouse Optical #72127. It's quite old, but performs flawlessly.
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