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  1. Hello, I would like to make a script that randomises capitalisation of text on an annotation layer. How would I go about doing this?
  2. Hello - it's that time of year again! Any more news on whether either 2014 or 2015 will work in El Capitan? If not, will there be service patches or are we forced to upgrade to 2016?
  3. Hello, I've used it to render for a few years. To start with I was modelling in VW (as I was already comfortable with the 3D workflow of it) and exporting to C4D for final renders/tweaks. Since then I've switched completely to C4D/vRay and don't use VW for 3D at all. This transition started out due to something rather silly; I disliked the capabilities of VW when it came to vegetation. Eventually I realised there are some more sensible benefits such as speed of modelling/tweaking, material control, and lighting options. It's an amazing tool and I'd highly recommend giving it your time. Here's a couple shots showing progression:-
  4. Ah? ok. I must be remembering wrong. This page doesn't work fyi (and is linked in the header of the main page): http://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/archived-downloads/
  5. Hey guys the link to Archived Downloads doesn't work. Can somebody fix this? I need the old sketch up exporters.
  6. Macs from 2007 run Mavericks, so that point is sort of invalid. Not to mention that for what our company does, 2009 was perfect, our go-to tool for speedy 2D drafting. For BIM/renders we use other software. So in our case, 2014 is not more productive nor a better experience... especially seeing that 2009 is snappier even in a VM than 2014 is natively.
  7. It would be nice to at least see a poll created to see how much interest there is in fixing older versions. I for one would pay a few hundred bucks to get 2009 working in 10.9, and I'm sure many others would pay for 2010/2011/2012 etc.
  8. The problem is hit & miss, here is the usual workflow: 1) open PDF of drawing 2) rasterise to PNG 3) import to VW If the rasterization process turns white areas to transparent, those areas are then black on import. If white is rendered white, no worries. Next time it happens I will come back and attach it.
  9. Seems I misspoke - the problem only occurs for me if using the zoom tool, or keyboard shortcuts assigned to zoom in/zoom out. Zooming with the mouse wheel works fine.
  10. Here's some further findings on Mountain Lion in a VM for running unsupported versions of Vectorworks. Parallels Desktop 9: + Vectorworks runs fine. OpenGL support - No drag & drop functionality VMware Fusion 6: + Drag & drop works - No OpenGL support VMware Fusion is a no-go, currently.
  11. You can use Console to check for crash logs titled Vectorworks listed on the left hand side under DiagnosticReports. Better still, when VW crashes, open Console, ensure you have "All Messages" selected on the left-hand side, then type "vectorworks" sans quotes into the search box top-right. You should see a few messages - and probably the same messages repeat each time VW crashes. Take a screenshot of these messages and post them here (use command-shift-4 to take a screen shot). An example is below. Clicking the paperclip icon next to a message opens the relevant log, and will further detail the crash.
  12. I have had to do a fair bit of estimating recently, which i obviously use Vectorworks for. I reckon Nemetschek could make a pretty penny by releasing a takeoff-only version of Vectorworks. All you need is the object info palette, scale/polyline/rectangle/circle/locus tools and the ability to import pdf/jpeg/dwg files. Job done... Profit!
  13. Yes you're quite right, Activity Monitor does show 8. Mavericks Crisis #58 averted. Unfortunately I don't have any other machines I'm willing to put the release on. I'll check back once the GM goes public later this month.
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