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  1. The forums really are a invaluable resource. I've been using the basics of VW for about 6 years now and as I try new parts of the program, many people here have helped me get through the learning process. And from what I hear, the VW forums are by far better than most out there.
  2. I can try exporting it for you if you can send the file to me. Private message me. I have to do VW to DWG conversions all the time.
  3. Thanks. I'll give it a shot next time I have to do a drawing. I guess I'm so used to drawing in 1/4" and that almost always fits my page so I don't think about it.
  4. This is the process I go through: I work on my drawing, all layers but the title block are 1/4" as that is what fits on my page. I goto the Export function and set the scale size to 1:1 (which is the scale of my Title Block. I leave all default settings as is then export. I don't use VP or Sheets in my drawings as they are extremely simple and I honestly never learned how to use them properly. When my co-worker opens them in ACAD or AGI, both of which take the DWG it opens in random scales, the last time I belive it was close to 1/8" scale.
  5. Thanks for the thought ray, but it is definately 1:1 the same as my title block layer.
  6. When I export DWG's from VW I put them in 1:1 Scale. When my coworker opens them in ACAD they are not in 1:1. Any idea why?
  7. In a new drawing set up your workspace with title block and page size just as you want it. Then save over the default template. I used to do the same thing as you and I've only ever used VW...just got lazy and switched. Its wonderful
  8. Katie I am not even sure where to begin. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you
  9. I've asked it once, and I'll give it another go... Does anyone (NNA included) know how to get functioning Lighting Instrument Symbols added to Vectorworks. For instance, I have the IES files for the lights the company I work for makes, but lack the ability and knowledge to create lighting fixtures myself (many failed attempts with the line light tool). Is there a submital process? Thanks
  10. I have the same problem, on occasion. Only restarting helps, and it's only started happening since 12.5.
  11. Okay so I have been following this thread with some amusment at times. Eric and Trevor appear to do exactly the same thing, which seems as it may have been a mistake in code, could this simply be a bug issue? Forgive me if this has already been addressed.
  12. You can also goto the lamp manufactures' website. they will often have IES files listed.
  13. Josh I've been having the same problem, if you find an answer please share. Thanks
  14. Ed, from the sounds of it, this may be an ACAD issue. I know personally I have had trouble after importing DWG's into VW, where I can't select anything. Usually the problem is solved once I save the file as an actual VW file. Also make sure there aren't any locked layers/classes. HTH
  15. Then your DWG is in 1/4". It should be a fairly simple thing for him to put in back in 1:1 if he knows what you drew in.
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