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  1. Wish list item (I should post over there too) Is there a way to not have the objects behind go from black to white when an overlay is done. Is there a controlable opaque -able fill for objects? Thanks.
  2. There is a rumor that the Mac version of AutoCad has just that feature. For some reason though, non of our consultants have Macs. Oh well..
  3. I do this exactly already - and using export batch pdf as well. One job has 60 seperate files and 7 consultants for a total of 135 sheets. 4 of the consultant wish to have certain views of plans. Using saved views and saved layers I can set up specifically for each of thier different requirements, batch .pdf a portion and open and process for each of the 4 At thirty seconds per process with 8-10 file open at a time = 4.5 hours of purely mundane unmitigated doom for the poor soul who thought interning at an architects office would be a great creative outlet- But no, thirty seconds is not realistic. Lets say one whole day of Fun. We might distribute 4 times during a typical project which gets expensive and not the best use of the clients money - I have an idea though, we could purchase VW programs and give them to the consultants to do their own exporting... yeah, then they could stubornly continue to use acad or, they could work on vectorworks directly depending on job size and number of stations they have. I could justify the cost - maybe we sub-lease the license even?
  4. I am posting an interesting email I received: "The process involves: 1.) Setting up the drawing with all the objects you need and none of the information you don't. 2.) Then print as a PDF file. 3.) Open PDF in Adobe Illustrator. 4.) Export to DWG format. 5.) Open file in autocad. All of the objects land on the same layer in the newly created DWG format, but that is fine for us because we gray everything out anyway. The text sometimes has issues, but is easily fixed by modifying the Textstyle. and changing Mtext to single line Text objects. As for swag(sh*t we always get) what I would really love is a copy of Vectorworks to play with export settings to try and make the process painless for consultants who use Autocad, or have them place the export to DWG in the free viewer so that clients can set thier own export settings. One size does not fit all. The are million ways to setup a VW drawing as well as a million ways to setup an Autocad file. Each client/consultant relationship may need different settings to make things happy. On a side note I believe they should also put an save as Vectorworks 11, 10, 9 ...etc. format options in the free viewer or other free conversion program. The burden of work should be on the person who refuses to upgrade not on the person running the latest and greatest. This is avalible for autocad and makes lives easier and happier." End of message' BTW, The consultant dude that wrote this is of the caliber that put others to shame...
  5. I wish the future is now. Hey! This really doable - the last bastion of consultant lazyness will be buried forever -I MOVE THAT THE VIEWER BE UPGRADED TO EXPORT .DWG FILES ! Everybody that must distribute .dwg files to tons of human autocad bio-robots will do the happy dance (that must be worth something!) I invision somthing like Christmas in July! ITS THAT BIG! Make it free (with 2000 only even!) to users unless they must have 2003/2004/2005 then, $lam them for a lic. Or, limit the number of exports to 100 before they have to re-download and, re-install the viewer - I bet you will garner lot of hits though. Please?
  6. Thank you everybody, you are all correct with the situation. I have reviewed the contracts that we have with the consultants. We could elect to send out HARD COPY in lieu of electronic data. I did not want to yank their chain but, this is getting silly and, expensive. Let us not forget - I am lazy too or, rather would like to spend most my time making a responsible contribution to the built environment - not translating CAD fles. I MOVE THAT THE VIEWER BE UPGRADED TO EXPORT .DWG FILES ! Hey, The time I would save is money I could use to buy more VectorWorks Licenses. What is the downside to this?
  7. The idea was to flow architectural drawings and work to our assigned civil, stuctural, mechanical, electrical, lighting and plumbing consulting engineers the exact plans we are currently using, and allow them to pick and choose which parts of the drawing they need to - to export and show their respective equipment without asking our office to 'example: turn off the doors furniture or create special background information' and then translate vectorwork to .dwg file and send each separated file (their request..) to each different consultant. Each consultant has an IT dept. with different cad criteria. I am getting jerked around more than a dog with 5 leashes trying to meet everybody's file expectation. Acad users can import and scale an image using 3DAign command. The engineers need to accurately scale off the vectors so a rastor image is not as usefull. As much as I would like to do all of their work as well as mine, I don't think it would be fair. And, switching consultants is not currently an option.
  8. I am attempting to distribute to all our consultants vectorworks file data that they can view and, set up .dwg files for use as backgrounds for their work. Our lighting consultant has said, if I understand correctly, this is entirely possible and would save me from having to translate to .dwg files each sheet with the appropriate background info for each consultant. GREAT! If True. I shortly later recieved this missive from one of our hardworking consultants: 'I played around with the VectorWorks Viewer and I cannot seem to save or export. I keep getting a pop-up window stating that I need the full application to be able to do run this command. I also found is that all walls, furniture, etc? are all on layer NONE. Is there something that I am missing or doing wrong as far as the VectorWorks Viewer? If you could please send me some info I would really appreciate the help.' Can anybody help with a 'step by step'? Thank you. John
  9. This is disturbing! I was going to buy two i-mac and VW licenses - but I can't risk sitting on brand new hard/software. I will hold off until this is resolved - sheesh!
  10. With D graphisoft being controlled by the big 'N'? What will happen? Will the user interface converge?
  11. should be able to click on a end to constrain the arc the same way you can click at the end or, mid point of a line or rectangle..
  12. So, You are basically using the same conventions as an autocad user. PS (paperspace)for anotations and sheet titleblocks etc. all the actual line work is drawn 1:1 in MS (modelspace) then its back to PS, viewport is created and objects within are scaled to whatever is needed.. Is this the best way to draw? Mimicking Autocad? I don't know very much about this but with a larger projects the production speed sucks when layer linking is used - for us at least - very hard to make design development decisions when only a portion of the drawing source is viewable.. I need good workflow and simple proceedures.. many of our drafters have Acad experience.
  13. Lots of species from east coast. Anything 'out there' for SoCal - west coast users? TIA!
  14. Thank you! I will try this - I didn't see the vectorscript section - I need to learn how to scroll too - Maybe I should ask the admin. to move this topic to that location? I figure I have 2 hours to get this working before I will be asked to send the whole enchilada to CADforce in india or, somewhere..
  15. Have used all three. The learning curve is steep (and about two years long) with archicad - you must embrace the 3d aspect to use it effectively - your designers must know how a building is put together, the program does allow more than one person to work on a large project through various admin tools. The user interface and controls were lacking 'intuitiveness' a dialog window for example appears and the most important button/control in the window seems like it was placed/positioned as an afterthought.. stepping down..
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