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  1. Is it possible to batch print from the Vectorworks Viewer program? This would be very useful for our consultants who live in the land of AutoCAD... -hfv
  2. Thanks, all - I used the "one printer page" before but not the Super A1 page size, which combination worked like a charm! Ahh, happiness is a full page title block... -hfv
  3. Oh my, yes. Then I wouldn't have viewports that appear far far away from the sheet that I have to hunt for. -hfv
  4. I'm guessing you want the dimension to remain constrained to the angle you set after the dimension is created? Because if you use the fields across the top of the drawing, tabbing over to "A:", you can enter the desired angle and hit enter/return. If you then want to stretch or shrink the dimension, hold down the shift key; this should keep the angle constant. HTH, -hfv
  5. Yeah, I was trying to avoid the trial and error part, or minimize it at best. But thanks for your response. -hfv
  6. Does anyone out there use (or still use) this plotter and has effectively set up the page size for Arch D? Our office uses Mac OS 10.4 G5s, and VW 12.0.1. The plotter takes a 24" roll of bond. The annoying occurence that I can't seem to fight my way out of is the right hand edge of the sheet (edge coming out of printer first) cuts off the title block - enough to crop the sheet number and eliminate that border. There's a 1/2" margin on the right edge, but even so margins have been set for 1/2" all the way around, there's about a 2 1/2" margin on the left. I'm contemplating spending time, paper and ink to get the thing to print, and I realise this may not be a VW issue, but figured I'd ask if anyone else has invented the wheel so I don't have to... -hfv Mac OS 10.4.7 2.1 GHz Power PC G5 1.5 GB SDRAM
  7. Are there ways to do both? Not alter anything in the drawing in some cases, and only lock out certain layers in others? -Heather 2.1 ghz Power PC G5 1GB SDRAMM
  8. Here, here. I haven't been able to batch print to .pdf at all, I would love this function, whether as separate files, or as one multipage file
  9. When I export multiple sheets to .dwg, some of the dimensions end up either a little bit off the drawing or launching 100' to the left. This doesn't happen in all the sheets, and I've tried having the dimensions in the design layer and in the viewport on the sheet layer (not at the same time); when the dimensions are on the design layer, they're a bit off. When in the viewport, they're WAY off. But this doesn't seem to happen to all the dimensions, and happens less if each sheet is exported individually. HELP! Any idea how to solve this issue? Is it a bug others have encountered? -Heather VW12.0.1 Mac OSX 10.4.5 500MHz PowerPC G4 1GB RAM
  10. We've also had this problem of VW12 crashing when moving walls, changing wall type, etc., and I asked about it in a different thread. This thread reminded me that I had autosave on at the time, but we don't work off a server, so maybe the issue is unrelated to that? I thought at first it was a memory issue, since I was using a ton of PIOs and my file size was topping 23MB for a house. I caught to the fact that VW always seemed to crash if I was moving a wall right as the program was trying to autosave. The crashes stopped when I checked "Confirm Before Save". HTH
  11. AS I said, this is the first file in which I've extensively used PIOs instead of symbols, so it's just this file. No errors about quicktime, but it crashed both times when I was trying to move a wall... with no door or window in it, by the way, but that could be it...
  12. Hi Katie - I reported it to apple, and I'm not using a dongle. I'm on a PowerPC G4 (the older, blue towers), 1GB RAM installed as 4 256 SDRAM cards, OS10.4 - new upgrade 10.5 came out yesterday (I think), have not installed it yet. But reporting it to apple always has mixed results and long response times, which is why I was wondering if using PIOs munches up memory and/or file size more than a static symbol....? Which, the more I think about it, doesn't make sense? I'm using about 100 window PIOs, which fall into 8 or so of the same parameters, and 45 door PIOs. Nothing terribly complicated. -hfv
  13. For the first time, VW12 crashed on my this morning. Twice. No error message except that the application unexpectedly quit and would I like to report this to apple? I imagine it may have to do with the memory (1 GB installed) and/or the file size. Since this is the first file I've drawn using mainly PIOs rather than custom symbols, and worksheets generated from same, I'm wondering - do PIOs create larger file sizes than symbols? The file is currently 19.8MB, one of the largest I've worked on even though it's certainly not the largest building I've worked on in VW. Any thoughts? hfv
  14. I would love to know this as well - selecting multiple PIOs and then being able to effect global changes would be a big help. Not only for physical changes to the object, but for streamlining data entry for the schedules generated from the PIO, for instance multiple windows/doors of the same type with the same manufacturer info. -hfv
  15. Posted this under a different topic, maybe you guys have some insight? We're printing with an old HP 455CA using Gutenprint 5.0.0 beta, which I just got up and running a few days ago in OS Tiger for VW 11. Now, in VW12, we're having problems printing sheets in the proper orientation. For instance, I want to print an ARCH-D sheet, 36Wx24H, and when set up properly (I thought) with the right sheet size selected and the landscape option selected, it prints portait. But ONLY when printing from a sheet layer with viewports. When printing from a design layer, it seems to work fine.... Does anybody know how to alleviate this, short of reorienting all the sheets to portrait? (which worked, but what a pain in the arse?) thnx heather PowerPC G4 OS10.4 VW12 HP 455CA w/ Gutenprint5.0.0 beta
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