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  1. First, I would like to say that I am a NEWBIE. I would like to make some new plant symbols (2D) with Adobe Illustrator (or some other vector program). When I design a symbol and import in into vectorworks or copy and past it, then create a symbol, I can't manipulate it like I can when I design it in vectorworks. If this can be done, could someone walk me through how they create vector symbols outside of Vectorworks? Thanks Con
  2. I am looking for someone that may have used Jonathan Pickup's VectorWorks Manuals that they would like to sell. I am looking for "Essential Vectorworks (version 12)", "Architect Tutorial Manual version 12)", & VectorWorks Landscape Tutorial". Please send me an email with what you have and how much you want for them. Thanks Con
  3. When I print a brick pattern with my Brother Laser printer the pattern comes out fine. If I print a brick pattern with my old hp DesignJet 250 C the pattern turns out gray. What is the problem Con
  4. Can anyone give advice on the best way to create watercolor style renderings for plant symbols? Thanks
  5. I do quite a few takeoffs from landscape designs that are hand drawn. The way I do the takeoff from these drawings is to scan the drawing in, copy it to a layer and then scale it to the right size. Are there any better ways? I would like your input. Thanks Con
  6. I got the Vectorworks 12 new 3 installation discs with a "Core Concepts" learning series CD.
  7. Is there a place to download a Users Manual / Guide in a PDF file for Vectorworks 12? I couldn't find anything on the CD's. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sorry, this is my first time. I am running Windows XP, have 14 GB harddrive space, 512 memory, AMD Opteron Processor 244, and do have virus protection software running. I have not tried copying the files to the harddrive. I am not getting an error message. I will go to Windows task manager and it shows that the program is still running. I waited two hours and it was still at 88%. One other newbie question, what is this dongle for?????????????? Any help is greatful. Thanks Con
  9. I have tried twice and the installation freezes up at 88%. Any ideas. Thanks Con
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