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  1. Micheal John, I'm having a same problem as you are. I use both a MAC G4 machine and 1.5 year old widows xp machine. It runs faster and better (no flickering) on my G4. I have posted this same problem and have even called tech support. No help. Just want to you let you know you are not the only one. Chris
  2. We are in the market for a new large format printer. I'm wondering if anyone has any advise. I like the HP stuff but I have been looking at Canon imagePROGRAF iPF700. We are MAC office with one XP machine. Thanks Chris
  3. journeyman, Please send a sheet setup. Thanks for your input. The meaning behind #4. VW tolds with we make changes we have to copy and paste those changes into the master file. I'm a bit confused.
  4. Our firm is growing and we are interested in using Workgroup Reference; multi-users working from the same drawing. We have read the manuals provided by VW (not very good nor clear) we have called VW (not very helpful) We have read most of the post on different forums which are somewhat helpful. 1st question- Is there a solid source (manual/person) that can explain this process and help us set it up. 2nd question- We read about splitting the master file up into sections, elevations, ect. Can someone example a little more. Maybe provide a diagram. 3rd question- How do viewports work within the WGR. 4th question- VW tech support (phone) told us you have to copy and paste back into the master file. Can someone explain this to me. Really any information or source would be very useful to use. Multi-user on the same cad file could be a wonderful thing. Thanks Chris
  5. I have been struggling with this problem for some time. We are using all Macs with Tiger along with 12.5.1. Our printer is a HP DesignJet 800ps. I select my paper size in VW document setup. At this moment everything looks great. When printing, my actually paper size changes. For example a 24x36 print (off a roll) is right (measuring 36?) between the VW board, but the actually paper is 2 inches longer making the sheet 38 long. What do I need to do to adjust this to print an actually 24x36. Thanks for the help.
  6. I have recently upgraded to VW 12.5.1 and every since then I have been having some very slow responses within VW, such as refreshing between commands, screen is flickering when certain commands are being used (happens very frequently), and reaction time using certain tools is very slow. I have a windows XP machine (about 2 years old). I have updated my graphic?s card driver. I have reinstalled. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it makes using VW very very difficult. Are there any self checks I can do make sure everything is working properly for VW? Even better, how do I fix my problem? Thanks for our time.
  7. I have upgraded and installed VW 12.5. My wall style hatches will not show up on my viewports. Can someone help. I'm using a MAC thanks Chris
  8. When placing dimensions on my drawing everything will show up expect the text. HELP VW12.01 Windows XP Thanks Chris
  9. When batch printing I can only get one drawing to print. I put a check in front of the appropriate sheets and only 1 will print. It is usually the first one on the list. I'm using VW 12 on OSX. Any thoughts? Chris
  10. Thanks..... I'm currently having the problem with my Dual 800 MHZ PowerPC G4 w/ 2MB L3 cache per processor w/ 1.25 GB memory. My windows machine is a bit smaller. I was asking about the intel with regards to our future. I will wait. Anymore thoughts would be great. Chris
  11. I'm wondering if anyone else has notice a difference between MAC OSX and Windows XP. We have both platforms in our office and lately I have been seeing a huge difference in speed when using VW 12 simple commands, panning, zooming, ect. Is there anything I can to verify if our MAC is working properly with VW 12. Is anyone running VW12 on the new Intel chip (MAC) Any information would be helpful?
  12. I was wondering if Vectorworks has a hatch for touge and gooved boards or if there was script that could be used for the linear material function. Thanks
  13. When placing this graphic on a drawing I don't see the marker style, they disappear. I only see a line and the item over sheet text, no arrow pointing in the direction of the section. Has anyone else had this problem with VW12. Chris
  14. How can I scale my window tags. I use to do it in the recourse browser, but in VW they are not showing up there. There is a SCALE option in the object browser but when you change the number the tag gets all funky.....My tags are way to big, help. Chris
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