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  1. This is such a silly thread. Curse Windows! I use it every day, but curse it anyway. And as for color-blindness, I'm sure it has little to do with artistic creativity. It just gives one's art a different look.
  2. At those prices, I don't see many people switching to ACAD unless they have no choice. My continuing problem with VW is the interface, which drives me crazy; the commands are all over the place and I'm always searching for them. I guess icons are too much for me to cope with. I was much more comfortable with the command line interface of ACAD. I would like to see VW move toward a touch screen interface like the iPad, maybe also adding a ribbon interface as with Revit.
  3. I'm looking forward to VW for the iPad. Especially if it costs only $9.95 like the iWork modules.
  4. Keep showing up and stay available; that will show that you're dedicated. Spend time at the computer tweaking your own system in any way you can, making sure that you're always ready to go if called upon. Learn as much as you can about how their work is done so that you can join right in when they need you. Familiarize yourself with the way they do things. Make up a few small projects, or copy some of the work being done, to practice on and to demonstrate that you are competent. Keep busy.
  5. I hope that Apple users won't eventually have to run Windows on their machines in order to use Vectorworks.
  6. Two Vectorworks users work on a tablet: one to hold the tablet, and the other to move the stylus.
  7. Thanks Ray. I'll check those out. Samsung has a great reputation. I've emailed the local Apple dealer to see what they recommend.
  8. I'm thinking of getting a separate LCD display for my powerbook, something in the 20" range. Apple doesn't seem to make that size anymore; it's not listed on their web site. Can anyone recommend something about that size and reasonably priced? Thank you.
  9. Back in the mid-nineties, I manually coded the web site for an engineering company that I worked for. My first and only experience at HTML. Later, the Office Manager, using software, dressed it up a bit. But the original layout that I did is still there: http://www.cpceng.com/
  10. Bottom line though is that with Vectorworks, as Brudgers' has been saying, we can't type "^B" to get bold or "^U" to get underline as has been possible since the days of CP/M & DOS.
  11. OK, Miguel, assuming that you're not being facecious, how do you format while typing?
  12. Brudgers: That never occurred to me since I write everything first and then go back and format later (I also have difficulty walking and chewing gum at the same time). So the issue never came up. But I'm sure that your suspicions may be valid. Apple is behind this evil plot.
  13. Jim, That's a little off the wall ( ) but worth a try.
  14. I wanted to mirror a series of openings/doors to a wall on the other side of the building. The flip button in the OIP will mirror the window within its current location. I always forget about the OIP calculator. I think I received my copy of 12 in Jan 2006. I just recently updated to 12.5.3. I like it fine for what I do. Eventually, I'll have to consider getting Architect. If anyone knows of a good theory book on space/site design, I'd love to get one. I'm especially interested in "efficiency" as an approach to the design of spaces.
  15. Ah thanks Peter. I'll give it a try. Yes, the math in VW makes my brain hurt. Have to keep a calculator handy. How about mirroring? Is there a way to separate a symbol from a wall temporarily to mirror it and then re-connect it? What I'm doing is going through a Revit book and following their tutorial to see how the programs compare. So far, Revit is trouncing my version of Vectorworks.
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