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  1. Does anybody want to look at these two drawings and see if you can help me resolve the issue? The files together are 4.2mb. I can zip them and email, if you want to tackle and have the time. Thanks, Clois. Just send me your e-mail and it is done.
  2. I had already thought about this and already tried that, it is still expanding the text from where it should be. So I am stuck. I am afraid I am going to have to bite the bullet and manually move each row of data into the correct position on each drawing. This will increase my time on design revisions, but you can't expect perfection, but at least I have the template format I want. So I won't have to start from scratch on each drawing. Thanks, Clois
  3. I have two different files *.vwx One has a class with text placed on the drawing where it needs to be. The drawing is scaled at 300 paper scale with "all layers" not checked and "Text Scaled" box checked. When I go to the second drawing, I can select the class from the first drawing and import it into the second drawing, but it does not copy in the text that was on the class. I have to manually set to active layer on original(first drawing) copy and then switch to second drawing and paste. When I do this, even though the scale is the same 300 paper scale, the paste is expanded on the paper. The origins are the same, the scales are the same, but it is off. Is there anyway to copy the footprint from the first drawing into the same floor drawing on the second drawing without having to go through and move every single text into the same corresponding position on the second drawing? This is my issue. I hope this explains it better? Thanks for any help you can provide. I have looked all the comments in the forum and none of them answer my issue.
  4. Having a problem when moving a copy (TEXT)at class/layer scale of 300 to a drawing scaled at 240 (All layers and classes the same). Both origin points are exactly aligned. But when I paste into the 240 drawing or change the other drawing from 240 to 300 on the scale, the paste is larger than the drawing size, it is not an exact paste into the footprint. Then when I try to size on the 240 scale to 300, it scales both the text paste and the drawing. Is there anyway to move the text paste (300) to 240 drawing size without scaling the entire drawing? I have looked at all the other settings and can't figure out, if I can even do this. I have looked and searched the Help files and their doesn't appear to be a solution for this problem at all.
  5. It is already setup on a template now, but these drawings were done a few months ago, before I had 12 on my system. I am using .dwg files imported into Vectorworks and then having to transfer classes that were done earlier to imported files from dwg format. Thanks for your input Kathie.
  6. It is closer, but off, by roughly 20', but I can probably live with this. It just creates a little more work for me. Thanks, George
  7. When I set the Origin, Scales, page size and printer sizes the same and go to the Class in Active Page view, copy all the objects on the class page, then copy to the target drawing, it paste them not in the right place, usually in the upper part of the page. Is there a way to make sure when pasting into the target, the match is perfect? or do I have to live with moving the data around to match the drawing in the target file?
  8. I want to copy the entire class with all its properties into the target file. What about the Scale size, does it have to be the same from the original to target? Will it put it into the footprint of the target exactly like what is on the original file? Do I make a class on the target and just copy all components of the original class to the target class it just made? I can't afford to make a mistake when I get ready to do this. Thanks for your input, by the way.
  9. I have version 12.5. I need to copy a class from one file to another file so that all the properies of the one I am copying from go exactly into the same footprint as the one I am copying to. Can this be done easily?
  10. Anybody having a problem with the Version 12 Update file, it locks up half way through the install. Haven't tried since two weeks ago.
  11. Version 12, I think I have resolved the problem on the Page Setup. Thanks for your input.
  12. I checked the Page Setup. It says 2 for Horizontal and 2 for Vertical. When I select one page or other, it shows for Letter, then when I physically change the Width and Height, it changes back to 2 pages for both. Same happens when I select ASME B.
  13. It is set for ASME B - 11 x 17" Prints. Can I send this file to you for you to try? It is 342K
  14. I am using Version 12, with a HP2500C model printer, good for 11 x 17 prints. It is set for Tabloid, tray 1 where the 11 x 17 paper is and in Landscape mode. I am using sheets not Viewpoints......
  15. My drawing is right in the middle of my print grid, set for 11 x 17, ASME B for drawing and Printer Setup. Scale size is 1:240 and the Origin is set in the middle of the drawing. The problem is when it goes to the printer, the print looks like one quarter of the drawing, Top Left Quadrant is printing out. Don't know what else to do.
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