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  1. I am attempting to install VectorWorks on a Faculty Member's Workstation and Time and Time again I get the Install QuickTime Prompt that Reads: "VectorWorks depends on QuickTime, and it is either not present on your machine or is too old. Quick Time will now be installed. When the Quick Time install is finished, the VectorWorks install will proceed. Quick time is on the machine, version When the VW installer tries to make the quick time install nothing happens and it just loops the quick time install over and over again. What can be done to move past this?
  2. I can't make an install of VectorWorks 12 Fundamentals/Spotlight/Renderworks on to a computer running XP Pro SP2 with more than the minimum requirements for hardware. The install finishes the unpacking process and then begins to actually do the install and gets to some where between 60 and 70 percent and then an error occurs where a file can not be copied and then the instalation quits and the install doesn't then roll back what it has done and the clean up to get the unfinished install off the HDD takes more than an hour. I have made the install on a few other computers and they are working fine Comp. Specs. P4 2.8GHz 256 MB DDR RAM 120 GB HDD 128 MB Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 Graphics card 16x DVD Rom Win. XP Pro SP2 Any help would be great, Matt
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