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  1. I just started using 2017 and noticed that when I add a viewport to a sheet later, it automatically comes with a label. I have not been able to find a way to delete this label. Would appreciate any solutions as I don't need to label every viewport. Thank you. I"m working on a MacBook Pro
  2. I agree but that did the trick. I'll now have to change it with every old file I convert I guess. Thanks for your help Mike!
  3. I just installed v2015 (Architect and Renderworks) and when I opened a 2014 file, I tried to change my view to FRONT View, but what I get is a rendered perspective in a camera-like view. It also happens in RIGHT and LEFT views as well. Any suggestions? Thank you. I'm on a MacBook Pro.
  4. I find that the borders of the printable are on the sheet are not consistent. How do I adjust these borders on Vectorworks Architect. V2014, Mac Mavericks OS. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your help! I did find the culprit. The camera view was not taken in the correct view. Once I returned it to the TOP/PLAN view from TOP, everything rendered just fine. So, the process is still the same. Now I'll have to fiddle with all of the new adjustments!
  6. I have just upgraded to 2014 and when I try to update a viewport to a rendered drawing, all I get is a black image. I've done this hundreds of times before but now I'm baffled. Is there something different in 2014 vs. 2010? Thanks!
  7. I erased the background in a photo in Photoshop and when I import it into Vectorworks 2014 to create an image prop, the transparent portion appears a solid white when rendered. What am I missing? Thank you!
  8. Yes I am. Interestingly, other files where this wasn't a problem now won't render in the viewport as well. it renders fine in the drawing file but not the sheet file.
  9. I have a viewport with the camera view on a sheet layer. Everything looks fine but it won't render. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. I'm pretty sure it is. Can you extrude something that is NOT closed?
  11. I have created a complex shape with various lines and curves and extruded the result. I have applied a texture but it won't render. What am I missing? Thank you!
  12. I have two roofs (one flat and on hip) and for the flat roof, the top is transparent when rendered and on the hip the fascia is transparent. Can yo think of a reason why this is happening? Thanks!
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