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3D plants - how to get more

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I am trying to move from SketchUp to 3D VW, so excuse what could be a stupid question...


I am trying to create a visual with quite specific plants in. In SU this is easy as there's a wide variety on the 3D Warehouse. I've imported everything from Help > Download Content, but there are very few plants there.


Is it the case that one must buy a library? Or are there free ones? Or ones that could be imported from other software?


I have imported a couple from SU and just used that symbol as the 3D Graphic for the plant object - does anyone else use that workaround?


Thanks in advance,



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Hello Fiona:


There is a VBvisual Plant tool in the Visualization tool palette that places low-poly textured plants in the drawing.  You can buy more VBvisual plants and add them to that tool.  Or like you have tried, importing Sketchup models into VW should work fine as well.  If you need to simplify the imported models you can try using the Modify->Simplify Mesh command on the selected imported object.


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Dave, there appears to be an issue importing Sketchup these days. It used to work well  but it appears the necessary translators have not been updated for some time in Vectorworks. I ran a test on Vectorworks 2019 on Mac OS 10.14 and was unable to import version 2019, 2018 and 2017 Sketchup files  The 2019 had been produced with Sketchup Pro.  It was only when I got back to a very much earlier Sketchup model that the import worked. Given how many of our Architects use Sketchup this could become a real issue.  I have attached a Schneider wall socket file for test.



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