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  1. Nicola B

    3D plants - how to get more

    This is really nice, and I do need detail for planting designs. I use 3D plants in sketchup for this reason, but it has been horrifically slow. I upgraded my mac this week, so I am hoping for much better performance now. Today will be my first chance to test it. I still haven't purchased Vectorworks but having had advice and examples from all of you, I'm much more likely to do so now.
  2. Nicola B

    3D plants - how to get more

    Thank you for this
  3. Nicola B

    3D plants - how to get more

    Thanks Sebastiaan, this is reassuring.
  4. Nicola B

    3D plants - how to get more

    Hi Jeff, thank you for this. I’m not familiar with image props but I can google. I thought what Bill was saying is that you can no longer convert SketchUp models. If it’s just a bit of extra faff but it can be done, then maybe it would be worth it.
  5. Nicola B

    3D plants - how to get more

    Bill, thank you for sharing this. I was just about to buy Vectorworks, but the lack of plants, and inability to get plants from sketchup means I'll have to stay with sketchup. What a shame. You've just saved me wasting a lot of money, thank you. I would have been pretty annoyed having to pay another £500 to get a few plants.
  6. Nicola B

    WANTED: Landmark

    Hi Janette, thank you for your reply. I don't think it would work on my OS I'm afraid, I'm using High Sierra. I wish it would!
  7. Vectorworks Landmark wanted. nicola@timespacedesign.co.uk


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