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  1. Probably default class assigned to default object. Juste like DTM default class?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    (Version FR plus bas) Turns any text into an extruded 3D symbol. You choose the text to be written, the font, the desired height of the symbol, the extrusion height, and the class in which the object should be created. The parameters of the class will be applied to the object. Everything is defined, via pop-ups. Very useful for creating house numbers, signs, store names, etc. File version: VW 2021 -------------------- Transforme n'importe quel texte en un symbole 3D. Vous choisissez le texte à écrire, la police, la hauteur désirée du symbole, la hauteur d'extrusion, et la classe dans laquelle l'objet doit être créé. Les paramètres de la classe seront appliqués à l'objet. Tout se défini, via des pop-up. Très pratique pour créer des numéros de maison, des enseignes, noms de magasin, etc. Version du fichier : VW 2021
  3. @Helen Palmer You shouldn't try to do the whole hardscape in one piece. Break it down and it works much better. And use the alignment option only for hardscapes that are difficult to define, so that they align automatically. If you post the file I can show you.
  4. You should probably use the another plant tool instead. "Mass planting? " Look at icon because I don't know the right name in English. It's very usefull for mass planting. And works in 3D too if you need it. Let me know if it's better for you.
  5. Hello, here is the website to complete the collection. https://rendermall.com/en/3d-objects I had bought them in time and as much as I find the trees and shrubs are interesting, I find that the small plants are not beautiful... But I often use trees and shrubs.
  6. Yes it works now for pliginobjects but not with other objets...
  7. Hello, Here is a network to put random orientation to an object. It works fine for rectang, poly, symbols, groups, line..; but NOT for pluginObject like VBPlant. Where is my error?? Or is it a bug? In attachement the file (V 2020) with some example to try, change the criteria to select 'Visual Basic Plant" to try. Marionette rotation aléatoire.vwx
  8. OK problem solved! Even if I completely uninstalled both the old and the new version, I had the problem. So I uninstalled Enscape again and did a "enscape" search from the Winwows explorer and removed all references. Then I installed it again and it works!
  9. Ok, it was well hidden 🙂 Even with this beta version, the problem still exists. I'm wondering if it's not an error during installation: a plugin or another resource that would be misplaced, in the wrong resource folder? I am under win10
  10. I registered on the website this morning for the latest version, so I think I have the latest version available for Vectorworks.
  11. Hello, I just installed the latest version 2.8.2 to test the asset library. But it seems that I don't have access to it? I'm with VW 2020 SP4 French.
  12. Here is the file updated (Exported to VW 2019), each symbol is named by the name of the group. I'm sure there is a way to simplify the process but I don't know how... But it works 🙂 Group to symbol (Name of the groups) v2019.vwx
  13. Hello, Take a look to my script, I think it does what you want https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/69234-convert-string-to-real-number/&do=findComment&comment=341470
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Imagine: You have just received a file containing a large number of objects that need to be transformed into symbols. This typically happens when I buy a file containing objects that are not symbols after import. This tool transforms the objects that meet the chosen criteria into symbols in OIP and places them in a new folder whose name you specify. In OIP Choose : The symbol préfix; the name for the symbol folder and the criteria configuration. Very handy! Automatically convert groups V2019.vwx
  15. Yes it's true, on command it will work. Thank you!
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