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  1. Great - thank you @Tom W. - I'll go check them out 🙂
  2. Hi all, I've made a couple of half-hearted attempts to learn about data tags but either things jump in at too advanced a level or they're too long and boring. I can't find anything specifically on VWU. Does anyone have any suggestions of good videos or web pages that start right from the beginning? I'm good at VW so think I'll pick them up quickly, would just like it spelled out right from the beginning how to use them. I'm ultimately looking to create my own custom tags. I'd also like to understand how they are an alternative to the built-in plant tags. Thank you very much in advance 🙂
  3. Seven years on and we still can't organise the basic building blocks of Vectorworks?
  4. Helen, It's been renamed - one of the many helpful updates that VW2022 has had with regards to the plant tools 😉 Under the plant style settings, it's on the Appearance tab and is now a tick box called "Apply fill across plant grouping". Quite annoying as "Mass plants" was very clear. Screenshot below:
  5. Hmm in this instance I disagree with Jonathan Pickup! What those boxes/circles are are showing the rootball size and the excavation area. When you set up the plant, go to the Root Zones tab. You will see two options (as below) - Root Ball and Planting Excavation. On both of these make sure the top option is set to "Bare Root (None)" for Root Ball and "None" for Planting Excavation. This will get rid of them. IMO they should be turned off by default but you can make your life slightly easier by setting up one plant and then duplicating it (by going to the Site Planning tool set, clicking on Plant and then on the spanner and pencil button at the top of the page - select your plant there then press the Duplicate Style button at the top of the page.
  6. Got to say that I totally agree with @Marshallae that this functionality is totally redundant and only serves to make setting up and editing plants more complicated. Most people set up their plants rigorously - by working through all the relevant screens and inputting correct information. It would be easy to spot errors by checking the plant report used to generate nursery orders. This is just an extra layer of complication which is unnecessary and confusing for those who are beginners to VW
  7. Just to add to this (in case anyone else is searching) - I am having the exact same problem. Spent ages looking for a carriage bolt in Fasteners, but for some reason it's in Detailing. And I've had to manually put the nut and washer on the other end. Maybe @SMannVW you could elaborate where you got the above from please?
  8. Agreed. Also think it was silly to make such a big change to their location AND change the graphics so much as well. Changing the icons could've waited until the next update (or, like, just not be done at all because it's completely pointless at best and confusing at worst)
  9. Scenario: I have lots of things to rotate. I go Option + = to get the rotate tool, do the action, press X, click on the next object, Option + = again etc. etc. It would be easier if there was a "suspend" key I could hold down to re-invoke the selection tool. Does such a thing exist? As it should do! Thinking about it, I could probably change the rotate shortcut - I hate Option + = as I always have to look at it due to there being so many similar keys on that side of the keyboard.
  10. Realised I never replied to this - thank you so much @Julian Carr - your code works perfectly 🙂 I really appreciate it - have used it a couple of times now. Thank you
  11. Hi all, I've never used Vectorscript (but do have a compsci degree and could cobble together code if need be!) but I was wondering if you think it would be possible to achieve the below, and if so if you have any tips on where to start. I would like to take a landscape site survey (AutoCAD DWG import) and turn the text fields for spot heights into stakes, where the value of the text would become the stakes Z value. For ease, I think the location of the stake would have to be the text's centerpoint - they usually come in with an X (symbol) marking where they are, but there is nothing to link the text and this symbol together apart from proximity, so I don't think it would be easily doable. This would in effect give me a terrain for a 2D drawing. I could easily enough isolate the level text onto their own layer. Your thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you.
  12. Agreed. It would be great if there was a way to create stakes based on the text values at those locations.
  13. I'm on Mac. Will go and install the latest SP and see if that helps!
  14. Sometimes I put images onto sheet layers - materials, plants, that kind of thing. For the past couple of weeks I've grouped some images and gone to resize them, but when I do they disappear and I end up with grey rectangles with a black cross through them, and no way to get the originals back except digging through the backup files and pasting them back in again. An example is below. I am on OSX 10.15.6 and VW 2020 SP2. Any advice? Is this a common problem?
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