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Found 23 results

  1. If you're a UK user applying Min./Max. Settings to their stairs, please be warned that the current Saved Set for a UK building regs "General Access Stair UK" is incorrect. The max. riser is currently set to 220 mm, when it should instead be 170 mm. The max. tread is also set to 300 mm but should be 400 mm.
  2. Hi all, I'm creating a whole stair manually as the stair tool won't be able to do this kind of stair. But i'm having some issues with the Handrail creation. I've tried Sweep for the curved part so i can also add height and angle, but then i don't know how to join those 2 sweeps, thinking on using Extrude along the path but i'm having a hard time adjusting. other idea was trying to create a whole 3D polyline and use the extrude along the path but at a certain point it seems it just twists the shape and doesn't look nice, but i will keep trying on this idea a bit further... Any other suggestions ? Some images Blue arrow - Sweep curve Pink arrow - extrude along the path but is giving a weird twist at the top.
  3. Is there any way to hide profile line around stair object cut graphic in horizontal section viewport? I am seeing this profile line to appear on cut graphic of stair just recently...since few service packs, maybe since release of 2022 version. I guess it has something to do with these settings, but they are all unchecked (i mean option 'Merge Structural Objects in Sections'). Stair Settings>Graphic Attributes>Stair Structure (top face, bottom face, front face, inside/outside) advanced horizontal section properties/profile line class settings
  4. Hi all, As per the title is it possible to add a button to make "all Settings by Class" (as it's added in the Wall style), so when we want to change them to match the class settings it doesn't have to be one by one. Stair Settings: Wall Settings:
  5. Hi to all. I started to draw a open air theatre. I finished the all stage. But i can't draw a floor of amphi. I complicated the seating section but there is no floor. I want to draw amphi like a curved stair as i uploaded the photo. Is there a shortcut of drawing a amphi. If i want to draw with arc, rectangle and push/pull tool but it will long time. I searched a tutorial or video about this matter. But I couldn't find. Can you please help me? Have a good day for everyone. Kind regards.
  6. Hello, I am trying to create a L shaped stair with only one step after the "middle" landing but VW needs to have 2 risers as a minimum. Any idea on how to do it? is it possible? I now that I could model the steps as solids but then I would have to draw markers and I will lose all other options that you usually have with a stair. Thank you for your help!
  7. Data tag is not accessing all available stair object parameters. It would be great to have stair data displayed at he right size in different scale viewports (just like window and door tags). It is strange though that for instance in simple stair I can get R&T size and fl to fl, not the number of risers though, in new stair tool only fl to fl and a lot of other parameters which I doubt anyone uses. Seems like an unfinished project with stair tool (again).
  8. Hey all, I really hope this is where this post belongs and I also hope I am not asking the same questions as someone else and I just wasn't able to find it. Anyway, how much can I edit stair railings? In this instance, I am needing my stair railing to change from having guardrails to not having guardrails because the stairs go from being open to being in between two walls. The image I added to this post shows where the guard rails need to stop. Is that possible to do or not so much? Would I just need to make my railings from scratch? Same with adding a center railing. That one does need to go all the way up the stairs though. Thanks in advance!
  9. Dear All Does anyone know how to stop this happening! I am a fledgling VW BIM learner I have noticed that top and bottom of the stair has a weird clip / cut fill that comes through all layers. It does not show in the camera mode - just in clip cube - so If I want to export a view it shows through. Any solutions approaches appreciated! T
  10. Hi all I am trying to create a simple straight stair with landing at the midpoint. The guard the generates for inside of the stair creates some weird curve as its turning the corner to go up the stairs. How can I fix this? There should be a way to detach the two sections fo guards, upper and lower and have them run straight to a post? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey, Does anyone know how to get the Vectorworks 3D stair in this file to look like the 2d version next to it? (as in remove the top and bottom treads and add them to the middle run?) Kind regards anton House Type Stair Test.vwx
  12. Just upgraded from 2014 to 2019 so I probably missed some incremental steps in the custom stair tool. A few improvements need to be made: Stringers, would like the ability to set the stringers at an OC spacing or at least more than three stringers Seems like we lost the ability to create stairs between layers, only between stories. I played with stories a bit today, and it is just not useful for the type of work I do which is custom homes in the mountains of central California.
  13. Hey, Im hoping someone can help me on how to create a solid guard using the custom stair tool. I am in need of making a angled stair with a 3'6" guard rail that is solid. I have attached a screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve using the regular stair tool. In the image the stair on the left is the custom stair tool with the angled lower half. On the right is the regular stair tool without any angle to the treads. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Arman
  14. Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows how to make a T stair using the custom stair tool? Ive attached a screenshot in plan of what I'm thinking. Thanks
  15. Hey, Im hoping someone can help me on how to create a solid guard using the custom stair tool. I am in need of making a angled stair with a 3'6" guard rail that is solid. I have attached a screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve using the regular stair tool. In the image the stair on the left is the custom stair tool with the angled lower half. On the right is the regular stair tool without any angle to the treads. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Arman
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains a simple stair object to show that Marionette can be a solution to an over-complicated problem. Marionette will allow you to generate your own plug-in objects to give the user as much or as little control over the object as you would like. I hope to expand upon this object in the future to show more opportunities for control over a stair object - both simple and complicated.
  17. Hi, Have made several concrete stairs. (The solid stair seems not to have the same problem) When I export to IFC the landing disappears. U-stair double landing and U-stair singel landing. Anyone with the same issue? Bug? Vectorworks 2018 SP2 Ida
  18. It it just me or is the point direction pop-up menu of the stair tool broken in 2018?
  19. I've use a lot of concrete stairs and there is no way to obtain the volume, m3 or cubic feet, of a stair, other than rebuild the stair using extrudes or converting to a generic solid and using the 3D properties, but you canont put that data on a worksheet, and in the process you destroy the parametric the stair, and if you change the model you have to redo the stairs, all of them.
  20. Hi There, I was wondering if there is a way to create a report for a stair? So I can easily work out the area of the treads and risers. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  21. Please see the attached image. I'm having an issue where the headroom graphics display as a single filled in block rather than a red dashed line like they should in the lower floor display. What is causing this to act this way? My headroom class is a no fill, dashed red line, what else comes into play with these graphics? Thank you very much.
  22. I figured out a neat work around to build contrasting stripes into the stair tool. I couldn't find anything on the forum on this topic. I'm wondering what the forum gurus think, and if there are any other techniques out there worth sharing. Please see accompanying screenshots. I've also included the vwx file. Method: I created a hatch to be applied to the "2D Solid" Tread graphic attribute. I made the hatch using gray colored parallel lines set 11" apart, with a lineweight that translates into 2" thick gray "stripes". I played around with the orientation until the first line of the hatch was inset from the tread edge by 2". The affect is that the edge of the 2" thick stripe ends up inset 1" from tread edge. This hatch works for 11" treads only, so it would need to be modified for different tread depths. Also, while I was at it, I wanted to bake a Stair I.D. label into the tool. I ended up using Note #2 in Stair Data for this. Not ideal. Is there a better way? Matt Stair with Contrasting Stripe.vwx
  23. Hi, I'm creating a staircase with the Stair Tool but I'm encountering problems with the second stage of treads. From TOP/PLAN the staircase appears all straight and lined up. But when seen from TOP the second stage of treads appears slightly crooked. It's a tiny bit but the treads are not truly at 90 degrees. Maybe there is something wrong with my settings... but I don't think so. Also I get a weird set of circular lines... (this is not as bad of a problem as the treads are) I think the problem occurs when I set the STAIR LANDING CORNERS radius. I leave a set of screenshots that explain the problem.
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