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  1. mattryan

    MacBook Pro issue

    Thank you for the tips! I upgraded to 2019 and most of the issues have been resolved. I still have some issues with larger files but its no longer freezing
  2. mattryan

    MacBook Pro issue

    HI I just purchased a 2018 MacBook Pro 2.7ghz quad-core i7 with 16 gb ram with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB with MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 running vectroworks18 I was running Vectorworks 18 on a 2017 iMac before this and had no issues whatsoever. I now try to work on a file on the MacBook Pro and I can't even edit text without it freezing up. is there a compatibility issue? Thank you for any assistance Matt
  3. mattryan

    framing model

    Also curious as the framing doesn't seem to match perfectly with window or door placement? has anyone else run into these issues? Thanks
  4. mattryan

    framing model

    Thank you Diego my stud thickness is set to 5 1/2" unless there is somewhere else where you specify the core thickness?
  5. mattryan

    framing model

    I have figured out that by selecting the stud cavity as the "core" in the wall style preferences it will place the framing model centred on that space, but I still can't get it to frame the model using 2x6 instead of 2x4
  6. mattryan

    framing model

    Hello all I am trying to use the framing model in Architect and it seems to generate ok, except when I try to specify a 2x6 wall stud it generates a 2x4 stud instead? Is there a way to correct this? Also the framing model that is generated sits exactly centred in the wall and doesn't reflect the actual stud location? How do i get the framing model to frame where my stud is shown? Thank you!
  7. mattryan

    Quantity Takeoff

    Thanks for the help, I got everything I needed to know for now.
  8. mattryan

    Quantity Takeoff

    Thank you, I got that to work. Now I wasn't sure if there was a way to identify which walls the chart is referring to, like a way of labelling the walls to identify each one separately.
  9. mattryan

    Quantity Takeoff

    I am new to using Quantity Takeoff's in Vector Works and was wanting to know how to generate quantities such as wall area or floor area to put into a table. Thank you
  10. mattryan

    Weird curved guardrail

    thanks for the response, I have given up trying to use the auto generate feature and am modelling them independently of the stair tool.
  11. mattryan

    Weird curved guardrail

    Hi all I am trying to create a simple straight stair with landing at the midpoint. The guard the generates for inside of the stair creates some weird curve as its turning the corner to go up the stairs. How can I fix this? There should be a way to detach the two sections fo guards, upper and lower and have them run straight to a post? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. mattryan

    window quantity

    Thanks Pat! That did it! I appreciate the help
  13. mattryan

    window quantity

    Hello Pat thanks for the response. Sorry I may need a bit more guidance on this, so i create a new column for QTY, do i need to set any parameters for this? Where does the formula get inserted? I have tried inserting at the header and in the individual cells that I would like to total but its not working. I'm using Vectorworks 2018 on Mac. Thank you again for your help
  14. mattryan

    window quantity

    Hello All I am sure this has been covered before, all I want to do is add a quantity column to my window schedule and to summarize the windows that are the same and have a total count. So I have 5 W01 windows, I can het it to summarize so I don't see each W01 listed but I cannot figure out how to have a quantity column which seems like it should be easy. Can anyone help? Thank you very much
  15. mattryan

    invisible roof texture

    Hello All I have a house model that we have been working on. Yesterday the roof texture was visible and printed fine. Today the top component (shingles) of the roof is only shown in wireframe and the support components are rendered as usual. I have looked through all of the visibilities to see if that class is off but nothing seems to explain why this part of my roof will only render in wireframe. I have copied the roof and pasted it into a new file and the texture is visible. Has anyone encountered this? Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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