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  1. A bit late but better late than never! Many thanks to all for your replies. They have helped me a lot.
  2. Hi, I would like to know what can one do in order to make renderings with Displacement Mapping finalize faster. After I turn on displacement mapping in my renders, the calculation of indirect lighting takes forever... Thanks in advance!
  3. Would be great if one could also see the wall start mark when looking at a wall in axonometric or perspective views, not only in TOP/PLAN view. Look at the images attached, you can only see the wall start mark in the TOP/PLAN view... Hope this gets implemented soon!
  4. Hi, Would be great to have a preview of the MOVE BY POINTS tool before one actually finished the order, similar to the preview one gets with the rotate tool. I leave an example of the preview one gets with the rotate tool:
  5. Hi, It would be very useful that the Vectorworks camera would have a feature that allows one to make sure that all vertical lines are vertical. Similar to what a perspective correction lens does in a real camera. With this new tool we could make sure that all of our renders come out with completely vertical lines and a great perspective instead of one that is deformed. It would also make things faster as one would need to fiddle less with the camera in order to get vertical lines. I attach a photo that makes clear what I'm talking about. I took the images from V-Ray for Cinema 4D Manual: V-Ray has automatic vertical tilt correction. Hope this gets implemented!
  6. just so that you experience the problem quickly, please move your mouse a lot and long distances (by long distance I mean, displace your mouse in your table for a long distance) and in circles, large circles...
  7. Still no fix of this issue in VW2018 SP2! I hope the fix comes in SP3...
  8. Hi, the walk through gamer mode does not properly work when using the new Multiple View Panes. It seems that when one is "walking" and guiding oneself with the mouse, as soon as the mouse goes over another of the view panes an error occurs. It's difficult to explain. But it's very easy to experience. Just open a document which you can gamer walkthrough, then click Multiple View Panes and in one of your view panes activate the Walkthrough Gamer Mode, you'll immediately see the problem that occurs. Hope this gets fixed soon!
  9. Great. I'll be waiting for news!
  10. Here you have @JimW Displacement_Mapping_Problem.vwx
  11. @JimW, I have remade the test from scratch in VW 2018 and the problem persists.
  12. Same file upgraded to 2018. I will recreate the file in VW 2018. Will inform how it went after I test with a new file.
  13. I totally agree with Tom Klaber. A proper workflow between Twinmotion and Vectorworks would be awesome! Archicad already has it. Why not Vectorworks!
  14. any news if this will be addressed soon?