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  1. martinfdc

    Layer Cut Plane - Does it actually work?

    @Boh no it doesn’t... at leat it hasn’t helped me in any way...
  2. martinfdc

    Layer Cut Plane - Does it actually work?

    Does anybody know if representing this wall and window situation can be done correctly in VW 2018 or 2019? I have this sort of problem all the time in VW.
  3. Hi, Would be great if the Pillar tool could accept left and right textures. I think the Pillar tool is a superior tool when compared to the wall projection tool. The projection tool always causes issues when the projection reaches the ends of walls. The Pillar tool works great always. You can join walls from everywhere and it works. Maybe even rename the Pillar tool to Irregular Wall or something like that because thats the way it works best.
  4. Hope this wish list item makes it to Vectorworks 2020! Or even better if it makes it to Vectorworks 2019 in a service pack!
  5. martinfdc

    Window ("wall caps")

    I hope one can send forward windows in Vectorworks 2019 in order to have the line weight of the wall cap show.
  6. martinfdc

    Send to Cinema 4D - Broken Instances

    Wesley, I have noticed that if you leave your Vectorworks model in axonometric view and in Open GL it works better. Because if I have it in Top/Plan after two export it simply doesn't export anything. But if I leave it in axonometric view and Open GL then I get the exports I want but they still have broken instances and some instances are deleted but the null containing the symbol still exists...
  7. Hi, I'm using the Send to Cinema 4d command and the fist time I did the export everything worked perfectly. Now I have updated my project in Vectorworks and have wanted to Send to Cinema 4D once again. The result is terrible. The main problem is that many Instances of Vectorworks symbols are now broken and some symbols export with no texture tags. It's not possible to work this way. One needs to be able to update the Vectorworks model and send it to Cinema 4D.
  8. martinfdc

    Foliage tool crashing Vectorworks

    reinstalled VW and I can use foliage once again with no issues...
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to save a render in pixel dimensions instead of what's supported in sheet layers which are millimeters. I'd like to export a render the way you do in Cinema 4D, by telling the width and height of your rendered image in pixels... This would work if one would want to make a render that would fit snuggly to a specific 4K TV or any screen really... Hope someone can help me figuring this out. Thanks in advance.
  10. martinfdc

    Foliage tool crashing Vectorworks

    Same issue is happening to me....
  11. martinfdc

    Ways to make Displacement Mapping faster

    A bit late but better late than never! Many thanks to all for your replies. They have helped me a lot.
  12. Hi, I would like to know what can one do in order to make renderings with Displacement Mapping finalize faster. After I turn on displacement mapping in my renders, the calculation of indirect lighting takes forever... Thanks in advance!
  13. Would be great if one could also see the wall start mark when looking at a wall in axonometric or perspective views, not only in TOP/PLAN view. Look at the images attached, you can only see the wall start mark in the TOP/PLAN view... Hope this gets implemented soon!
  14. martinfdc

    Move by Points Tool

    Hi, Would be great to have a preview of the MOVE BY POINTS tool before one actually finished the order, similar to the preview one gets with the rotate tool. I leave an example of the preview one gets with the rotate tool:
  15. Hi, It would be very useful that the Vectorworks camera would have a feature that allows one to make sure that all vertical lines are vertical. Similar to what a perspective correction lens does in a real camera. With this new tool we could make sure that all of our renders come out with completely vertical lines and a great perspective instead of one that is deformed. It would also make things faster as one would need to fiddle less with the camera in order to get vertical lines. I attach a photo that makes clear what I'm talking about. I took the images from V-Ray for Cinema 4D Manual: http://vrayc4d.com/live/vrayforc4d-manual/vray-physical-camera/vray-physical-camera-examples/ V-Ray has automatic vertical tilt correction. Hope this gets implemented!


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