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  1. Many thanks for you reply @Pat Stanford. I can find other ways to solve the issue I'm having. Actually it's not really a problem, I just thought there was a quick and easy way. There is absolutely no need for anyone to help me and spend so much time creating the script!
  2. Many thanks for your answer. Now I can stop trying.
  3. I'd like the count values of a database to be shown in a text field. For example, I'd like a text field to show the cell value of row 2.7 and column D from the database.
  4. @Pat Stanford how can one read a value from a database and get that value into a Text field?
  5. Many many thanks @Pat Stanford it works great.
  6. Hi, Establishing criteria for databases is easy: Database header cell: =CompAreaByClass('Class-1') using the previous function and establishing criteria I manage to show results only form a particular layer. What I can't do is the following, I want in a normal worksheet cell to get the area of my components but specify from which layer. I know I have to use this function: Spreadsheet cell: =CompAreaByClass(t=wall,'Class-1') What do I need to add to the function above to specify the search in a particular layer? Thanks in advance, Martín
  7. @markdd@Amorphous - Julian@Pat Stanford@mgries My apologies for replying so late! I've had a busy week.
  8. My pleasure. Glad to see the support this wishlist has raised. I hope we can still get plenty more votes!
  9. @Amorphous - Julian I think this is a very good ideas as of to how the harmony between symbols and record formats could be improved. I'm glad you find this issue important and the examples you give of the trouble this causes in your office are very interesting.
  10. @markdd Yes, I can use the custom selection or magic wand tools for this but as @Amorphous - Julian has explained, it would be much better if there would be an option to make things more automated and therefore less error prone. Also many times one uses symbols in order to represent the exact same geometry or object, it's usually the case that most of the data attached to a symbol is the same for all symbols.
  11. Hi, I think the way that record formats work with symbols doesn't make sense. Or at least there should be a way to link a record to a symbol and that one can choose that the value always stays the same between all symbols (similar to the styles feature first presented with windows and doors). I give an example that illustrates the problem: One places the symbol of a chair in a document, then creates a record that contains price information and attaches the record to a symbol. One is happy and has just created a symbol with a record attached to it. Then one decides to change the price of the chair... One selects the symbol of the chair and changes the price but it only changes the price for that instance. There should be a way to change the price for all symbols that have that record attached. For now, what I prefer doing is attaching the price record to a group (inside the symbol of the chair) that contains all the geometry of the chair inside the chair's symbol. That way when I change the price and the record is changed in all symbols. The issue with this is that one can see the data only when inside the symbol and selecting the group. So once again, symbols should have the option of changing the record attached to them and this changed value should be reflected on all symbols. I'd like to know what people think of enhancing the way records and symbols work this way. So please comment below!!
  12. Add values solved the issue once again. Many thanks.
  13. @Peter Vandewallebut I want to use count as this provides me with the number of items I have of that particular symbol. If I type count into B2 I simply get a 1quantity for all symbols. I want to know the number of symbols I have. Or am I doing something wrong?
  14. Many thanks @Peter Vandewalle, I did what you recommended and my problem was solved. I added the values in D2 and it worked. The result in D2 works either with a formula or with simply placing the same formula as in C2 and adding values as you say. I obviously prefer to go with the same formula as in C2 as it's easier and automated.


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