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  1. Great. I'll be waiting for news!
  2. Here you have @JimW Displacement_Mapping_Problem.vwx
  3. @JimW, I have remade the test from scratch in VW 2018 and the problem persists.
  4. Same file upgraded to 2018. I will recreate the file in VW 2018. Will inform how it went after I test with a new file.
  5. I totally agree with Tom Klaber. A proper workflow between Twinmotion and Vectorworks would be awesome! Archicad already has it. Why not Vectorworks!
  6. any news if this will be addressed soon?
  7. I would have liked this wishlist item to have been included in VW 2018...
  8. This issue is still present in VW 2018.
  9. This issue is still present in VW 2018...
  10. I would have really liked this wishlist item to have been implemented in VW 2018. It has not been yet implemented.
  11. Hi, can someone please explain to me when would I want to turn on the toggle for PORTAL in Indirect Lighting Option - Texture? Does this make an indoor render brighter and faster to render? I'm not sure on what this toggle does. A brief explanation would be greatly appreciated!
  12. hell yeah! great news! thanks JimW.
  13. Has this issue been solved already?? This error does not make it possible to produce nice looking grass in site models or in any other large 3d object with varying segments... Really hope this is already fixed!
  14. Jim, I checked the window class settings but it's not possible to do what I want. Thanks for you answer bcd. Your option could be used as a workaround.