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  1. Giulio

    Room Tag

    Hello there! I am trying to create some room tags using the space tool. I managed to create a tag with the room name, floor material and sqm. Now I would like this tag to be inside a rectangle. I tried to do it by editing the symbol but, if I draw a rectangle there, it does not adapt to the writing inside. Is there an other way to do this?
  2. @Gualterino probably I did something wrong, I have never used subdivision object before 😅 Waves.vwx
  3. @Gualterino Hello Gualterino, thank you for your suggestion. It worked!! now, is there a way to make the mash solid inside like in your picture? because at the moment it has only the outside skin and it is empty inside.
  4. hi Hans-Olav ! yes I did it previously but this new shape apparently is to complex (?) and VW doesn't allow me to do it again...
  5. Hello guys, I started using the subdivision tools and I think it is great! I have created a "simple" subdivision object (in green) with some waves and now I would like to section it every ie 100mm (like the brown one). I used to know how to do it in Rhino but I am sure it is possible in VW as well but I cannot find how! Any idea on how to do this?
  6. Giulio

    PDF Quality

    at the end I solved the issue re-installing VW. Now it works like it used to be. Thank you all for your help!
  7. Hello, I am trying to create a L shaped stair with only one step after the "middle" landing but VW needs to have 2 risers as a minimum. Any idea on how to do it? is it possible? I now that I could model the steps as solids but then I would have to draw markers and I will lose all other options that you usually have with a stair. Thank you for your help!
  8. Giulio

    PDF Quality

    I think I have "solved" the problem. If I export the pdf the final pdf is perfect, if I "print" the pdf the quality is lower (I use Preview to see the pdfs). it is not the perfect solution but at least I have one...
  9. Giulio

    PDF Quality

    it is the first time that I see this function in VW and I do not really know how it works/what is it supposed to do, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the problem, I have the exact settings as you, or am I missing something?
  10. Giulio

    PDF Quality

    Hello, thank you for your reply. How do I change that?
  11. Giulio

    PDF Quality

    Hello everyone, I do not know why when I export a pdf from a sheet layer the quality is horrible lately. I am using VW 2019 on a iMac. What did I touched to change the settings? the sheet layer is at 150pdi and usually is enough, actually for 2D drawings I usually use 72dpi, but since this morning when I export/print a pdf the quality changed. Any suggestions? I have already tried to change the dpi in the sheet layer or the general document settings but nothing happened. new.pdf Original.pdf
  12. Hello, I started using VW 2019 today and, when trying to do a render in a viewport, the program elaborates the image ( I can see the rendered image almost ready) but, at the last second, the end image is a white viewport. Essentially the program seems to work almost until the end when the viewport becomes blank. Only one time I managed to have a visible render. It never happened to me before (with VW2017 or 2018) and the SAME file opened by my colleagues works fine, so apparently is a problem of my Mac? I already unistalled Vectorworks and re installed again. Any ideas? (I hope I've been clear enough 😅 ) Thanks!
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