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  1. I'm not certain, styles are still a new concept to me (and probably a handful of others) so I couldn't say. Plug in styles are similar to Symbols in many ways, and you cannot create those from the RM, so I would assume that's why the option is not there.
  2. I usually create my window styles by inserting a window in the document and choosing "New Plug-in Style from Unstyled Plug in..." in the OIP style dropdown, then I edit the style resource (red symbol) from the Resource Manager.
  3. You can change the color by going to Tools > Preferences > Interactive tab, click Interactive Appearance Settings, and the color can be set with the Clip Cube - Solid Fill. I do not think you can make this value transparent.
  4. OpenGL will limit you to 8 light sources. Renderworks will show you all of the sources that are turned on.
  5. Scale Poly By Area

    Version 1.0.0


    Starting in Vectorworks 2018, users can now create menu commands defined by Marionette networks. To do this, select a wrapper in your file, right click, and choose "Convert to Menu Command..." This will open a dialog window where you can name this command. A background process will save your Menu Command to a file in your User Folder. Once that's complete, you can access the menu command by navigating to Tools > Marionette Commands > [YOUR COMMAND HERE] This node when converted to a Menu command will scale the selected poly to a target area of your choice. This menu command will take into account your primary unit settings. Feet & inches will scale by sq feet, inches will scale by sq inches, etc. It works on selected objects and will prompt you for an area (but does not define which units in the dialog)
  6. Here's a file with a node that will intersect lines with circles (arcs are just segments of circles anyhow) I haven't tested in any cases other than the one you've provided, but it's a starting point. 170112_1710_Marionette_Question_MFarrell.vwx
  7. I'm not positive, but it probably doesn't exist yet. I can look into making one, but it may take me some time. It's easy to get line intersections since both objects are linear, but with a curve we'll have to extract the equation for the curve. Is your curve a poly or a NURBS?
  8. @Benson Shaw I updated the reference link back to the post, but unfortunately I can't get the .zip to download on either the old version nor the new version. I did, however, make sure the image is on islandmon's post.
  9. Alan beat me to it, but yes, this is a known issue that is being solved currently.
  10. @Wouter van Boekel Yes, this file was created in 2018, so it has to be opened in that version or newer. I'm without Vectorworks until the 26th, but I can try to convert it into 2017 when I have access again and check if it works, or it's possible someone else can convert it back for you. I don't think there's anything special in this file that would prevent it from running the same in 2017.
  11. That should work! Worst case is that it drops all the wires.
  12. I actually like the bottom one better, even with the extra lines. I do notice the missing lines there, like Zoomer, and I wish those were remedied.
  13. You could wire your input node to a pass node and then have all of your branches come off the pass node, then you would only need to rewire the input to the pass. Useful for situations when you're not sure which type of input you'll be using.
  14. There's currently no way to push information back into the fields on the shape pane. They can only be changed manually.
  15. Ah yep. There it is in 2017, but not 2018. if you change if self.Params.IN.value != 0: to if self.Params.IN.value != vs.Handle(0): it should eliminate that error. Edit: I'll make a note in bug tracking to get this updated.