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  1. Hi Scott - I'm not very familiar with this, can you provide me with more information?
  2. You can place them as (196,220,196) HOWEVER, these values are in the range of 0-65535, so you need to multiply the standard 256 values by 256 to get the right color in VW. so, for example, your values would be (50176,56320,50176) You can enter the string right into the Any node text field as the 3 values within parentheses. Also, you can technically use a point3 input node with your r, g, b values as x, y, z.
  3. The good news is I was able to reproduce in SP3.1, but not in my testing builds, so it appears to me that come next SP things should be in good working order for you 🙂
  4. I'm not seeing any VS function accessibility for feature layers at this moment in my list, either. I can throw an enhancement request in for you if you'd like?
  5. @Benson Shaw There's also an Color input node that will pass the color of the node as a tuple in the Input category, if you wanted to pursue that option instead.
  6. Classes do not matter for the purpose of wiring, that shouldn't affect this at all. I still am unable to reproduce this following the steps you've given me. Which build are you using? I was able to see the error you mention in the file you shared with the error already present, but I cannot get my own copy-paste to have the failure. This, however, is similar to another issue that was posted on the forum recently, so I don't doubt it's happening, I just need to be able to reproduce it to further investigate.
  7. I didn't run into an issue when copy-pasting to a new file. Let's look into this more. Could you try it again? This will be tricky because objects created by Marionette are replaced on each run Marionette Objects are Plug-In Objects. All objects within (created by) a Marionette Object will be on the same layer, just as with every other Plug-In Object. It's likely there's something within your script that is working incorrectly, or unexpectedly. This will result in an empty Marionette Object (there's an open bug for this)
  8. As much as I advocate for Marionette, I will always stand by the opinion that a traditional script is the way to go if it's doable for you! Marionette, to me, is just a way to hold your hand while you learn. I'd like to suggest you also try recreating this script using Python in Vectorworks, just to introduce you to a different set of syntax that generally is more user-friendly than traditional Vectorscript. It shouldn't be hard to translate 🙂
  9. I'd like to correct myself here and provide a better solution. Your symbol resource that you reference is NOT being carried over when you copy it, I'm actually not sure how it's fixing itself. The attached file is a better solution. I advise you to place all resources that your network requires within the Marionette script container (you'll notice in this file if you edit your script that there is a group of objects, within that group are symbol instances of the symbols you've referenced in your popup) Unstrut v6 v2022 v2.vwx
  10. Funny you mention this - I've been working within nodes in recent builds to test out some script changes and every node I enter and change resizes when I edit it. I'll have to look into this a little deeper though because I know when we place resources from the RM or tool, they come in correctly. I'm wondering if they're existing within wrappers/objects at an incorrect scale now...
  11. Can you tell me how you got that second node into the file exactly? This node doesn't have the preprocessor command so it's not looking for a script elsewhere (unless you've customized your python scripts in your install) so that shouldn't be the issue. What version and build were you using when placing that object in the file? Was it two separate installs?
  12. I was able to recover the object - for now, I've added a locus object so that you can still grab the object when pasting between files, you'll need to update the object in some way after copying it for the object to appear (move it, run the Reset All Plug-Ins command, etc.) I think I have another idea if the locus isn't suitable for you. This happens because your object is relying on other resources (your symbol insertion) and my theory is that the objects are being copied over AFTER the Marionette object is created, and since your network calls for them and they aren't yet present, the object fails. Unstrut v6 v2022.vwx
  13. @m.graf - good catch! I hadn't thought of computer localizations.
  14. Something is wrong with your network, the value you're getting with the scientific representation means it's not getting the right value... Can you attach that file? There's currently not a direct node that converts strings to a number in the default library because there can be different number formats in strings, for example if a user has feet & inches for their document units then the input will need to be treated differently than a user with meters for their units.
  15. I've attached a script that doesn't use the worksheet for data, but just queries the individual existing tree objects. Let me know if this is a suitable solution. Drzewa_Spiska_WRONG_MFarrell.vwx
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