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  1. Untested and not positive, but I imagine if you zip the icon file up you could upload it.
  2. @drock019 Unfortunately I don't see the example you meant to attach, but the easiest way to order your points would be to use the List (Ordered) node in the Data Flow category. Please let me know if you need more guidance!
  3. Can you provide a small file demonstrating this? I can't imagine why it wouldn't work.
  4. Menu commands work by placing the network into the drawing area and then running it. It's possible that some of the nodes in your network are in a selected state when they are placed and are being included in the count of your selected objects. I'll take a look at your network when I find some free time and see if it's that, I had previously reported this as an issue and it was fixed, but maybe there's an edge case.
  5. @blimey Sorry, I haven't gotten much further on my progress. I'll try to get back into it sometime soon!
  6. The popup node was added after 2016, nodes are now searchable in newer versions by name and by category due to upgrades to the resource manager.
  7. @The Hamma Oh boy, sending me back a couple years to try to think of my reasoning 😛 It very well may be more efficient to just iterate and delete without storing them, but it probably wouldn't make a huge difference unless the file is humongous.
  8. @max123456 It is still not possible to lock a Marionette network or object.
  9. @DaviesTheChair Any chance you can share that file with me? Either to this thread or in a private message? I'd like to take a look.
  10. Marionette Menu Commands are stored in your user folder User Folder > Defaults > Marionette > Marionette Command Library.vwx Open the file, in the Resource Manager you should see wrapper symbols for each command you've created. You can just delete the commands there and restart Vectorworks and they should be removed from the list.
  11. Hi @Tom M. Any chance you'd be willing to send me that file (or a simplified one) so I can take a look at your network? You can send it to me in a direct message if you aren't comfortable sharing to this thread.
  12. So I think the primary reason is the command used in those nodes doesn't behave the same between networks and object nodes. One way to specify the drawing order would be to use an ordered list to determine which object is drawn first and so forth.
  13. Unfortunately at this time the fields in the OIP are static, there's no way to have them rely on another value and there's no current way (that I'm aware of) to disable them.
  14. @sully8391 Can you tell me which service pack you're running? I don't see this issue in 2020, but I want to see if I can reproduce in the 2019 SP you're using. Thanks, Marissa


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