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  1. @Sibbi123 I'm not sure this works even doing it manually. I tried ungrouping your geometry results and performing the Clip Surface command (which is what the planar boolean in subtract mode does) and it doesn't do anything either. Can you show me where you got this tutorial from?
  2. Thanks! I just had the chance to check this myself and wasn't running into issues, so this helps me to not need to ask for more information 🙂
  3. I've asked a colleague to look into this and I'll report back once I know more 🙂 I'm out of office for a while, so unable to really check for myself at this time.
  4. Hi all - without Vectorworks in front of me, I think SetAngle may be looking for a vector and not a degree value. The dev wiki implies that to me, but again, I haven't been able to check.
  5. Can you provide a small file with your network, the results of that network, and an example of what you want it to be when it's done? I just want to make sure I understand the situation correctly. If you don't want to share publicly, you could send it in a direct message.
  6. Handles are Vectorworks' identifiers for objects. You can use vs.GetObject(name of object) to get an object by name; sometimes functions to create objects will return the handle to an object (or you can use vs.LNewObj() to return the handle to the last created object); or there are some other functions that return handles to objects as well. Let me know if you want more examples of functions that return handles or if you have a specific way you'd like to determine the handle to an object.
  7. @jason schneider Looks like you've selected the Custom Cabinet tool instead of the new Cabinet tool. They're next to each other in the workspaces, so easy mistake! Hope this helps 🙂
  8. It appears this was a deliberate change. Here's some information I got from the engineer that worked on the task. "The new View Bar and Mode Bar only exist on the application window so turning the "Use Application Window" setting OFF didn't have much sense anymore. You can still undock documents after you've opened them and you can have undocked/floating palettes placed wherever you want on the screen." I've spoken with the Technical Publications team and they'll be updating the help to prevent user confusion. Thanks for bringing this up, @Marcelo Barujel
  9. You don't need to get the name of the worksheet since you're already providing it. Also, GetName works on object handles, not strings. Here's a short example of how you could use GetName. vs.NameObject('NewRect') #set the name for the next created object vs.RectangleN(0,0,0,1,1,1) vs.AlrtDialog(str(vs.GetName(vs.LNewObj()))) Note that vs.RectangleN doesn't return a handle to the created rectangle, so vs.LNewObj() is used to call to the last created object.
  10. What is your 3D Conversion Resolution set to in Preferences > 3D?
  11. I'm asking about this now, and I'll let you know if I get an answer 🙂 It used to be part of the "Application Window Docking Options" menu chunk, so there was no deliberate removal within the workspaces. Just unsure if this was purposely done or not.
  12. I use != vs.Handle(0) in Marionette nodes, I think that should work.
  13. The post Pat shared I believe is your missing link. Throw vs.SetObjectVariableBoolean(tbb, 1167, True) into your script after you've created the TBB, but before trying to pull/push information to it. It appears to be working on my end. I remember having to use this when I was writing a script my first year at VW to output an animation of a door opening, sending me back to my early years 😛
  14. Adjustments were made to the Marionette tool in 2024 to help prevent user confusion with double click behavior. You should be able to use the Reshape tool on a Marionette object to show the handles. Please let me know if that doesn't work.
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