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  1. Marissa Farrell

    Time in vectorworks log

    I'm still not sure you're looking in the correct location. Try using the "Reveal in Finder" button in your preferences.
  2. Marissa Farrell

    Vectorworks and "Intelligent/Predictive" Tools

    Can you try running the node in this file? Its purpose is to install commonly used Python Libraries to Vectorworks Python. I believe it has 5 different libraries to install. The packages will install to your user folder > Python Externals PythonLibsNeeded_v2019.vwx
  3. Marissa Farrell

    Vectorworks and "Intelligent/Predictive" Tools

    @gester Vectorworks uses the Python version that comes installed in the package. Are you using 2018 or 2019? I believe in 2018 we switched to Python 3.5 for Vectorworks. It's possible that the library link in Sarah's network is not updated to download to the correct Python version. I'll need more information to help you resolve this.
  4. Marissa Farrell

    Define input for later use

    Could you either share this file or a simplified version of it so I can better understand what you're hoping to do?
  5. Marissa Farrell

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    No problem! It's definitely a whole new world!
  6. Marissa Farrell

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    Generally, the libraries contain many types of corner blocks - There are L shaped and 3-way corners (please excuse my lack of industry nomenclature) in addition to other configurations. Looking at the Tomcat libraries, I see there are different configurations denoted by "C#B" which should let you know how many connections may be made off of that corner truss. (The spigoted library uses "C#S")
  7. Marissa Farrell

    Edit symbol in 2019, not great

    @Magnus Mikaelsen When inserting your symbol, make sure you have the correct alignment mode selected in the Tool Bar.
  8. Marissa Farrell

    Corner Blocks & calculations connections

    Unfortunately, I believe you cannot use a corner block unless it has connections on all ends, so since you're using the corner at the end of your truss line, the calculations will fail.
  9. Marissa Farrell

    Attach record

    You don't need to add any more Attach Existing Record or Parent PIO nodes, you should be fine to just use the multiple Set Record Field nodes.
  10. Marissa Farrell

    Attach record

    In many cases you won't need it, but since I needed to make sure the rectangle node was connected to the rest of the network in some way, I had to include it.
  11. Marissa Farrell

    Attach record

    yep! That's absolutely correct.
  12. Marissa Farrell

    Attach record

    Here's a quick example - I included a custom Popup node (I'll look into modifying the one we have in our Default Content for easier use) You may not need the Pass node as long as every node in your script is wired together in some way, I only used it because I needed to make sure that all of the nodes were connected to the network. Note: I currently have this update the record attached to the Marionette Object by using the PIO Handle (Parent PIO) node. If you want to assign it to an item inside of your Marionette Object (or if you are just using it in a standalone script), you can just wire the object you want to assign the record to there. SimplePopupStringExample_withRecords_MFarrell.vwx
  13. Marissa Farrell

    If in String - Result not as desired

    I looked into this - there is something wrong with the Get Record Field node - I replaced all of the ones that existed with one from the default content library and the network now works appropriately on my end. I will note, I am using 2019, and am not sure which version you are using (though I can tell it's prior to 2019) so please let me know if you're still having an issue and I will send you a file with a new node in the correct version for you to replace them with.
  14. Marissa Farrell

    If in String - Result not as desired

    It looks like you aren't getting values returned from your Get Record Field nodes (They are resulting in "<Unknown Value>"), which will affect the rest of your network. You can see that you have wires coming out of your Filter nodes that have 0 items, which will prevent the network from running correctly. I would suggest looking into why values aren't being returned appropriately from the Get Record Field nodes and going from there.
  15. Marissa Farrell

    Defining the LineStyle

    The issue is that the file name for line styles is translated in non-English versions. You should be able to change the filename in the node script to what your file is named and it should work.


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