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  1. I am having the same issue when using the Resource manager. It also occurs when I am trying to change the 3D part of a plant. I search, for instance 'hydrangea' or 'tree' and nothing comes up. I have tried to follow the above message but I have not been successful. Has anyone else got any helpful tips?
  2. Any progress on this issue? thanks,
  3. Hi, I created a pdf through the nomad app on my android phone. See below. I could not read the numbers. I then when onto another phone (and i phone this time) and i could see the numbers quite clearly. See attached screenshot. Can someone help me with why this is occuring?
  4. Thanks @Benson Shaw unfortunately it didnt work. Do you think the specs i mentioned are not ok for running vectorworks?
  5. sorry for delayed reply. We are using 2018 - updated to newest version. 3.3 GHz Intel Core i5 AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB Does that help?
  6. You'll see in the images attached, on the left, there is a 'rug'. I made it out of a 2D circle and used an image I made. In open GL is it fine. As soon as I put it through on fast renderworks or final it smudges out and becomes a mess. Any reason for this? I've had it happen on other extrudes shapes as well. You might tell me to make it another way, which could well be better - open to any suggestions. But It would still be great to know why this occurs. Thanks :)
  7. I think there is a bug. The top/2D image of plants are disappearing and then sometimes in 3d the plants get 'cut up' when I add in another plant or change a setting on another plant. Sorry my explanation isn't very good. Attached are some images to show what I mean.
  8. Its custom plants. They have been working for ages in this and other models. Will go back to the start of how to create them and go through it again. Thanks,
  9. it happens when I am adding or altering plans on the plan.
  10. Hi, Has anyone else had a error note come up with 2D has been corrupted and replaced with locus ? Its in relation to plants I have made. Unfortunately I didn't get a screen shot of message. The 3D is still working fine. It has happened before with no error message - I thought it was something I was doing. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Having the same problem as above. Tried to use renderworks camera and exactly the same thing happened. Can someone please suggest how I stop it from cutting away? The image is of what the render works camera shows.
  12. Hi Pat, I am wanting to work out the area of the treads and risers. For instance, so I can calculate how many tiles I need to purchase. I used the Stair tool. Thanks
  13. Hi There, I was wondering if there is a way to create a report for a stair? So I can easily work out the area of the treads and risers. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,
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