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  1. ingenious ! love the round wall batt tool !
  2. Could we have a Circular Insulation Tool, that would be really useful, for when we need to show insulation around pipes in plan views / sections for example. this would be extremely useful / helpful. A tool that would be easily adjusted to change thickness for the insulation, and adjust set-out points from either inner or outer perimeter / diameter kind of thing. Kind regards anton
  3. Project sharing walls randomly disappear, or shows up in one users Working file, and yet not in another users Working file (although both are refreshed and up-to-date). We have had a number of incidents where walls simply gone missing, randomly on different floors in our 10 stories bldg (currently being shared via project sharing and 4-5 users using it). For example it could show up in one users file, but not another, even though all refreshed and saved-committed etc. Other incidents have been where some symbols have updated fine to the latest updates someone made, but not other, i.e. some not being 'pushed through' to the project file even though saved and committed. Our workaround has been to save a new project sharing file from one of the users working files, but this delays/slow down the working process, and means spending a lot of time trying to find what / what hasn't updated / been pushed through. We are currently using VW 2017, is this something that has been corrected within the VW2018 sp3 ? kind regards anton
  4. anton5

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    Hi there, when is Service Pack 3 out for 2018VW ? kind regard anton
  5. anton5

    Syncing of Viewports in Project Sharing

    Yes i see your point Chad, but that's just the point, we don't have control, we only have the option of not having it being pushed through, having an option to tick, (like when you referencing in to a separate sheet file for example), to cache the viewport renders, or in this case pushing it through to the other users, in a tick box option would be very useful. Just so that you could choose either way if you see what i mean. kind regards anton
  6. anton5

    Syncing of Viewports in Project Sharing

    ah thats interesting, i wonder if there are any specific settings that you changed / or if anything was set up differently to manage to push the renders through. kind regards
  7. anton5

    Syncing of Viewports in Project Sharing

    Just to note, We have this issue too, we have elevations viewports on sheets that are kept in the main working/project files, when user A updates anything inside the viewport / annotation etc, it's pushed through, but not the renders themselves, they seem to be only saved to that specific users own working file. Is this on purpose by VW or a bug? i figure it would be beneficial for them to be pushed through for other users too, such as everything else is, so that others can work on them as well, (for example if user A is on holiday etc), rather than to have to re-render all the viewports again. is this still the case in VW2018 ? (we are currently using VW2017), kind regards anton
  8. hm, any updates on this? still struggling with normal elevations to look the way we want them, and some render settings (especially planning ones, where we need the bricks to show nice and crisp but with shadows) are still struggling, kind regards a
  9. We are using VW2017 sp4 awesome, you are a saviour, never used the 'browse a document' command before, worked a treat, thank you ;-) kind regards anton
  10. We are having difficulties Referencing Symbols from Project Sharing file to Elevations / Sections sheet files, mainly the Level symbols, and grid lines symbol. Things that we use in both Elevations, plans and sections at all scales. We have a project sharing file, with multiple users for one bldg only (10 stories, 256 apartments), which is working fine. we than have separate vectorworks sheet files for plans / elevations / sections, which generate all the sheets as above. Referencing in the main Working file. but we can't get in the grid line symbols nor the level symbols, as we get an error message saying that the Working file cannot be referenced in (only the Project file), which we know... but the symbol is inside the project file, and not reachable from within the resource browser. is there a way around this somehow? kind regards anton
  11. anton5

    Project Sharing- symbols

    We are having major issues with this too, and VectorWorks needs to address this asap, we have tested this in both VW2017 and VW2018 versions, and in both updates several people can adjust symbols without checking them out, they can't move them (outside the editing mode of the individual symbols however, but easily adjust it), this causes conflicts of course when saving and committing back to the project file. Vectorworks please sort this out, thank you, kind regards anton
  12. I figured it would be some sort of annoying work around (and than having to cover up with white box so that it doesn't show outside of the viewport etc...)
  13. Is there a way to create only one grid line and bubble (for example in zoomed in detail drawings) using the grid bubble tool? kind regards anton
  14. anton5

    Vectorworks 2018

    ok thank you, will have a try at this, is there a way to rotate the grid bubble text? and also if two grid lines are close to one another, is there a way to re-locate the bubble slightly so that you can read both grid line references (letters or numbers), also is there a way to skip a letter, such as the 'I' and the 'O', as these resemble to much of numbers '1' and '0' also is there a way to add a preface code to certain of the grids, such as 'EOS' (edge of slab), and 'C/C' (centre to centre), this would be very useful and helpful. thank you, kind regards anton
  15. also is there a way to control the location of the actual bubble number/letter? as for example we have two grids that are quite close to each other, one bubble overlaying the other, so you can't see the actual name / letter for the gridline. which is very annoying... and again not very flexible. kind regards anton