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  1. Not sure what happened. Arrows were 10x bigger even when creating similar. Angle of the leader was uncontrollable, etc. Did the universal fix and restarted my computer and everything seems fine for now.
  2. Just installed 2019 SP4 and now the leaders on callouts aren't working! What the heck?
  3. Copy and past will work for one field only. The parameters that I would like to set once per session are in the create joist pop-up are: Elevation to Top of Joist Under Joist Properties: Height 2D Display The same for Perimeter Framing Members. However, the parameters for Perimeter Members seem to be more stable. Seems like a small thing, but I spent way too much time setting these values each time. Also, I would like the ability to Break/Lap a joist over a bearing member. Back in the old days when using a program called SolidBuilder, I had this framing option. And that was a DOS program!! Dating myself here.
  4. Just upgraded from V14 to V19. In section viewports, I used to be able to create polygons using the fill tool. Now, that doesn't work in most instances. Some geometry will fill with the polygon tool, but most will not. Cecked all the settings I can think of, but nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike Borean
  5. Taoist, Thanks for your reply. The issue I have is when I have multiple floors to frame that have the same properties. I have to frame them one at a time, and each time I have to set the joist parameters. Big waste of time. It would be a huge time saver if VW would retain the last joist settings. MB
  6. It seems that you can't lock in joist parameters with the Create Joist tool. When framing multiple floors/decks, it is necessary to set the joist parameters with every deck/floor. Tech support hasn't come up with a solution. Has anyone else experienced this and/or found a solution? Thanks
  7. Just upgraded from 2014 to 2019 so I probably missed some incremental steps in the custom stair tool. A few improvements need to be made: Stringers, would like the ability to set the stringers at an OC spacing or at least more than three stringers Seems like we lost the ability to create stairs between layers, only between stories. I played with stories a bit today, and it is just not useful for the type of work I do which is custom homes in the mountains of central California.
  8. I've think others have mentioned this, but, the corner posts on railings are set 45 degrees from the railing. I'd like to correct this. Really messes with my elevation and section drawings. Thanks
  9. Oops, sorry. I misread your post. I am using Adobe Acrobat.
  10. One more thing. The thick lines are from the model itself. The lines that I added on the view port are fine. The line weight scale on all the view ports is set exactly the same. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the replies. To answer your questions: The PDF's look fine on screen. A sheet with four elevation drawings, two print as expected and two print with thick lines. I am printing to D-sized sheets. Haven't tried scaling the drawings to see if that has any effect. Just printed a sheet directly from VW and the same sheet from a published PDF. Printing directly from VW works great. The sheet printed from the PDF has one of the four elevation drawings with the thick lines, the other three drawings are fine. It seems that the problem lies in the PDF. The settings for all the view ports are exactly the same as far as I can tell. What the heck?
  12. I am using VW2014 and a Canon IPF760 plotter. When I publish a set of plans to PDF drawings on the same sheet will have different l line thicknesses. For example, one sheet will have four elevation drawings, two of the drawings print as expected, the other two will have very heavy line weights. I've checked the view ports and cannot find any differences in the settings. Have played with the printer setting and everything else I can think of with no avail. What the heck?
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