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  1. @klinzey Thank you for your advice. I started to research ETC Nomad since last night. I'm watching their all tutorials. If i solve the software completely, i will share my impressions.
  2. @Jesse Cogswell Hey Jesse! Thank you so much that you informed us so many knowledge. They are so useful knowledges. Anyone who needs to learn is find usefull what you said information. Last night i started to try Eos Nomad for mac. I solve some processes but i became sad to nomad needs a dongle and a physical console. For Chamsys MagicQ i researched it little bit. I didn't find its interface useful. I don't think to waste time for it. For Obsidian Onyx; i don't know it. first time i heard its name. So if it doesn't work with mac, it's not wort a shot. 🙂 And also you explained your knowledge about all pre-visualization softwares. I'm happy for this. Actually i'm not lighting designer. I want to become a production manager/designer so i need a pre-visualization software for moving curtain, led screen, stage. I want to control them trough dmx address. I'm continuing to research to find it. Thank you so much for your knowledges and share your experiences. 🙂
  3. Hi to all members. For two days i was trying to connect grand ma3 to vision. But i couldn't. Because i have no physical wiz-key. So i need a new console software. I'm using mac and i want to control it same comp. Let's be together, everyone share the knowledge & experience. We can help each other. I'm waiting your answer and i want to here is sharing area. Best Regards. 🙂
  4. @klinzey Thank you so much that you informed me. In that case which console software do you advice me? Actually i'm not a lighting designer. I'm try to become a technical production manager/designer so i need the console software that i can control the dmx address. Can you help me about this matter. (I'm asking this to all forum members)
  5. Hello to all. I started to learn Vision 2021. I downloaded vision and Grand Ma3 onPC. However ı got some problems. I applied every directions step by step as @JuanP said ( However I couldn't update release_wiz_key_1.4.53.8.xml. because it doesn't appear any xml files. (upload the photo). Is it about ma3 onPC? I can't change the updatemode version. I think updatemode and idlemaster should be same version. (photo 2) And also i have to inform you something. I have no dongle and i have no Gma3 onPC port node. Can't i work without them? Can you please help me about this matter? Best Regards. 🙂
  6. Hi everyone. I need some your help. I'm trying to improve my spotlight experience. But i got a problem. I want to change 3d objects of truss outrigger.Rather than i want to cancel 2 pieces of brace or outrigger. I can't get in the model as this photo. Where i may get a problem. Please inform me. Thank you


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