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  1. I am having the same issue. I'm not working with a site model but simply applying textures to shape objects so I'm not sure how to change the mesh smoothing preference.
  2. @Tamsin Slatter Thanks for suggesting that tool! I was struggling with driveways and roadways and that tool does it all!
  3. Is anyone else experiencing repeated crashes with VW 2020? I am operating with Catalina 10.15.1 and have been stumbling through with this upgrade for a few weeks but as of yesterday things began to become super glitchy, ie; inconsistent renderings in viewports, line work and textures randomly appearing and disappearing and most recently inconsistency between working and published viewports, specifically when customizing the classes and layers visibilities in various viewports. I'm not seeing any software updates to remedy this. Any suggestions other than reverting back to the old operating system, which isn't an option. Thanks for any feedback
  4. I'm definitely experiencing some bugs with the VW 2020 and Catalina 10.15 specifically lag time and frequent crashes. I would suggest holding off on the upgrade and i'll keep my fingers crossed that issues are resolved soon.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the surface sculpting and am trying to figure out how to turn find the toggle that allows me to switch back and forth between the 3D rendering and the surface details? Also, I can't seem to add any vertices to my surfaces. Thanks for any feedback. Stephanie
  6. Hi, I've created a pillar (post) and would like to join it to the roof face. I've extruded a surface from the underside of the roof and have selected both the surface and the pillar and then used the section solids tool to 'break' the pillar at the newly created roof surface however I continue to get an error message saying the geometry i've chosen is incorrect....or something along those lines. Help?
  7. Hi, I've created a stair object and would like to generate a materials report to submit to my builder. Any advice on how to achieve this? Thanks, Stephanie
  8. Ok, thanks for the info! I'll work with adding my own geometry to the fence after it's creation.
  9. Yes, I added 3 additional lines to the symbol. Is there no way to convert the new version of the symbol back into a plug in? Thanks, Stephanie
  10. Hi, I am designing a custom exterior deer fence. I've used the Railing/Fence tool to build the basic structure but am wanting to add additional guy wires and other details that aren't options in the railing/fence tool. To work around this, I've edited my design through the resource manager by editing the 3D component . After editing it, the new fence is no longer available as a Plug-in through the railing/fence tool. When I hover over the new fence in the resource browser it is still described as a Symbol/Plug-in, but when I filter to only display Plug-in items its no longer available. Also, when I right click and use click the 'Edit the Symbol Options' dialogue, I do not have the option to 'Convert to Plug-in Object' but am limited to 'Convert to Group' option. Is there a way to convert this symbol back to a Plug-in so I can use it to plot out my fence? Thanks! VW2019
  11. I am also having an issue in switching from Sheet Layer to Design Layer....VW keeps crashing. This is a new problem and I'm up to date with my software.
  12. Hi, I've upgraded to Mojave and am working in VW 2019 and have downloaded the most recent patch to address incompatibility issues and am still unable to snap to angles and enter pre designated dimensions for drawing rectangles, squares, lines, etc. Any thoughts on how to address this issue
  13. I am having the same issue. I cannot import a SketchUp file saved as any of the versions. The file sits directly on my desktop.
  14. A red 'X' is populating my Top/Plan view and is attached the hardscape area in my plan. How can I turn off the visibility for this?


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