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  1. For some reason the object was located about 300' below 0'-0" level. I relocated it and looks OK now.
  2. How can I undo the AH? Not getting the desired results, the object turns transparent in any view except plan.
  3. Sorry about that. Those diagonals are prefab bleachers at a medium sized roofed basketball court.
  4. I have an Extrude Along Lines with a solid subtraction that is showing transparent in plan new. How can I give it a color so that wall below it do not show?
  5. Fixed!! I was doing it that way, but I became confused with the plan originally being rotated. Your suggestion is the correct way. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  6. Trying to do a "skating pool" but I get these strange overlaps and I'm not sure what is it I'm doing wrong.
  7. Noticed that some overrides do not work. I'm I doing or not doing something? I want my Trees layer to show 25% opacity so I can see the plan below but still have some tree presence, but it doesn't do it.
  8. I sometimes like the road object as ramp bc it will give me the station elevations. But, when trying this ramp in 2D I get the curved item in 3D. Why can't things just work as intended?
  9. I have just one template. I think it would be really difficult to try to keep many templates up to date. Big projects will have big files, but I have not had the luck of getting huge projects. You can reference Design Layers into Design Layers (even when the original is in another drawing and "have a master detail file and reference it for every project") and then into Sheet Layers but not Sheet Layers from one drawing into Sheet Layers on another drawing.
  10. I haven't done this in a while so I am a bit confused...
  11. Seems the 720p standard is the problem. Used 1080p instead and seems to be working.
  12. Having problems with movie creations so I tried this setting. Why would a Shaded 5 second movie take 10+ minutes to render? I had to force quit VWs.
  13. Hello Wes, any tutorials on how to work with Data Tags?
  14. Landscape areas, roads, traffic lines.
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