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  1. How can i make my house dark when converted to pdf?
  2. @Pat Stanford okay sure :). Okay below is an image. How can i make my window look like the one on the right? Like to be able to see whats inside the room
  3. How can i do that?
  4. Why is my windows like this? Can someone help me please
  5. Everytime i insert the roof it always og GL... How can i make it to be on top?
  6. How can i get this type of roof with the floor plan available ? Can anyone please help me
  7. Can someone help me with this? How can i make the roof to be 2D so that the floor plan can show
  8. Yeah I have that in mind and honestly with the help of @Jonathan Pickup I now have a clear understanding of vector works thanks to his YouTube tutorials
  9. Was wondering whether there is a software that automatically change a floor plan to elevations Not sure change but like from the given floor plan you can get your elevations
  10. Appreciate the help...since this is my first year in university as an architecture student.
  11. Like how it would look when doing the elevations
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